Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia Season 3

Based on the winner of five (seven in total) Primetime Emmy Awards as Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, The Amazing Race, for the third time, The Amazing Race Asia call for racers to participate in their next show on season 3.

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It says,

"If you are competitive, adventurous, itching to travel and unafraid of new experiences or the camera, we want YOU! Grab a partner that you have an existing relationship with, and tell us why you think both of you are perfect for the race.
Based on the Emmy-winning hit reality series The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Asia brings all the drama and adventure right to the heart of Asia. Don't miss the chance to be part of the 3rd Asian installment of this ground-breaking show and be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime!
Think You Can Win In A Race Around The World? APPLY NOW!"

Registration starts from January 23 to February 25, 2008 by 6 PM Singapore time.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Each team to comprise 2 people.
2. Both participants to be aged 21 and above, with valid international driving license and international passport or travel documents.
3. All participants must understand and be able to speak English.
4. Contestants must be working and/living in Asia (excluding Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand)
5. Download Entry Form
6. Applicants to send in completed entry form, together with a video, to the address given on the website.
7. All information on The Amazing Race Asia will be available on the website from January 23, 2008.
8. E-mail address for all enquiries


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  1. Mudah-mudahan di season 3 ini. Team kita menang, ya. Minimal kayak M & M di season satu.

    Walupun Brett sama Kinar kalah di season 2, tapi mereka berdua berhasil memberikan contoh yg baik. Yaitu berjuang habis-habisan dan menerima kekalahan dengan sportif.

    Kinar & Brett you guys rock!

    Devi, posisinya di mana waktu pesta blogger? dicariin nggak ketemu hehehe

  2. jadi pengen ikut nih 5 tahun ke depan...

  3. @bunyamin: hehe.. sori nih waktu pesta blogger ga sempet hadir, sebenernya uda siap2 mao dateng, tapi.. tau2 sakit kepala tak tertahankan! (duh mirip iklan jadinya) mudah2an ada pb2008 ya :)

    @ian: ayoo ikut!!

    @mukuge: only if you are my teammate! hehehe.. yuk yuk! ;)


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