Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finding The Right Law School

Andrew, my baby brother, will be in town by the end of the year. He’ll be graduated high school and seriously determined to pursue a law career.

Since I’m a good loving sister *cough*, I’ve been garnering information and seeking for possibly the best law school in Indonesia. I was thinking about Harvard,
Leiden or Utrecht, but well too bad; they don’t have a franchise here.

Law school is a new thing for me ergo this post is all about my journey campus-to-campus finding the right law school for him.

As you may guess, I’m practically clueless about these stuffs. Despite the fact that most of my paternal family went to law schools, well hey I’m a med-school student. How am I supposed to know anything about law schools? Well at least that crap excuse didn’t make me stop trying.

First of all, I looked for accreditation; A is a cool but unnecessary, familiar names are preferred to start from. Secondly, based on the background of reputably famous Indonesian lawyers. Sounds retarded, huh? Anyway,
Adnan Buyung Nasution made the first 'Wow!' impression. He went to UI for Bachelor’s Degree, Melbourne University for Master's Degree, and Utrecht for Doctoral Degree.

Here comes the list.

Accreditation: N/A
UPH is the only one has international standard, means that Andrew’s high school certificates no need to be legitimatized by Indonesian Ministry of Education. Superb facilities are very much attractive, however I have to compromise them with tuition fee that will make my family poorer by millions rupiahs annually. For what it’s worth, UPH is sitting on my top list.

~Unika Atma Jaya 
Accreditation: B
My very university. The Unika Atma Jaya's faculty of law is established on July 3, 1965. It's the 3rd most favorite law school in Jakarta, after UI and
Trisakti according to a survey held by Tempo magazine on October 2003. Estimated invoice for entrance admission fee (aka SPP); IDR 12,500,000 - IDR 18,000,000.

Accreditation: N/A
Statistically almost all students studying law in UKI are
Bataknese and somehow I believe it'll be an advantage for my brother to study there. Unfortunately, they are notorious for its student brawl that never cease to amaze me. *sigh*

Accreditation: A
Suggested by a friend my mom's and noted as a hidden treasure; private Catholic university with great value and affordable costs.

**This is the end of my private-universities list.**

Accreditation: A
Sitting at #19 in Top 100 Universities of South East Asia region on July 2008, according to
webometrics. It's the one and only public university to choose, in my opinion.

Any suggestions?

*Image is a symbol of YLBHI courtesy of


  1. well devi since you asked and that fact that i have been involved in law enforcement and shared my fair share of nights in jail....well ok ok ok, monopoly jail but that still counts!!! i would suggest your bro go to chico state. voted #1 party school and things can get sort of wild there...i mean i always bring enough bail money when i go out, just in case ;)

    justin....justin credible

  2. from the way you phrased it, seems like UI is what you'd coax him to go to...

    anyway, doesn't melb uni have some sort of scholarship for exceptionally performing international students? (the alma mater link is way obvious ;)) I heard you'd have to have a minimum IELTS score of 8.0 to get in, though.

    otherwise, sell your brother out to a high-ranking govt official and get him/her to sponsor him to west point. the uni's most likely brawl-free :D

    happy uni-hunting!

  3. Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) ?
    I heard some of peoples talk UGM is good in law.

  4. gak nglanjutin ke aussie sekalian Dev?

  5. Hey Devi... How about USU or Universitas Sumatera Utara. Accreditation: A

    #2 Best faculty after medical faculty .

    Here's also have many bataknese that love peace :)

    Just an information.

  6. @mukuge: really? Neah, I mean UI it's the only choice for public uni, since my mom won't let him out of town again. Thanks for the info, I'll let him know for sure :)

    @alice: hmm, it's very unlikely.. But thanks anyway!

    @septian: maunya sih begitu, tapi apa daya, budget-nya ga cukup :(

    @adieska: wow that's great. I'll consider it too. Thank you!

  7. Tough choice. Great responsibility.

    I understand Leiden and Utrecht are no real options, but if by any means your brother ends up in one of those two Universities, the "Pelopor" trio will gladly invite him for dinner and show him around if he should like that.

  8. UNPAD in Bandung might be worth considering as well, at least in terms of adding it to a list of possibilities.

    The Globe Asia Magazine did a university ranking list earlier this year and it was repeated in their Campus Asia magazine as well.


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