Monday, February 19, 2007

Mini Apparels from 49th Annual Grammy Awards

(Special thanks to Danu who helped me getting the images.)

The 49th Annual Grammy Awards has pronounced complete lists of the winners from every category, and I was not really happy with the results. Frankly I was hoping James Blunt to win at least one out of five nominees he got, but too bad he didn't.

I don't give a damn to the winners (but congratulations to all of them, anyway) and let's just talk about fashion.

I think dresscodes for the show was mini apparels and bling-bling! The nominees for best dress (on my own version) are Scarlett Johansson, Shakira, Hillary Duff, and Beyonce (love her bling-bling!). And the winner goes to...

Scarlett Johansson. Simple sackdress with attached beads and open-toe high heels. I forget about her designer, but well. Nice shape.

And for the rest, here's my short comments;

Shakira. Red silk tube top long dress from Carolina Herrera. Simply gorgeous (on the red carpet). Forget about her stage wardrobe. She doesn't need a hair stylist, does she?

Hillary Duff. Mini dress is good for her. Don't really like the shoes, however. She could get another fancier than that.

Beyonce Knowles. Cute dress. Too bad she has fugly wave for her hair.

Rihanna. Love her hair style! The like a fall curtain. I like her unique bracelet anyway..

Fergie. The dress is pretty, but I don't think it suits her. But well, she has a high confidence for that. Bravo! But.. Ouch.. her earrings are too much! Don't you think it's quite heavy?

I think that's all for Grammy's fashion. I do have some other pics of Mandy Moore, Ciara, Christina Ricci, and Maria Menounos. But I guess I shall leave them for you to give comments. I'm not fashion expert anyway, it's just for fun. Maybe we must wait for the Oscar's fashion next week. *wink*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to Make a Man Understands

This is man's manual. And for women, read it closely.

I just can't understand why man could be so stupid and clueless when it comes to dating life. In my case, the last one I still remember, it was apparently happened to my ex-boyfriend.

As I've told you before, he was the one who called for the break-up without trying to meet me in person at the first place. But yet, guess what, he blamed me because I once had refused to meet him first. The rest is off the record.

What I'm trying to point out here is, that he didn't put many efforts so hard in order to meet me. I know he could've tried harder... but he didn't. All he did was only waiting for my positive response to affirm his meeting invitation. Gah.

I mean, oh my, he could just dropped in to my house, brought some roses or chocolates or perhaps one of Hallmark's apology greeting cards, and said hello. No matter how mad I was to you that time, my heart will definitely melt if you do so. If only.

Maybe for you, MEN, it's me who was so fool and ridiculous for not telling him the truth. But for me, YOU should've known what your girl wants!

Ok, I admit I was wrong. I was expecting TOO MUCH.

After reading guy guide section: danny's dating life on FEMALE magazine and having conversations with some boyfriends, I finally get a clue.

Men often forget about dates (birthday, anniversary, etc), but they are very welcome with friendly reminders from their women. They aren't proud of it, but they admit it is one of their characteristics.

Men don't like to be lectured or blamed of something they don't know. If something wrong happens, talk to them IMMEDIATELY. Don't just keep in silent and expect them to understand and realize it themselves cos they won't. Trust me.

Men can't fully focus if they are busy at one thing. So if you want to make a promise, ask him whether he is busy or not. Otherwise, you may get hurt if he forgets what he has promised before.

And finally, never use body language to express what you want, use verbal one. Most of men are difficult to understand body language. That's why raving is better than keeping silent.

After all, the conclusion is simply communication. Always try to be opened to your couple and don't forget to learn from mistakes. Remember, great lover are not born but made.

Any objection, gentlemen??

(Picture is taken from

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

True Love

There are a hundred paths through the world that are easier than loving. But, who wants easier?" -- Mary Oliver

Currently I really admire her quote above. She's got a point, hasn't she? Loving can be such easy and exciting, but sometimes it can be really painful and complicated.

Yesterday I had a short conversation with Edwin, my old crush in high school. I told him about the break-up, and so on, and somehow he came up with an awkward question (well, at least, it was really awkward to me); have you ever been deeply in love? I mean, loving someone to death?

I was keep in silence for minutes. I had to think.

But then I said...

