Sunday, October 05, 2008

Web Poster Charged with Felony Harassment

I watched this video for the first time on Debbie's.

Expressing opinion by posting comments on a web is okay for the sake of freedom of speech, as long as you do it responsibly. 

We may learn something from Gargaro's experience. One thing for sure, he is not a blogger. Richard, the author of Shadow Scope clarified on his blog that Gargaro is just a commenter;
A commenter is someone that writes comments on someone else's blog posting or newspaper article. Jeffrey Gargaro is NOT a blogger, so quit with the "Blogger is jailed" crap.
You can watch the full story in video below.

I couldn't agree more with Richard's tip; WATCH WHAT YOU SAY ON THE INTERNET


  1. just when you think you can anonymously post inconsequential and random stuff online, you can't really.

    that's the awful truth.

  2. Ah, there are 2 issues. One is a guy who commented the post - then is called a blogger, and made others angry because he is not. And second is the paranoia, hysteria American culture which always think there's some threat to their national security, even though the guy said he was going to shoot the sunset (sunset doesn't belong to USA, does it?). Hilarious.


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