Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bali Home Spa Body Butter

My first product review! I'm thrilled. All feedbacks are welcomed, but please be nice! 

"Bali Home Spa" is a local brand of a home industry in Bali, Indonesia. Few months ago, I saw many raves about its traditional bath and body products so I've decided to give it a try. Fortunately even though it's based in Bali, there are plenty resellers nationwide. 

Variant: Vanilla-Mango
Price: IDR 35,000 for 250 gr
Where to buy: 

What it claims:
Creamy body butter to condition your skin with rich moisturizer and features a fruity scent. Best for dry skin. 

Water, Glyceryl Monostearate, Isopropyl Ministat, Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Vitamin E, Vanilla Extract, Almond Oil and Mango Essential Oil.

Product: 2 out of 5
Quality: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5 

Will I repurchase? Definitely not.

- Extremely cheap, making me so impulsive to buy!
- Love its soft, fruity scent.

- The consistency is too thin, thus very easy to spill off. Strongly not recommended to travel with.
- It takes times and more massage to be absorbed into the skin.
- Very lack of moisturizing power. I don't know why. I scooped out with fingers and put a layer, and massaged into my skin but couple of hours later it felt like I never had one!

What else you need to know:
It's available in two sizes; 150 gr and 250 gr, and has 12 other variants; vanilla-jasmine, tropical garden, raspberry, kiwi, green tea, white musk, cappuccino, watermelon, sweet orange, apricot, strawberry and melon kiss. 

Some of you probably gonna say "Yeah, what can you expect from home industry products?!". Nevertheless I still believe there are many hidden gems out there that won't break my bank. I'll just get through this one before moving to my favorite brand. 


  1. so, devi, may i know, what's ur favorite brand?
    as for recommended for me.. ;)

  2. Dear Devi,

    Dev, gw udah nyari2 di internet,
    but cant find the Boots website.
    kalo boleh tau, di Jakarta adanya di counter mana dan brp harganya?

    for me, the body shop body butter is greasy, so i look for other thing that is better.

    many thanks for ur info.


  3. @alice: iyah TBS emang lengket2 gtu. Boots ada kok di Dept Store kayak Sogo PI/PS, Debenhams Senci. My fave is Pistachio. If I'm not mistaken, IDR 120k for 100ml. Boots suka ada promo lho, buy 1 get 1 free ato disc 20-30%. Gw suka beli pas ada promo hehehe.. No probs, glad I can help :)

  4. Pistachio dimana dev?

    wah enak juga ya promo gitu, mau coba ah. hehe.

  5. @alice: pistachio itu variant-nya say.

  6. Rp35.000 is freaking cheap! tapi ga worth it ya? di Indo emang yg bagus apa? siapa tau ga perlu beli online lagi hohoho thank you in advance :D

  7. wow, great deal!!! being the international trend setter that i am (applause please), i always look for great deals. actually it works to speed up the recovery of other ailments. i have alot of body piercings, actually last week i got my liver pierced!!! and this stuff helps heal me quick like!!!

    well really if you can't shop for some cheap bali butter to look better than the terrorist have won, am i right people???

    i must be BUTTER cuz i am on a roll :D

    justin....justin credible

  8. hola doll

    just wanted to say hello fellow father is from jakarta and so are my relatives!!! i hope everything is well!

  9. @ai: err as I said earlier to Alice, I love Boots' Pistachio for my body butter :)

    @pink: hello back Pink! OMG I'm so excited you're dropping by a comment here! So is it true, that you're half Indonesian?

  10. Hi Devi,

    Kunjungan balik. Sorry dah lama baru sempat main kesini. Bali Home Spa body butter adalah satu dari sekian banyak produk andalan jualan online-nya temanku di Bali. Sebagai produk industri rumahan..tentunya gak bisa kita bandingkan dengan Boots, M&S atau TBS. Yang menggembirakan produk buatan lokal ini laris manis di kalangan mahasiswa, di daerah dan juga salon2 yg menyediakan jasa luluran dsb. Bali Home Spa body butter sekarang tampil dengan kemasan 100gr dan packaging yg lebih menarik. Harganya hanya 10,000 saja. Aku sih sangat gembira produk2 spa lokal kita sudah bisa diterima oleh masyarakat luas.

    Kalau aku pribadi gak begitu suka body butter, aku lebih suka body lotion keluaran Burt's Bees. Disini susah cari, biasanya titip teman. Alasan aku suka karena aromanya bau bedak bayi, dan konon tidak mengandung paraben.

    Salam :)

  11. @elyani: Hi Elyani. Makasih uda berkunjung :) Saya rasa saya perlu meluruskan bbrp hal. Review yg saya tulis disini adalah murni apa yg saya rasain, saya juga sadar betul bahwa ini ga bisa ngebandingin dengan patent brand. Cuma krn ada yg tanya, ya saya jawab. Jgn salah sangka, saya ikut bangga kok produk dalam negeri juga ikut berkembang, oleh krn itu di akhir posting saya tulis bahwa saya selalu suka mencari produk2 yg kualitasnya bagus tapi murah juga :) Saya cuma berharap, review-nya bisa dijadikan kritik membangun, bukan sebaliknya.

    Saya blm pernah nyoba Burt's Bees, tapi utk body lotion saya suka Jergens dan Bath&Body Works.

  12. What's wrong with good ol' Vaseline? LOL.

    You're such a good girl, I feel so guilty, I don't even moisturise that often, too lazy to do it LOL

    I really should start doing that again. I have plenty of moisturisers actually, there's even one from Elyani and it's Magnolia from M&S and I'm too much of a tight-ass to use it, it smells so nice :D

  13. gw ngga suka yg namanya body butter, terlalu kental dan lengket buatku. kayanya cocok buat yg berkulit kering. kulit tangan kaki gw walau ngga kering2 amat tp paling suka Jergen Ultra Healing (extra dry skin moistrurizer) :)

  14. untuk yg suka spa kunjungi web kami, kami memproduksi produk2 aromatherapy bisa di beli secara retail atau wall sale


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