Tuesday, April 01, 2008

J'adore Mr. E

... means "I adore you Mr. E".

Who the heck is Mr. E?

Mr. E was my old crush way back in high school. We were dated for only 3 months. I can't agree more with people calling it a puppy love.

He was nice, when it comes to my very first impression. Yet I realized he was a shy guy and quite childish too. He didn't have too many friends at school, only one best friend, even-though he was pretty active participating in School Board. He didn't try to build conversation with my friends and I was like.. "How could he talk sooo much to me and not to others?" Hmpf!

Last week I met him again for the first time after 6 years separated by distance and the hustle-bustle of life.


He's changed a LOT. My kind of Prince Charming, I supposed. LOL. He was wearing business attire, talking very polite to others (including me), looking very excited and happy all the time, and his mobile phone ringing every 30 minutes. He's cute, YES.

Picking up and dropping me home is not a big deal, but waiting me for shopping time at Plaza Senayan? He handled it with care :-)
I adore his patience and warm smile. Just like William A. Ward says, "A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

Finally I will close the story by answering a question that I'm sure will be asked by at least one of you:

So is it time for you (refers to me, as the author of this story) to make a brand new love story?

I don't know. It's love, not a science --- there are no rules or perfect calculation formula to get the final result.

*Image is courtesy of Nikki


  1. ahahahahaha I'll be waiting for a follow up for this story. :p

  2. Wait a minute! This is not april fool's joke right? j/k

  3. first come Mr. A... then Mr. B... then Mr. C, Mr. D and so on and so on... when is my turn due? Gosh I can't wait... :(

  4. @barry: LOL of course not ;)

    @mr. x: :P

  5. dev.. kok gue ikutan deg2an yak bacanya.. hihihi.. :p

  6. @ngelzz: wah makasih ya berarti lo ikut merasakan perasaan gw juga dalam ceritanya :)

  7. Uda... jadian aja lagi! :P

  8. hahuahuahuahua,....keknya gua tau orang nya yg mane ye....wakakakakakakka masa sampe seberubah itunya si ???? wakakkakak cant stop laughing my ass off... uihauhauhauhauhua

  9. aawwww..after 6yrs? GOSH!!!! I can't believe seeing my childhood crushes again!!! hahaha Though I'm married now, I may sweat my butt OFF! hahaha

  10. @winda: hahaha ga segampang itu kali nek :P

    @andrew: seriously. Lo juga pasti terkaget2 deh klo meet him in person again!

    @askmewhats: yeap. The good thing is, he still remembers me :)

  11. Falling in love with someone wearing a business attire and constantly talking to his mobile??!!

    There's something about ladies I will never understand.

    But what the heck - enjoy it while you can.

  12. @colson: LOL. It's more than just a look actually. But when you see significant changes in a person, don't you see the new physical appearance too?

  13. hhmmmm when the perfect time comes...anything can happen;p

    ditunggu kelanjutannya deviiii:)

  14. Ups :) lain dulu lain sekarang, semua lelaki begitu kok, perubahan yg mendebarkan setiap wanita , ehem...


  15. Hm... Who's this lucky Mr. E?

    I think you must making some move.

    Common girl... If you think he's so lucky to get you, then "drive" him directly to you :)

    Once again "He's a lucky person" LOL :P


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