Monday, June 16, 2008

Somebody Offered Me $50!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was missing my writing and story-telling mood because of... to be honest, I don't know.


Bite me!

Anyway, I have an interesting yet surprising story about this blog. Back to the other day, somebody offered me $50 to buy this blog! You can read the details through the print-screen picture below:

I was flattered, honestly. However, this blog is NOT for sale and your assumption is totally wrong. It's not that I'm not interested in running this blog any longer, well it's just me.

FYI, if I really want to throw this blog out to the market, $50 is far below my opening bid. LOL. Just kidding!

Thanks for the offer, anyway!


*Picture is courtesy of and mine


  1. too cheap, dont u think? :-D

  2. First of all, Welcome back Devi!!! been missing your posts!!!

    Buy your blog? :O I was like thinking, what will he do with it? Own it like his own writing? I just don't get it ..sorry enlighten me! lol..well it's still flaterring! :)

  3. @epat: damn right! :P LOL

    @askmewhats: thanks a lot, Nik! Hmm, I don't want to judge other ppl, but I don't think he wants to buy my blog for good reasons..

  4. yes you are right...but gosh! $50 only??? lol

  5. 50 bucks seems cheap for some thing, but you made this stuff with no overhead so... well at least for the people who think you're not interested with blogging anymore, that price is sort of a good price.

    I wonder what is that dude planning by buying your blog, however.

  6. i guess u r not the only one. but he offered US$150 to others :-)

  7. If this blog sold n then who the hell playin a role as Devi Girsang?

    as far as i know there is only one Devi Girsang. maybe u should copyrighted u're name coz maybe someday there will be a site like or LOL

  8. And if this blog sold who the hell playing the role as Devi Girsang?

    AFAIK there is only one Devi Girsang ;)

    maybe u should copy righted u're name it just only matter of time before someone registered or :LOL:

  9. Sorry for double post
    (blame the connection)
    make it 3 for hat-trick :p

  10. Ooh... Jadi lagi bingung toh...

    Wekz... $50 for this blog? He didn't know that many important person in this country was recommend this blog :D

    Welcome back sista :D

  11. Well since this is the first of your blogs I've ever read - I didn't miss your writing :p
    but 50 does seem pretty cheap for a place where one has poured many of their opinions and ideas...

  12. iyah mungkin karena jarang posting yah (... hehehe saya juga gitu kok ) jadinya ada yang ngebid

    I think you should be grateful enough that someone would offer $50 since most of us maybe wouldn't worth a dime ...

  13. This really, really was an indecent proposal, one might say.

    To offer a miserable € 32.50 is an insult of course for a marvelous blogger. €32500.- would have been more like it.

    And the morone should have known there is no price at all for "it's my life". Because 'it is my life' we are talking about!

    I'm glad you are still standing firm.

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  15. Hi Devi! How are you? Lovely name by the way! Haha yeah I WAS slim back then (I have put on a few pounds since! LOL), and yeah $50??? What a cheapskate! He needs to add a few more zero's in there!

  16. hey, cos your blog has a google PR of 4 my dear.... Even i can offer to buy it :P

  17. aku juga pernah mba ditawar blog nya, tapi tu orang ga ngajuin angka penawarannya. Dan gimanapun juga blog aku ga dijual hehehe


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