Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dot Com-ers

Couple of blogger friends asked me out of the blue why I haven't purchased my own domain (since they already did). Well, why not? 

I always try to keep updated into trends in general, so maybe this is why some of you came up with this question. It isn't easy though, but let me try to answer that.

First of all, I haven't seriously thought of spending money on blogging. I still remember last year how studies consumed most of my time, leaving so little time to sleep. Only 30 postings recorded back then in 2007. And by getting myself a dot-com, it means I have responsibilities to devote more time in this blog. I'm not saying blogging gives me a burden by all means, what I want is blogging with integrity

Some of you, who have your blog transitioned into a dot com, must know and predict your blog traffic before choosing the right web hosting package (e.g 10 MB, 2 GB, 250 GB or unlimited). I'm sure you don't want your bandwidth exceeded and disappoint your loyal viewers, plus, it costs you more cash too. I've seen this happened few times on other sites and I'm sure it wasn't charmed at all. 

In short, I promise I'll think about it. Thanks for asking, anyway.

Lastly, I'd like to ask you guys; do you think this blog deserves a dot com? 


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

    I don't have my own domain & I'm happy. :P

  2. hm....
    it's difficult to say.
    pertama2 excited sih, tapi setelah semakin lama biasa aja.
    well, klo bisa commit lama sih ok2 aja beli dot com :)
    yang penting, definisikan dulu aja visi dan misi dot com kamu (ciee...) hehehe...
    happy wiken Devi !!!

  3. @jemima: pleasure is mine :)

    @ian: hahaha, ok deh. Happy weekend juga ya!

  4. deserves, since i was one of this blog fans ;)

  5. Hi Devi, thx for visiting my blog.

    I don't think that I'll have my own domain. Cuz I think, my blog will be long lasting if it hosted in a blog provider such as Blogspot or WP. As long as they don't bankcrupt, my blog will still alive there.

  6. I think you do deserve to have a DOT com, you but don't HAVE TO. I am happy right here...blogging doesn't have to be a chore :) just post if you can and NOT post if you can't :D

  7. The reason why I bought my own domain was so that I could install my own preference of CMS and do a lot of things with it, like have my own email address, post and store my own images and thoughts etc.

    If you're happy using Blogspot, then you don't need to buy a domain ;)

    Because if you do buy a new one you have to start moving your blog traffic and visitors from the old one to the new one and that kinda takes a while :)

  8. @alice: thanks Dear!

    @mang kumlod: LOL, you got that right!

    @askmewhats: thanks for the advice :)

    @therry: ic. Thanks anyway :D

  9. just dropping on your great blog : Cheerss as Dotcomers


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