Saturday, March 15, 2008

RAKUZEN Japanese Restaurant

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, Jakarta, IndonesiaYesterday I was very lucky, I finished my last class on 1 PM (It should be finished on 3 PM according to the schedule, however, my university-level teacher wanted to have fast forward LOL). It was so relieving to go home earlier consider for the last two weeks I went home late. Yes, in this semester I have 4/5 classes that finish on 3-5 PM. Heavy rain, flood, and traffic jam didn't make any easier. T_T

Anyway my mom picked me up and asked me to have lunch together at
Pacific Place. Yay! I was so excited. It was my very first time to go there. Apparently she had a meeting appointment with her sister and friends. Never mind. At least I could relax for while.

We had lunch at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant on the fifth floor. The place was very unique yet sophisticated with half-crescent-moon wood exterior decoration.

When a waitress handed me over the menu, I was a bit confused. There were so many Japanese Food offered. And unlike Sushi Tei, it didn't provide moving sushi bar. I thought it is truly understandable, because Rakuzen doesn't offer many regular sushi (read: affordable).

It was very obvious that Rakuzen wanted to create image as one of the high class exclusive Japanese restaurant. Do you wanna know the most expensive menu in there? It's Itacho Omakase, the Chef's Special Assorted Sashimi, costs you IDR 625,000. (x_x)

Below are thumbnail images of menu that I ordered. Click to enlarge.

unatama roll cranky salmon roll chicken katsujyu cheese cake

1. Unatama Roll, avocado & omelette roll topped with roasted eel, IDR 80,000. There was nothing new to tell, it was just too ordinary.

2. Cranky Salmon Roll, salmon, tempura chips & spicy mayonnaise roll topped with bonito flakes and flying-fish roe, IDR 45,000. Definitely the BIGGER and the MORE EXPENSIVE version of Sushi Tei's crispy roll.

3. Chicken Katsujyu, fried chicken cutlet topped with egg sauce on rice, served with miso soup, IDR 50,000. I felt the egg was too dominant over the chicken. That was weird, but it tasted pretty good.

4. Cheese Cake, as dessert, Price by request. Why? Cos they didn't put it on the menu, but available by request. Very funny. As an avid cheese cake lover, I've been falling in love with this dessert! It was small portion but satisfying my passion on dessert, and I had little surprise about it; it wasn't just a cheese cake. Yummy! I think it was worth IDR 40,000.

*All price excluded 10% Government Tax and 5.5% Service.

Overall: 4/5
Worth for special occasion with your family, clients or best friends. However, it's not a very cool place to get regular lunch or simply a hang out place. For student and not-so-rich person like me, Rakuzen will make me broke all at once!


Pacific Place Mall #5-68
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan

Reservation: (021) 5140 0499 Fax: (021) 5140 0498


Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 AM-10.00 PM


  1. roasted eel? :barf:
    salmon... flying fish... yuck! Thanks for making me throw up on my keyboard! Yuck! Ewww!!!

  2. Tjssssst.

    Life really sucks. Rakuzen is out of reach for me. I only can feel jealousy and envy.

    Unatama Roll maybe just so so for you, but I like that phrase: "topped with eel". And your Cheese Cake look gorgeous.

    Food and Indonesians - it's a kind of love affair.

  3. the prices hmmm... I could live for a month (.happily ) traded with just one dinner at that place...

    But no one tell me how to live my life and I certainly wouldn't tell anyone how to live theirs.

  4. @lisa: hehe..

    @colson: love affair? LOL. Love that analogy (^O*)

    @putu: you're right. It kinda pricey. I'm not even sure if I'll go there again.

  5. food looks tasty
    but the price is killing...huhuhu

    lam kenal juga sesama BF

  6. I'm still a fan of the traditional sushi. All those fusion sushi is confusing me and actually decline me to try them. Too worried they might not taste as good as they promised.

    And with that kind of price ...

    I would rather spend them all on books. Mmmmm books.....

  7. *gulp...*
    arrrr....more than Rp100k just for lunch? arrrr....

  8. wow...looking at food always makes me happy! Yummy

  9. we got Rakuzen here in Singapore too. I love it. :-)

  10. it certainly looks good! would love to try it.


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