Monday, April 23, 2007

Just My Luck

Err.. What shall I say..?

Everything happens for a reason.

As for my case, maybe it's just my luck ;)
I've got this two cute Apple MP3 players, iPod
nano 2 GB and shuffle (both are silver), on mid February and late April respectively from two different on-line quizzes. Aha!

Later the new iPod shuffle has been sold to my bff Novi for IDR 350,000 (more than 50% off its original price), meanwhile the nano is used. I already have iPod photo 20 GB actually, that's why I'm not into another shuffle. Besides, I can allocate the money to cover my new peep-toe pump shoes. Bite me!

Another piece of mind. Frankly I'd prefer cash to products that sometimes useless for me, when it comes to a door prize or something like that. It's not that I'm not grateful for what I've been given, it's just simply my two cents. *Oh God, I beg your Prada*

Just kidding.

Well, it's true, don't you agree with me? I mean, cash prizes are more advantageous than random regular products. Even if you can get something like TV, digital camera, washing machine, etc which is eligible to exchange with even bigger amount of cash, but still it's pretty hard to find the buyer with (of course) the expected price. Most of the time, you have to compromise with them due to financial difficulties. That's too bad.

On the other side, when you win things like exactly what you need/dream of, such as car, mobile phone, or even a book!, I'm sure you must be insanely excited.

Sometimes the company gives away prizes in order to introduce their new products into the market like most of cosmetics producer did all the time; by wrapping several miniatures of their various products into a nice package. However, some other thing I just don't get it until now, like what just happened to me. Well yes the first quiz was sponsored by Apple, but the other one had nothing to do with Apple; why did they choose Apple products as one of the prizes?

Do you have any idea? Or simply because they just want to give it away like that without any purpose? It's not particularly discussing about Apple products, hell no. You got my point.

I rest my case.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Interesting Earrings Tidbits

Last Saturday my cousin Endame Girsang (aka Iben/Ade) and his wife, Lia, arrived in Jakarta from NYC after staying overnight in Narita Airport, Japan.

Do you still remember my previous post about my brother's new look? My cousin was quite shocked and yet asked Keisar whether he knew the meaning of his earring. And of course my brother said NO. Me neither. LOL. He simply follows the trends among his peers.

Later my cousin revealed about some interesting earrings tidbits on a guy (in the club) in US. Let me share you the review.

One bling stud earring on left ear.
By wearing this kinda style, you indicate yourself as a single/available guy at a party. You're just looking for one night stand instead of a long-term relationship. The bigger the bling, the HARDER party guy you are.

One bling stud earring on right ear
You are a homosexual as the man.

One hoop earring on right ear
You are a homosexual as the lady.

Two blings stud earrings on both ears.
You are a bisexual. You are attracted to both men and women but not in the same time.

Some women wub piercings men, and some others don't (including me!). I don't know exactly if it's true or not, but if you have a better explanation please do let me know ;)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Miss Indonesia 2007


Few days ago, I got (unexpected) call from this amazingly sophisticated girl who once had been one of the top 12 finalists at the same competition last year. *wink* She, for whatever reasons, has encouraged me to give a shot on it.

Err.. frankly I'm a bit scared, since I don't think I'm qualified. But well, it's worth to have a try... think so. *sigh*

I'd better hurry.. before May 8, 2007. (Jakarta)

Added later on April 10; I've signed up!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Brother and His New Look

I think Keisar has been having identity crisis during his young-adulthood period. He once kept his hair long that he could have like 20 ponytails all over his head. And nowadays, he has hair shaved every week and his left ear pierced! Silly.

He tries to identify himself as a mature nigga with hip hop style star item: bling-bling! Luckily he doesn’t completely copy the style star to be a Snoop Dogg wannabe.

The only positive thing I can conclude from his physical transformation is his confidence to maximum! Even though IMHO, he's far away from gorgeous in that kinda style. The bald is fine, but not the piercing! Eyuh! Main problem is that; he has fair skin thus making his bling doesn't shine brightly like it appears on black. Yet as for his body... I admit he's tall and slim, but he doesn't take exercise regularly that he ends up (still) with flabby muscles, and not a sick-pack abs.

You should try harder, dude! *wink*

*Image: rotate clockwise to see his transformation.