Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Would You Splurge On Education?

There's only one thing people can't steal from you...

Sentence above is one of my all-time favorite motto given by former high-school principal of Santa Ursula Catholic Girls School and the author of THINK: Notes of An Educator, Sr. Francesco Marianti OSU during freshman parents' briefing.

It was the first and the most undebatable argument when few parents were whining about how expensive the school-fee costs. At that time, IDR 12 million ($1,300) was subjected as entrance fee and IDR 350,000 ($39) as the monthly fee.

I admittedly didn't have that much money, and for that I'm very grateful to be able to spend my 3-year-senior-school there; a school with a very good reputation of discipline and achievements of the alumnus. Generally, most of Catholic Schools provide cross-subsidy for lower middle class student who has a good potential, so you don't have to be afraid to apply at the first time.

Well, expensive school fee doesn't guarantee you it's a good school, but I'm sure a good school will cost you pretty expensive. Don't forget to consider the facilities given e.g. computer lab along with super-fast internet, science lab, amphitheater, gymnasium, and so on.

Gee, sorry, I didn't mean to give lecture how-to-choose-school-for-your-children. My point is, there's a price for a quality.

I believe that to broaden knowledge I can't just take it for granted. There's an ironic fact I can't deny myself; most people are willing to splurge for leisure, but not to education. Lately in my contemplation, I ended up shaking my head and throwing a grim smile, thinking... Why do I need to take a long time to buy books (unless I have to) and not to magazines? It applies the same way too on movies, gourmet, fashion & beauty shopping cos I love them so much. A-ha! Stupid me.

Fortunately some people have reminded me how important to bring education to life. I think so. Thanks guys!

Anyway I've found 2 great seminars that I really wanted to attend; "BRANDING YOU" by Mario Teguh, my favorite business consultant, and 2-day-seminar "Shout it Loud: Women in Leadership Festival 2008" by Meutia Hatta, minister for women empowerment, and other great speakers like Betty Alisjahbana (Former CEO of IBM Indonesia), Josef Bataona (Director of Unilever), Sari Narulita (Editor in Chief of Star Media), and many more. The show will be hosted by former Miss Indonesia 2004, Artika Sari Devi.

I missed Mario Teguh's seminar on April 2 due to my classes at university, and also the price of the ticket; IDR 1,25 million ($138). Regret always come late.. BTW, if you want to see his summary of Business Art talkshow in O Channel, you can download the PDF file (in Indonesian) or just want to read it here.. for free.

As for the Meutia Hatta's, it will cost me IDR 1,2 million ($133), not so different from the first one. I really want to, unfortunately I really don't have that much money currently. Besides, I also have classes to go before my mid-session running next week.

Any advice, anyone?


  1. bingung mau koment apa, soalnya situs kamus.net gak bisa dibuka hahaha

    longtime, eniwei... :-D

  2. whoa.. i dint know that that seminar can be so expensive?! What can u get after spending 3 hours(?) and millions of rupiah? Knowledge?

  3. @epat: yeap, it's been a long time ;) How's life?

    @melissa: LOL. That actually depends on how important the topic of the seminar in your work-life/interest.

  4. And may I add...Knowledge is POWER?

    I know it is very expensive for the seminar...and in just 3 hours, you wouldn't think you'll learn anything, for me, first things first, as long as you're SUPER INTERESTED with it, second, you know that in the long run, it will be useful to you, THEN GO FOR IT! I hate regrets, and in my life, I've been letting a lot of good things pass by, and now, I vouched to myself I'm not letting that happen again. I'm go for the knowledge, I'm go to be a SPONGE and absorb anything you may learn while you are young. Goodluck and for now, do some research and see maybe there are other seminars that could be cheaper...weigh your options :D Goodluck girl!

  5. @askmewhats: you damn right! Thanks a lot for your support! *big hug*

  6. MT (whole day) Seminars is expensive?
    I don't think so.
    If you compare with your salary, yes... you may think it too expensive for you.
    But if you compare with what you can get (new paradigm, more knowledge, new network, and at least it will add a line on your cv list)

    If you are looking for a cheap seminar ... you may come on next MTSuperClub's GMG next July 2008
    and for the info, you may read it on MTSuperClub
    and join us at MTSuperClub@yahoogroups.com

    Salam Super

  7. @tommy: I'm not an employee so I don't yet have any salary :)
    I'm just a college student. Nevertheless, I admire Mario Teguh a lot and hopefully I may attend his future seminar ;)

  8. Hm... What should I say? You are a smart with high motivation girl and willing to have more knowledge.

    But as a student you must think about the impact of the seminar to your study. You will facing a mid exam next week.

    You must also considering the entry price to be a participant of the seminar. It's to expensive for a girl that still get the money from the parents (sorry).

    I think it's more wise if you past it and find another good seminars in the next couple of week after you pass the exam. Or if you can ask om Wimar Witoelar to pay it for you :)

  9. oooo...kmu lulusan sanur, saya baru tahu. Di NTU, ada teman dari sanur tahun pertama yang saya kenal juga. It seems that orang2 di sana aktif2 di sekolah, banyak ECA (extra curricular activities) gitu. Yah, itu baiknya juga sih sekolah mahal dan bisa menjunjung ECA. Saya rasa sih ECA merupakan bagian penting dari sebuah sekolah, khususnya SMA dan salah satu caranya buat maintain ya uang sekolah dinaekin.

    btw, Dev, lama tidak komen di blogmu. Oh ya, saya juga pindah di septianbudi.com

    LOL :)


  10. @adie: hello there, thanks for your advice and thank you very much for your compliments :) I'm really flattered! ^O^

    @ian: iyah nih, long time no chat! How's life?

  11. awal kali liat pic si empu blog tahu nggak apa komen saya??
    Wauw, gila!! kacamatanya keren hehehe..., bukannya orangnya yang dikomentari tapi malah kacamatanya. Btw, mbak devi pantas lho jadi model

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  13. I went to private schools all my entire life in Indonesia, and I thought that we had to be rich to get access to good education, or public school is doomed. But turns out, it's not. In many countries, good education doesn't mean private, expensive school. Public schools in Germany and Scotland are free and as good as privates. But of course, it would be cool if my children can go to Eton *wink.

  14. i am a connoisseur of free seminars, conference and the likes. why? coz they are free. and always, there's something to be learned, even from a bad seminar speaker.

    same time, i will spend on education, within my financial means. cant afford to splurge, but wont mind spending.

    dr-to-be devi, i enjoy reading your piece.

    be safe, be good.

  15. where are you Devi? Im' missing your post :) and missing you!

  16. ada harga ada kualitas. makanya kenapa saya pontang panting kerja buat mastiin anak nantinya dapet pendidikan yg terbaik. swasta ? sebodo amat dech, yg penting kualitasnya benar2x bagus. kenapa ? supaya anak saya bisa mandiri, gak bisa dikadalin orang lain yg pinter tapi licik :)


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  18. Hi devi, how's life? It's been long time no see you again since I was on a hiatus. Hope you did great in your mid exam. If I may say, I'm just thinking, there's no rye going on splurge for much better education as long as it would give a good guarantee to secure your future, wouldn't it? Btw, sorry i've got error with my 1st comment.

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