Thursday, August 28, 2008


A guy sent me a dramatic (love) poem two days ago. 

I was a bit shocked, cos as far as I'm concern, I never got a poem from a guy. I didn't know what to say, so I simply told him "nice". Believe it or not, at first I thought it was a lyrics of a song LOL. 

I am the cloud
Nothing you see about
Dancing ghost in your heart
Near you yet apart

I am the wind
The very air you breathe
Feel me yet none can see
My dwell come and go free

I am the fire
I am your burning desire
I shall give you warmth
Yet near me you be charred

I am the water
Flowing in destiny forever
You need me to live
Yet I drown you complete

Without me you shan’t be
Be with me you might be
Shall you chance the un-be
To leave the forever not be

FYI, the guy is no Mr. E. It was such a shame, but well, I am now pronouncing Mr. E is history.

Btw, below is my song-of-the-moment:

Shall I be addicted to you?


  1. awww..that is a very sweet and touching poem!!! girl!!! he's a keeper...? is he? hehee

  2. Nikki, unfortunately he's not a keeper LOL!

  3. Althoug i'm a man... I should admit that it's a very good poem...

    Wish to make on of those to my lovely one, someday... *sigh*


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