Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big Fan of Early Edition

What if you knew, beyond the doubt, what was going to happen tomorrow? What would you do? For a guy who gets tomorrow's news today, there is no easy answer. ~Early Edition opening theme

A year ago, I watched few scenes of Early Edition. Nothing special. But this year, I suddenly become a big fan and got really addicted to this old TV series. 

I think this is one of the best show I've ever seen. Gary Hobson is such an inspiration!  

The main idea of the show is an ordinary guy mysteriously received newspapers "early"; a day ahead of time. Therefore he has privilege to know events happening up to 24 hours before taking places, as well as to make changes of what it's written. He may prevent accidents, incidents, and many other technical casualties. 

Despite using the newspaper to his own profit, Gary Hobson willfully helps others even sometimes at the risk of his own life. Most episodes had such a heartwarming scene that made me shed tears. 

Early Edition had humor, whimsy, clever plots, intriguing premise, nice music and good dialogue. It presented a very realistic picture of what might happen if an average guy got a newspaper a day early. It was a great family show too, because it lacked of vulgarity (that's seen in way too many shows these days).

Kyle Chandler, the guy playing main character Gary Hobson, is the ultimate reason that changes my mind about my kinda guy. Before Kyle Chandler makes me swoon in Early Edition, I have stated my mind that Jason Statham and Vin Diesel are my role model when it comes to BF preference. Not necessarily handsome or bald, of course. I don't know why, somehow rugged figure turns me ON. It's undeniable though that first impression is all about what-you-can-see-through-the-eye.  

As you can see in the pictures, Kyle Chandler has a sad puppy-eye look and don't own a well-shaped body figure. But there is something about him driving me crazy. Maybe it has something to do with Gary Hobson character. Or maybe, the funny fact that we share the same birthdate? LOL.

Anyway, if by chance you want to send me a gift, please consider the complete first season DVD of Early Edition. It will be a great surprise for me, since the DVD has not been sold in Indonesia yet. 

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  1. he plays the coach in Friday Night lights. you should watch it, it's a very very good show! but I still think that the best tv show is without a doubt six feet under for drama, and frasier for comedy.. I did watch early edition back then when it was aired, cool show too. If you like that kinda show, watch journeyman. it has only one season but it's really GOOD!

  2. okey i am remember this tv serial

    at an teve right ?

  3. @rima: I'll watch those 2. Thanks for the info :)

    @alice: you should. Let me know when you're done, hehe..

    @rio2000: yeap, that's why they called it a TV-series.

  4. I love this series! mainly because of the cute cat that only appears few seconds in the film LOL

    but this guy reminds me of the lead singer in take that.

  5. oooo, you do cry watching when movies.


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