Me: so far I don't think so. Less love, less hurt; when it ends up in a break-up. I need a precaution for that.
Him: ah don't be like that. If I may say, you must not limit your love. Let it all out, so that hopefully you will find your true love. At least, you can feel it in your heart.
Me: *stunned and questioning how he could be so wise* ... but I can't. I'm scared. I'm not keen to be desperate. Hell no.
Him: Everything that has a beginning, has an end. Break-up is one of common risks in dating. Why bother? ... and it takes two to tango. I mean, it takes two people to get into relationship. If you're afraid, that's ok, it's normal as a human being... but don't let it keeps you away from loving someone with all your heart, don't you think?
Me: ...
Him: loving sometimes needs a sacrifice, babe. Love is love, and hurt is hurt. Just let it go. You will learn something from it, I'm sure.

Well, like they said, it's not gonna be easy. Who wants easier anyway?

(Picture is a movie scene of "On Golden Pond" taken from IMDB)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Single and Fabulous

"Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying." --Nikki Giovanni

Being single and got no plan for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry be happy, darling, cos I’m with you. *blink*

Don’t be a single and miserable. Be single and fabulous!

Below are 10 reasons why you must proud to be single;

#1. Saving phone bills
The best thing you can acknowledge first is your phone bills; a great depression, since there will be no more stupid ridiculous 10 times a day of “hi babe, what are you doin’?” phone call and hundreds short messages sent per week of “love you hun.” Now you are completely safe from searching and writing another commercial ads love poem through your mobile. How fantastic!

#2. Saving money
You must absolutely very happy for this, especially if your ex is a fanatic of separate-bill-ism. Even though you’re not a gold digger, you’d better ain’t mess with broke nigga, LOL.

#3. Free of Mind
No more worries and jealousy. You can stop questioning why your lover was acting so weird, didn’t reply your message, or gave you a ring. Thank God you’re single!

#4. Spread some love, baby!
Love isn’t dedicated to couples only. Spread some love to your parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, relatives, or even strangers! Let the love leads you to an uncategorized world of happiness. Say YEAH!!!

#5. Get a new look!
Getting bored with your current look? Get a new one, with no doubt. If ionic re-bounding is so yesterday, get a sassy digital wave. If black is no longer your favorite color, let’s turn it into brunette or golden light brown with some platinum highlights. Having more money to splurge? MANGO, ZARA, GUESS, Nine West, or Roberto Cavalli will provide you enormous choices. Why should stick with Giordano?

#6. Hanging out with posse
Spending quality times with friends probably easier when you’re single than committed. You know for sure, dating was everything that time. But now, you’re back to market! Never missed updates on gossips and infos about current trends and good looking guys around, or you’ll be sorry like hell.

#7. You, Yourself, and Your Dreams
Jot down your priorities into a list. Check and find out what you were missing. Maximize your potentials and efforts to reach your dreams cos nothing else matters!

#8. Breaking the Habit
Lovers’ routines; going out on weekends (mall-to-mall, how boring!), watching movies at cinema (no matter how bad the movies get rated), and having double or triple meal time and screwing your diets. It’s the right time to break the habit on weekends; clubbing, doing some sports, or sleeping! Ah-ha.

#9. No more drama!
Based on my observation as well as my personal experience, relationship is all about drama. It has a leading actor and actress. You throw your prettiest smile as if you were happy with your partner; when in fact, your partner often embarrassed you in front of public with his/her bad sense about fashion, bad manners, or even worse, always bullshitting. Can you imagine how many episodes you could take longer?

#10. Say What You Want!
Stop crying and blaming yourself for being single! Head up high and tell the world you’re proud to be single for so many reasons above. Don’t you think that’s enough? *grin*

Polling: type SIGN IN if you’re with me, or SIGN OUT if you’re happy with your lovers and need another love posting for couples. (Polling ends on February 21, 2007)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Reality Bites

Early this month begins with raining hard causing heavy flood in almost every part of Jakarta and suburbs nearby. I believe you’ve already watched it on TV or alternatively at CNN or BBC website, thus I won’t report any progress. Well, there is none, anyway.

My house and surroundings fortunately are safe from flood disaster. However, the electricity was blackout for several days, as well as my internet connection. Gah. And in addition to that, something wrong happened with my blogger administrator; error called bX-vjhbsj. After searching through blogger forum to post and get an answer upon the error, I’ve just realized that not just me, but also everyone has the same problem. Tsk-tsk-tsk. Hopefully the admin will solve this immediately.

I was about posting all-about-love theme for this month archives, since Valentine’s Day is coming to town… until someone came up with the break-up declaration.

February 1, 2007. 5:56 PM.

I was contemplating my life; all these days, all these one-and-a-half-year so-called unworthy relationship.

I was angry… and hurt.

But finally made up my verdict.

I’m single. And not looking. I will study more. Eat less. Exercise more.

Life goes on, babyyyy!!!!