Friday, February 22, 2008

Link Time!!!

  • Do you had enough with your breakfast? I'm totally sick with my regular-chain-breakfast-menu; fried rice, chicken porridge, instant noodle, toasted bread, or even J.Co's donuts! Yes, donuts accompanied by milk or hot tea in the morning. That's why I really envy Jamie Wodetzki, the owner of The Breakfast Blog. Picture above is the breakfast menu of Mart 130, Middle Park, called corn fritters. Maybe next time I visit Melbourne, I'll pay one for this.
  • Are you new to Melbourne? Here's a blog guide to Melbourne's coffee shops by Benji Lanyado.
  • Yamaha C370 Guitar is up FOR SALE. It's ex-my brother. Bought in 2006 to learn music as he swore for, but finally made up his mind that "music is not my thing".

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  1. hey devi, thx uda mampir. salam kenal juga yaa... duh makanannya bikin laper juga hehe... n it's a great blog. ga heran kalo jadi salah satu top ranking ^^

  2. dev,facebook issue is so scary ga punya sih, makanya ga bisa mampir2 ke d way, is friendster is also considered dangerous kalo begitu? soalnya di f/s bisa diclose profile to 1st degree friend kan? ga tau di f/b bisa ga..

  3. @ivy: makasih ya buat pujiannya :) I'm so flattered *blushing*

    @fashionista: iyah lice, masalahnya gw juga punya acc di facebook >.< Kalo friendster sih lebih safe emang, krn ada privacy policy yg ga bisa liat profile klo ga 1st degree itu. Jadi mestinya sih lebih baik deh ya. Bisa2nya kita aja deh utk selalu waspada, psychos are everywhere still :P

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