Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Long, Bang Andre

JAKARTA - September 24, 2008

One of my cousins from father-side, Andreas M. Pancarian Situmeang, passed away on the age of 39. 

I wasn't really closed with him, so I can't comment much about his personality and daily life. One thing for sure, I will always remember what he told me on the last day I met him at the hospital.

He was surprised when I told him that I'm a med-school student, maybe it's because we had never seen each other for years. We were having conversation that I'm sure I will never forget.

Him: Have you watched Patch Adams?
Me: Sure, it's a must-seen movie! 
(He was suddenly silent, and started to cry...)
Me: *panicked* What's wrong? Are you hurt or something? OMG!
(He shedded tears)
Me: Something's wrong?
Him: Patch Adams is my hero... (he started to cry again)
Him: Dev... Be a doctor like Patch Adams!
(I was stumbled, but quickly nodded)
Me: I will..

I visited him on Sept 23, and never thought it would be the last time I had ever seen him again. On the following day, he passed away at 1 PM. 

He suffered from acute renal failure. It had been detected a couple of years ago, however he failed to undergo hemodialysis regularly. Consequently, excess nitrogenous waste products in the blood and highly accumulated urea started to reveal toxic effects; whole body were swollen, yellowish skin and itching. If he scratched the itch, it would end up with ulceration. 

During his life, he had huge passion for acting. Despite he had never gotten a big role, he always tried to give his best performance. Being a cameo in "Si Doel Anak Sekolahan" scored him a major role in "Aladin". He played as Jinn, co-starred with Didi Riyadi and Meisya Siregar. Unfortunately the sinetron didn't hit big.

He is survived by his parents, a wife, two little daughters; Khloe and Grace, an older brother Aditya and an older sister Anggara.


  1. very touchy story ... well his relieved already from his pain now his in peace, pray for him.

  2. Let his soul rest in peace.

  3. my deepest condolences. Let his soul rest in peace.

  4. I'm sos sorry for him...
    may his soul rest in peace

  5. Condolence...he will rest in peace

  6. hey, i remember him. he was a talented musician. a pianist and writer. he must be playing the piano in heaven now...

  7. Hullo Devi, this is makkela., Djasamen Saragih from Canberra.
    Andre was my guide tour while visiting LA in August 1991. He was very charming and nice with plenty of jokes to tell. One day as Andre and his mother whom I call Kak Jenny and myself about to leave for another city tour in LA a telephone in the house rang to inform us that Andre’s s uncle, kak Jenny’s younger brother, Johan had passed away. I was so devastated to hear the news as Lae Johan, your dad nang, was my best friend in Germany (Heidelberg) in the early 1970s. In fact I was planning to visit him in Jakarta on the way back to Medan from my trip to the US, but of course we can only plan and God decides, and I was not able attend his funeral due to my assignment from the office at that time.

    Now as I just happened to come across your blog nang, all the good memories with your Dad and Andre come up so clearly to me reminding me of all the good old days of in Germany with your Dad as well as the unforgettable time I had with Andre in LA. Let us pray nang that both our beloved ones are resting well in peace.
    “study hard nang and become a doctor, so that your father would be proud of you, seeing you live up to his expectations.”

  8. @moanalua: yes he was. Was he a friend of yours?

    @Makkela Djasamen Saragih:
    Hi Makkela, how are you? Long time no see :) I'm surprised and yet glad to have you here. Thanks for sharing the story. It truly made me shed tears, since I barely know my dad (I was 4 when he passed away). But he will always remain in my heart.


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