Sunday, September 28, 2008

100 Blogger Bicara

In the beginning of this month, I got an unexpected e-mail from Elsa

She asked whether I wanted to participate as a respondent in order to compile a book entitled "100 Blogger Bicara" (in Bahasa). It is called "100 (Indonesian) Bloggers Say" in English, fundamentally embraces "Blogging World" and also to introduce blog to society in general (and for those who are not too familiar with, in particular).

I was chosen to fill "bridge blogging" category I was chosen to fill in “bridge blogging" category cos my blog is written in English (as she said on e-mail). Please don’t ask me how to be a respondent, cos I honestly don’t know. I’m sure there are zillions of Indonesians writing their blog in English, but why me? In term of popular blogger, I am definitely not one of them.

Celebrity? Nope.
Socialite? I wish, LOL.
Social climber? Not a chance! Whatever.

Anyway, let’s get things straight. I was insanely excited, and proud of myself too, when I read the e-mail. Despite the fact that I won’t get any royalty from the book sales, I still have great enthusiasm of being a respondent.

Besides, all I had to do is sharing my background of blogging; when and why I started to have a blog, why I write it in English, what I think about Indonesian Blogging Communities, and some other things.

As much as I’d like to convey, she limited it to a 2-page of A4 with double spacing, excluding 100-word (max) to jot down my profile.

The book itself will (hopefully) soon be launched on October 2008, along with Pesta Blogger 2008. So if you curious about what I say, do search and get yourself a copy! LOL.

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  1. Wow... Conratz Mizz Devi... I can't wait to read your contribution on that books called 100 Blogger bicara :)


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