Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Friends

Two words men don’t want to hear from women; just friends.

It was sad yet funny story that happened when I was in my second year of secondary school. Year 8, to be precise. I didn't believe when people said that man and woman can't be best friends, until it happened to me.

I had a boyfriend (read: a boy as a friend, not a date) named Jack*. We were classmates for several times since primary until secondary school. He was my neighbor as well. We used to go to school on foot and spent some times to study and play around together most of the time. We were very closed enough, as best friends.

I didn’t really give a damn to public’s opinion about my relationship with Jack. All I knew, he was my best friend; in need and indeed. In fact, I was still 13 and didn’t intend to commit any other relationship so-called puppy love. Sad but true, it wasn’t on my priorities list. Besides, I will never ever take lovers from friends, cos it’s gonna hurt me double. Why? You and I know for sure, when the relationship is over, it won’t be the same like it used to be. There will be awkward post-break-up moment, and he can’t be my best friend anymore. Conclusively, I lose a boyfriend and my best friend. Sorry it’s not an option. I won’t dare.

I had never expected that he would have special feelings on me. And apparently, I was totally wrong. He wanted more than just friends. He wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was really shocked yet didn’t know what to say “God this can’t be happened”. He conveyed his feelings through a two-page letter neatly wrapped in a pink envelope. That was cute.

I don’t remember exactly what he wrote since I had thrown away as soon as I read it. But I still remember he said he loved me, and it was better to say than never. It made him relieved if he told me so. Jack insisted me to give him a reply, by letter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t give what he wished. I gave my reply directly in front of his face after school, on the following day. I said things like I’m sorry, we’re just friends. I can’t give you more than that. I’m sorry. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to change it.

Then, I walked away from him. Things were different ever since. I didn’t want to talk or even meet Jack in person. I avoided him when we were passing the same alley. I was obviously acting very weird, and he realized it. Three days afterwards, Jack rang to my house. He was asking me why I had been acting so weird lately. He apologized if it was his fault. I said nothing.

We graduated on 2001 and went to different high school. We were not closed as we used to be. Somehow I regretted it. He was a nice boy.

I started dating at year 10, just for fun. It didn’t last long. And it wasn’t hard for me to find a new one.

The funniest thing about it is that Jack and I never talked about our dating whenever we had conversations. From friends I knew he had undergone some relationships in high school but I didn’t want to discuss or ask him about it. Not even for intermezzo. And he did the same thing too. Probably we are convenient that way.

Eventhough we didn't end up like those at the movies, I was very lucky he didn't hate me. Jack is truly a gentleman.

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Twenty, Flirty, Thriving

Just getting bored with my casual look, I have my hair cut done on the last day of my trip to Medan. Moreover, I have dyed it into brunette and chestnut-on-top! As for the cut, nothing much but simply my girlie-straight-layer-cuts as it used to be. I really want to change it to a bob haircut, but I think my chubby cheeks won't make me any prettier. So yeah, above are my current pictures. Gosh, take a look at my abs! I defo need a tummy tuck! Darn. Anyways, let's just stop talking about my body. I've been trying so hard to reduce more weights since last year and it was apparently my own resolution for 2007. I suck.

And I'm still wondering what she has done to get her shape back after gaving birth to 3 children of Beckham's offsprings! I believe she has a boob job and there's nothing wrong with her though, if you want to compare with Ashlee Simpson's plastic surgery which ends her up like wacko Jacko or perhaps, Pamela Anderson. Everyone's dying to see her naked and Playboy already makes a bid. Let's just wait and see Victoria Beckham to be a playmate. LOL.

I'm not trying to make my site into another hollywood gossips or any kind of it; I simply adore her for the sake of fashion and her good choice of good-looking husband, LOL. UNDOUBTLY.

It's not that I want to get married soon, HELL NO, in fact I've been questioning myself; do I really have a boyfriend? Stop gossipping and pay attention first, this is not an announcement that I'm available dude, but sadly I need to say I feel loneliness. Lonely, indeed. *sob* He currently went to Europe for 20 days along with his family due to holiday. It should be no problem since me and him have undergone approximately one-and-a-half-year of long distance relationship until now. However, he remarkably changes. I feel that he becomes less attention and less carefree at me. I'm becoming less important to him. That's fine, I'm cool with that. *even deep inside I'm crying* I have to be stronger. I definitely don't need a man to ruin my life. Let's see if he has a good explanation for this. Otherwise, I think I have to send him back to the market! LOL.

