Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Valentine's Day

Some people say today is a must-celebrate-full-of-love day. A week or two before today, sales rate on pink things in any formdolls, roses, greeting cards, cute framesincrease 100% statistically. Thanks to merry couples flaunting their mutual bliss on February 14.

Anyway I'd like to share my own Valentine's pick.

(Click for bigger image)

(from left to right)

1. Christian Louboutin Covered Platform Peep-toe Pumps $760 via Neiman Marcus.
2. Miu Miu Spongy Leather Rounded Tote $1,015 via Net-a-Porter.
3. Versace Fitted Shift Dress $1,300 via eLuxury.
4. If you feel for less pink, you can wear this fabulous Fendi Silk Colorblock Dress $1,710 via eLuxury.

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Have a nice day.


  1. Somehow, when looking at those peep-toed shoes, I can't help thinking of Minnie Mouse's shoes...

    They are so alike!

  2. hi kabar? jarang mampir? jg jarang update lagi..sjk jadi bumods di FD kok jarang comment di forum? sibuk sama kuliah ya say? ok deh..all d best ya..

  3. @therry: you really think so? Hmm I didn't notice that, since I don't think Minnie would perform high heels hehehe.. :P

    @fashionista: baik, lice. Masih sering mampir kok, cuma blm diupdate ajah kan :P Yah lumayan kuliahnya uda mulai sibuk, uda mulai suntuk juga hahaha..

  4. prolly cuz of the toe bit. that, or i've been reading too much paman gober :D


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