Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Fine Day

I'm happy today... yet feel so overloaded. Buffet is probably not my kinda cuisine. ~It always screws my diet! LOL~. But well, I was invited to join a birthday celebration lunch of Sabine (Jan 31), Oce (Jan 9), and Abas (March 24) at The Buffet. I had a good time, thanks guys! Love y'all. *hugs*

The Buffet
Citraland, 4th floor
Jl. Arteri S. Parman, Grogol
Jakarta 11470
Phone: 021-5606558

Rate: IDR 66,600++ (adult), IDR 45,000++ (student) ~exclude beverages

Comments: The Buffet provides more than 300 menus consist of appetizers, main course, desserts, and beverages. First impression when I came to the front desk; clean, cool, and cozy. I can say, it's one-level-lower-class buffet of those luxurious buffet restaurants at five-star hotels. I love its kebab, dim sum, ice cream and chocolate fountain! *wink* Note that not all of the food served hot, that's why some of them tasted sour and chewy. As for drinks, all of us took free flow drinks (coca cola, fanta, ice tea, or water) by glass for IDR 15,000 each. I think it's worth to try.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

"You cannot choose your destiny. The destiny choose you." --Heroes TV Show

This is not another movie review of Al-Gore's documentary film. I can guarantee you that.

This is about me, and my life. Frankly I'm not really comfortable to convey what actually happened in my life at the moment. But this is what my weblog is all about, isn't it?! I realize that I'm not a celebrity or any other famous person in the world, but hopefully this
weblog will be my own on-line biography which I can always re-read in the future.

Back to the topic, well yeah, my nuclear family has a financial difficulty at the moment. It's really sad, it is. I can't provide you the detail information about what, why, and how. All can tell you is what I feel nowadays.

I didn't live in wealthiness in the past, FYI, however I thank God I've been having enough food up till now, go to uni by driving a car, and type a new blog posting on a good computer equipped with fast internet connection.

Human can never get enough, don't you agree?

Life is like a wheel, there are ups and downs. And sadly my life wheel is falling down. I'm not sure when it will roll up again, thus it makes me very insecure. I've never been so depressed until now. Sometimes I blame myself for choosing a long-time-to-go-and-require-a-lot-of-money major at the uni. What a stupid decision. I could've choose any other major which less expensive and less length of study so that I could seek for a job earlier.

It's TOO late. I really don't know what will happen tomorrow. I'm scared to death if someday I have to face that I'll need to leave my med-school due to financial problems. What am I gonna do if that day comes? I cannot think any of it no more.

Mom told me not to tell Andrew about this matter so that he doesn't have to think about it and distract his study. I'm sorry mom (if he happens to read this). And for you, my bro, spirit is meant to be kept alive! I'm sure there's a way, even though I don't know what it is at the moment.

my rings memoriesOn this semester, I ought to buy some expensive textbooks. Since I don't want to give more pressure to my mom, regrettably I need to sell my gold ring (on the left side) given by relatives. *This picture is not intended to show off, it's merely to keep the memories alive* On the right side, it's a diamond ring given from my uncle recently. Hopefully I don't have to sell it too.

I've closed down my credit cards to prevent me from accidental shopping. I want to earn some money, but what can I do? Any suggestion? Part-time working is not available due to my schedule. I try to make some writings to be sent.

I'm getting used to take public transportation, so that when my car is about to sale, I don't have to mess my mom to drive me school.

That's what I called an inconvenient truth of my life.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To Deal with The Elderly

Somehow this topic came up in my mind few days ago. I've witnessed myself trapped in a very awkward situation with the elderly. The older they are, the more awkward it will be. Trust me.

Frankly, deep in my heart, I really want to be their chatting friends cos I know how it feels if everybody's busy with their own social life and no one cares about your existence.

The lifetime gap probably the main reason why we can't easily communicate to each other.

Grandma(s) & Grandpa(s)..
You won't have any idea how many times I really wish I can take them to hang out together with me. I did, couple of times. And the problems were things like... they can't afford to walk on foot all around the malls for hours. My grandpa dislike foods other than Indonesian food (e.g. sop buntut) so he didn't know what to eat when I took him to Sushi Tei or a western-food restaurant. My grandma is fussy about food too. Sigh.

I just want to let them to try another cuisine anyway.

Moreover, my grandma and I love window shopping, but what should I do with grandpa? I can't let him following us just like that and listen to 'are we going home yet' of his every 10 minutes. *confused*

When it comes to a conversation, our topics will be school progress, current affairs, or family & relatives latest updates. But sometimes when I have no things to talk about, I simply sit at the living room side-by-side to them and no chit-chat at all. That's weird.

Sometimes when they are not in the good mood, they can easily get mad without a cause. And if that happens, I will leave them right away. LOL.

Uncle(s) & Auntie(s)..
They (who's already 50 and over) have quite similar characters with the grandparents.
I have an uncle who always loves mocking and joking around. Surprisingly, he can even be very serious at the same time. He loves to share his knowledge about everything, which I think it's very impressing, in both explicit or implicit way.

Sometimes when my childish comes out, I can be very ignorant and bitchy to face their anger. *sorry, maybe we just had miscommunication*

Luckily I have not-too-old mommy thus we can share our wardrobes and bags
*giggling*. Since I don't have any sister, so yeah.. mom is the only option I have LOL. She is very picky and overprotective about my boyfriends. However, she's still the best and only mom I've ever had.

I'm just wondering what will happen when I turn 50 something..