Friday, March 07, 2008

Telkom Speedy Has Improved Their Service Quality

I've been a loyal user of Telkom Speedy for two years, yes, since March 2006. I realize that there are so many negative feedbacks upon them before and after I submitted my registration form. Nonetheless, thank God, I've never experienced the very bad things with Telkom Speedy, other than over quota :(

On March 1, I found something wrong with my internet connection. It couldn't open any of my daily-visit websites like Google, Blogger, Yahoo, Fashionese Daily, Multiply, and some other [dot] coms. I really didn't have any idea about this news, so calling the customer service at 147 was the best way to find answer. A woman responded my call nicely and explained what cause the connection dead. It had something to do with Palembang fly-over she said. Yet s
he asked my contact number in case she wanted to make confirmation later.

And the next day, March 2, the internet connection worked perfectly well again. I didn't think that I have to tell them because perhaps they already figured it out. I mean, they promised to fix it ASAP... and they did. Kudos!

Suddenly, a moment after I went offline, another woman from Telkom Speedy customer service called me to follow up my complaint. It's already back to normal, I ensured.

Secondly on March 4, the stupid thing was happening again. Fortunately, I didn't have to hold for 10 minutes or so to reach the customer service. This time it was a guy. I submitted my complaint like the other day, left my number, and back to the PC. Surprise surprise... the connection was back to the track right after I hung up the phone! I wasn't really sure of what really happened and didn't think about it cos I was way too excited.

The follow-up call came to my mobile on March 5. Nice.

It really proved that they have improved their service quality since back then they didn't do such thing. I believe the tight rivalry from other internet providers force them to do the evaluation. The most important thing now, for my very own Telkom Speedy, time-base and quota-base are OUT-of-date. Can you pleaseeee offer me your products by speed-base and more affordable price? I promise you I'll be the first one standing up to support you :)


  1. can & stringMarch 08, 2008 7:00 PM

    I need a support for my brand new, cutting edge ISP company. It's called "Cans Connected With Strings Internet."


  2. maybe fastnet could be your alternative. check this link out :

  3. Btul Devi, Klo dikau sudah langganan TV Kabel, sekalian saja langganan internetnya, bisa nyoba Fastnet atau pake Telkom Vision.
    Atau coba juga net-zap (
    Pake 3G Mentari juga cepet dan Time Based pula.

  4. @fiksi: thanks for your info. I've already noticed actually :)

    @harrie: wahh thank you buat info2nya ya Mas ;)

  5. dev, katanya kemaren emang koneksi net sempet lambat. tv kabel sekalian inet kayaknya alternatif oke.

    btw, udah nonton La Vie en Rose-nya?

  6. Hi Devi, nice blog. :-)

    I wish there was flat-rate internet in Indonesia. Just pay one price and have unlimited use. Oops, I just remembered Kabelvision, now known as FirstMedia. They have a paket 99rb/bulan, but my previous experience with Kabelvision is that it is so slow during the fact, I could not use it during the day because it was so slow and always lost the connection.

    I have heard of people getting Rp 7 juta or 20 juta bills from Telkom (Speedy) when they didn't even use the service. I am glad to know that didn't happen to you though.

    I have been using StarOne from Indosat since 2005. I use my cell phone as a modem, connected by a USB cable to my computer. The speed is about 153kbps maximum, but usually I get about 100-128kbps with a limit of 1GB per month (Rp 300/MB if you go over the limit..not too bad actually).

    This package from StarOne only costs Rp 99rb/bulan and since it is mobile, you can take it with you wherever you go, if you have a laptop.

    Perhaps I will give Speedy a try, if they have at least a 1GB limit and less than Rp 300/MB if I go over.

  7. had the same problem tho, seems the Palembang fly-over incident affected the whole speedy connection all over Indonesia and unfortunately i was in Indo for a holiday at that time.
    I even tried to connect thru the telkomnet instan and didnt work, so i knew it by then it was a big problem they're havin.

    Heard they do have this promotion price now @ Rp 99,000 for unlimited connection, heard it from a guy in Jakarta, tried to search it on net but i couldnt find it, instead i found this blog ;p

    so anyone know about it?

  8. @fitri: belum! Ga sempet, dan akhirnya film-nya uda ga ada lagi di PS :'(

    @andre: thanks for sharing!

    @moshpit: sorry, I don't have any idea.

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