Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Basic Instinct

I AM BLOATED! I've been gaining lots of pounds recently, causing a tremendous wardrobe malfunction. Darn!

Anyway whatever, that is not the issue I'm willing to share about. Maybe I'll write about it sometime near future, who knows.

So yeah, I had a blast today; hanging out with this
lovely lady today for the very first time. Actually I've already met her at her sister's wedding ceremonies (yes, two great events!) two weeks ago, and found out how friendly and mesmerizing she is. That's why my basic instinct said I have to know her better. He-he-he.

We decided to hang out at Senayan City shopping center, which was my call, since I live nearby. Unexpectedly, she came a bit late and tried to bribe me with caramel frappuccino! LOL. I wasn't upset to be honest, but thanks for the treat anyway! *wink*

We spent up to 5 hours; chatting, gossiping, and having dinner together at Sushi Tei. I was pretty surprised of what we were endlessly talking about; marriage, education, family, fashion, beauty pageants, skin regimes, just like old friends. Seriously.

FYI, that was my first meet-up with a blogger friend. Telling ya, I am very lucky to be able to meet her in real life. Does she feel the same way too? :)


  1. and I thought bribing was to increase one's likelihood in performing future services... :p

    Thank you so much, I had a good time :))

  2. @mukuge: don't mention it, I had a good time too ;)

  3. Wow Devi disogok malah keasyikan tuh nambah menu banyak banget:p

    Becanda Dev:D
    Ayo naik sepeda lagi supaya tambah langsing;)

  4. awww it is great to meet a fellow blogger right? Sorry been missing your posts! :)

  5. @spedaman: lho dia nyogok minuman doank kok Dhan, klo makan itu porsi berdua kali :p Btw, sepeda skrg mahal2 ya, di PRJ gw naksir sepeda harganya paling murah 1,2 juta wekss!!

    @askmewhats: INDEED! :)

  6. Nice...

  7. Maksudnya apa sih??
    Kok saya asing dengan bahasa ini??

  8. Hey, you did "land coffee" (a.k.a kopi darat) too. Shame, I wish I knew this and we could set up the meeting since I met lots of Indonesian bloggers for the first time when I was back in Indonesia.

    PS: I've changed my blog address, could you kindly update it in your blogroll to be Much appreciated.


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