Saturday, February 09, 2008

Being Listed on Top Indonesian Blogs

Thanks to the person who lets me know about this list on my tagboard yesterday, and kudos to Patung, Indonesia Matters' main author, who made this thing happened.

(Click for bigger image)

My blog gets #26 rank, 4 Google Page Rank, 7,309 Yahoo Link Count, 11 Bloglines RSS Subscribers, 0 Social Bookmarks, 158,109 Technorati Blog Rank, 2,012,744 Alexa Traffic Rank, and 7.7 score.

Undoubtedly, I am very surprised yet happy to be honored as one of the Top 100 Indonesian Bridge Blog. Yay!

Indonesia Matters takes "cultural change" issues in Indonesia like Islamization, globalization, and westernization as the primary site themes. The commitment to be a good quality, popular, and profitable, have urged those behind this site to provide a very high standard of writing/typing.

Top 100 Indonesian Blogs is a list of ranking system to show how popular each blog is, based on 6 factors; Google Page Rank, Yahoo Link Count, Bloglines RSS Subscribers, Social Bookmarks, Technorati Blog Rank, and Alexa Traffic Rank. It has separated lists in 4 different languages; English, Indonesian, Javanese, and Sundanese.

If you wish to be listed too, you can add your site or read the complete information here and here.


  1. Congrats ... so, are planning to be on top :) ?

  2. @merapuman: thank you! hehehe.. I hope so :P

  3. tetep semangat nge-blog yah dev ;)

  4. While I commend his effort in preparing the Top 100 Indonesian Blogs, I would still have to agree with Fatih that he might have a hidden agenda with those sensitive articles (and especially the comments) which discredit Islam. I really hope that I am wrong.

  5. congrat ya mbak..
    your blog has been added to Bloglines Kesehatan :)

  6. Congratulations

    Salam kenal :)

  7. @upik: iyah, thanks yah!

    @indra: sorry I don't know anything about that. Let's just hope it's not true :)

    @dani: thanks.

    @marisa: thanks, salam kenal juga ya! :)

  8. You can see a discussion about IndonesiaMatters here :


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