Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thank You For Smoking

Later this afternoon I was scheduled to meet someone, the guy who put the highest bid to buy my brother's secondhand guitar. He came to my house around 1 PM to pick it up. At first I thought he's just gonna hand me over the money and pick the guitar up quickly after, but I was wrong.

He turned off the ignition and get off of his Honda Tiger 2000, asking my permission to smoke on my terrace. Trying to be friendly, I let him seat and got him a glass of water while he was checking the guitar. I, as a non-smoker, was gasping for breath when he started to spread the smoke. I really hate this kinda situation, since I feel like I lose my comfort zone. Can't imagine the worst thing that might happen to me as a passive smoker.

I hate smokers as much as I hate backstabbers. I don't hate them because they smoke, I hate them for not being polite (like throw the smoke to my face). I don't hate backstabbers for what they do, but what they've done to me! Don't you dare! LOL.

Anyway, back to my story. He was nice, friendly guy. However, I was really upset to see this guy didn't use the ashtray provided on the table and somehow poked the cigarette on my bench. Gah.

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  1. ah memang loe nya aja yg terlalu sensitip...apa salahnya tinggal mungut trus buang setelah dia pulang...dodol...wakakakkakakak

    pake2 di masukin blog segala...dudud kau...

  2. Its funny that in a way, you are backstabbing him because you are gossiping on his back. :P

    Anyway, I hate insensitive smokers. What were they thinking when puffing smoke in our face as if we would rejoice for that?

  3. @andrew: yeyyy klo itu kan ada si mbak :P

    @herman: *gasp* Well I didn't stab his back actually, just a thought :)

    What were they thinking when puffing smoke in our face as if we would rejoice for that?
    LOL. You really should ask them why.

  4. Maybe he had an intention to invite you out LOL. have smokers too, good news here smoking is banned since this year in public area: restaurants, bars, disco yay!!!

  5. I plead non guilty because I'm a lifelong non smoker.

    But I kind of feel sorry for them. Indonesia is about the last country in the world where smoking is free. Elsewhere they seem to be considered to be antisocial criminals who ought to be banned from public places.

    So please be kind to them. They soon may be extinct like the Sumatran tiger.

    PS: Did the guy pay a good price?

  6. @lisa: perhaps he did. Lucky you!

    @colson: LOL sad but true. Ssstt *whispering* it was not a really good price though. :(

  7. I wonder if someone who said that gossiping about someone is backstabbing have never gossiped at all.

  8. haha... welcome to the club, sis. Maybe next time around seat the poor sod on a bench instead of a chair with armrests? And ask him to hold onto the ashtray as well. xD

  9. @anonymous: then I assume we have different perspective about "backstabbing" definition.

    @mukuge: I don't think I'd meet him again by any chance LOL.

  10. ah yeah, sh*t happens..
    saya juga bukannya ga suka smoker, tapi nggak suka kalo mereka ngerokoknya deket2 saya.. ya mbok kalo mau mati jangan ngajak2 gitu lohhh

  11. aaargh I've been backstabbed!!!!111!!!!11!!!!

    This pretty girl have been talking about how cute I am behind my back!!1!!11!111111!!!!1!!


  12. ya..ya.. agree!! menurut gw bole ngerokok asal asapnya ditelen jangan dibagi bagi dengan para non smoker.

    salut gue di thailand ada peraturan baru... no smoking di semua ruang ber-ac (termasuk pub&bar), open market, taman taman, pubblic transportation, bts stations,... cool eh?! Anak gue yang allergy asep rokok bisa napas lega sedikit :-) .

    emang masih jaman ngerokok? gw sempet baca di salah satu majalah, kalau saat ini sebagian besar perokok adalah kaum pekerja/worker dan orang berpendidikan rendah... no manner...reseh...bau.. ups.. sorry keterusan..hihi

  13. Eit...Jangan salah...Guru2 saya ada yg ngrokok tuh...Jadilah saya tiru..Seperti kata pepatah "guru kencing berdiri,murid kencing berlari"..hakhak ^O^
    Tp saya berusaha untuk tidak merokok di tempat umum kuq,rasanya kurang nyaman aj.
    Oh iya..Salam kenal ya...Medical student to?Sejawat noh.. ^_^

  14. Ups, wah harus matikan rokok nih kalo ngobrol sama Devi :)
    Apa kabar Dev ?


  15. Smoker have big contribution both for economics and population controls.

  16. and by population control you mean... impotence, miscarriage and malformed kids.

    WOW! That's so EXCITING!!! Let's smoke!

  17. why don't u ask him 2 quit at that time?i did that sometimes..

    what's the brand and model of the guitar..hehe..


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