Friday, October 12, 2007

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

I saw this movie for the first time at HBO Signature. I thought it's just another classic movie based on fictional characters who lived during period of history. However I've watched it till the end.

The main character is ten-year-old Felicity Merriman growing up in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, just before the American Revolution. She comes across a beautiful horse, yet she names it "Penny", that has been cruelly mistreated by the owner called Jiggy Nye. After planning an elaborate rescue mission, Felicity learns a few life lessons as things don't quite go the way they're supposed to.

Did I mention early about how touchy I was? Okay I did cry on some scenes when I was watching it. First scene I reckon it's the moment Felicity is praying in the middle of the night for her mom (after giving birth to baby Polly, her mom is dying); "God.. I know you have a lot of people to be taken care of in this world, but my mom is our world. My family needs her. I cannot let her go.. I cannot let her go..!!" She ends up crying. So do I.

Other thing that has made me touched is her maturity after learning lessons from her grandfather. "It's not good to chase something when you are leaving away something else" is her advice to Ben, her father's contracted apprentice when he is running away from the store to join military. It is also the last sentence to remind what the grandfather has told her before he passes away. "Every word that people say when they're mad, is not come from their heart" makes Felicity care about Jiggy Nye's life in prison. She spreads love and kindness to her surroundings.

I don't know if this film was as historically accurate as it should have been. Maybe some of the things are questionable (you tell me!), nevertheless this is a very enjoyable and inspiring movie!

You can watch the trailer here.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

When September Ends

Sorry for taking so damn long to give updates. I don't know where to start, so I'll just give you the recap.

Mid July - Early September
  • I got palpitation (fast heart rate), hyperhidrosis, insomnia, trembling hands, heat intolerance, and fatigue. At first I thought it was okay, maybe I just exhausted.
  • Once I went to mall with my mom; I had vertigo and excessive sweating, lucky I didn't collapse. Maybe I forgot to take breakfast.
  • For few weeks, I was puke almost everyday, right after eating. It's not bulimia. Something wrong had happened to me.
  • I didn't go to campus for almost a month, fully bed-rest at my home-sweet-home.

Sept 10
  • My auntie said my neck was swelling.
  • I think it was my first day at campus after all. I had lost 20 lbs within a month. My friends forced me to go to a doctor and took blood test. I had been diagnosed for thyrotoxic affected by hyperthyroidism.
  • I just realized that the common symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism had happened to me! Even worse, I got rash in some part of my body. Yes, rash like red spot in chicken pox. Holy cow!

Sept 11
  • Hair loss was disaster! I had my hair cut before it was getting bald. *sigh*

Sept 17

  • My worst birthday EVER. I was stuck at home with this nasty disease. Nevertheless, thanks to my friends who came by to visit me. Love y'all :)

Sept 18

  • The Doctor prescribed me PTU and propanolol. I took it for a week and had no progress. I was back to my old (Chinese) medication eversince.
  • Actually before the blood test result came out, I took some Chinese medication because I couldn't stand my disease any longer. Due to heat intolerance, I easily got mad and end up with depressed. God knew how suffer I was. Ta-da! After taking them for 4 days, I can feel the effects.
  • As a med-student, I know that hyperthyroidism treatment may take 3-4 years of medication. If the thyroid gland gets larger, surgery is an option. However, I don't like surgery.. and I can't wait that long to get cured. Sinshe who has prescribed me the Chinese medication said it's just gonna take 6 months or so.

Sept 27
  • First day on my mid-session. Even though my trembling hands still exist, it wasn't too annoying like it used to be.

When September ends, could October be any worse? Let's see. Hopefully not ;)