Ah-ha, just got remembered Adeline's pledge last year;
I pledge.... to be single, meaning:
  • not to be in an exclusive romantic relationship
  • not actively seek out such time-wasting relationship
  • and lastly... that I will try to appreciate this "singledom" (i.e. freedom gained through being single) as an opportunity
She's bloody serious I reckon. Wishing her a best of luck then! *blink* And the message for single girls out there; you can have all the fun you want, when you're single! ~if you know how to play it.

I'm twenty, flirty, and thriving. How bad do you want me?

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cuci Mata di Medan dan sekitarnya

Note: Excuse me for my global readers worldwide, I'm gonna use Bahasa Indonesia for few postings about my short trip to Medan last week. Hope you don't mind. Only two postings, I swear.

Yap, ini adalah lanjutan dari cerita perjalanan saya yang kemarin. Memang aktivitas utamanya adalah ziarah, tapi bukan itu yang akan saya ingin bagikan disini. Sebaliknya, saya malah lebih suka menceritakan kejadian-kejadian lain diluar aktivitas utama itu, karena justru disitulah ditemukannya hal-hal menarik dari perjalanan ini.

Rute yang saya tempuh dari-kampung-ke-kampung memakan waktu yang cukup lama dan membosankan. Jadi hampir sepanjang jalan itu saya habiskan waktu dengan tidur, hehehe.

Setelah selesai dengan aktivitas utama, hari-hari terakhir saya di Medan diisi dengan wisata malam keliling kota Medan dan sekitarnya.

  • Kesawan Square
Keisar pernah menonton tentang tempat ini di TV, jadi dia mengajak saya dan Andrew untuk melihat-lihat daripada mengurung diri di rumah. Kesawan Square ini terletak di Jl. Ahmad Yani, formatnya seperti tempat nongkrong malam kali yah, mirip seperti kawasan malam Menteng di Jakarta. Disini 1 jalan ditutup dan 'disulap' jadi food fest. Bukanya hanya malam hari, karena siang hari banyak toko-toko yang berjualan disana, dan katanya sih tidak setiap malam Kesawan Square ini dibuka untuk umum.

Makanan yang ditawarkan sangat bervariasi dalam bentuk stand makanan seperti masakan kari India, Chinese food, martabak mini, nasi campur, masakan vegetarian, roti bakar, sampai shabu-shabu! Ada juga Cairos Kings yang menawarkan sheesha yang harganya sama dengan Jakarta; rata-rata 35 ribu. Selain stand makanan, ada juga restoran TIP TOP yang sudah berdiri sejak 1934.

Selain makanan, kawasan ini juga menyediakan fasilitas hiburan seperti karaoke dan nonton bola gratis. Peralatan karaoke seperti TV ukuran 17inch, CD player, mikrofon, dan speaker dibawa dalam sebuah mobil bak tertutup besar. Cuma yang 'berani malu' yang mau nyanyi ditengah keramaian seperti ini! Kalau mau nonton bola bareng, disediakan layar seperti kalau mau nonton layar tancep, dengan banyak kursi tentunya.

  • Merdeka Walk
Wisata malam ini diberi nama Merdeka Walk karena letaknya disamping Lapangan Merdeka. Kawasan ini terdiri dari tenda-tenda putih yang atasnya lancip seperti tenda sirkus yang juga menawarkan beragam jajanan. Konsepnya kira-kira seperti Cihampelas Walk di Bandung. Makanannya lebih komersil dibanding Kesawan Square, jadi kalau malam-malam lagi ngidam KFC, bisa berkunjung kesini. Tersedia pula playground untuk anak-anak bermain.

Merdeka Walk mungkin lebih banyak diminati karena konsepnya yang terkesan eksklusif dan glamor. Buktinya banyak sekali lampu warna-warni yang kerlap-kerlip ditempel pada pohon-pohon besar di sekitarnya. Papan namanya juga oke. Karena sponsornya banyak kali yah?

  • Taman Lily Suhairy - Food Court
Selain dua wisata malam diatas, ada juga food court Taman Lily Suhairy. Saya tidak ingat nama jalannya, tapi konsepnya adalah stand-stand makanan yang berkumpul jadi satu di sebuah hall besar (indoor). Disini tersedia juga playground untuk anak-anak. Tempat ini menjadi tempat favorit umat Muslim karena (barangkali) makanannya yang telah dicap halal.

Selain tempat-tempat nongkrong tadi, di perjalanan yang sempat nyasar beberapa kali, saya menemukan sebuah jam besar yang mungkin bisa dibilang Big Ben-nya Medan. Jam Gadang, itu sebutan Keisar pada jam yang ada di Jl. Gatot Subroto ini.

Pesawat boeing 737-400 dengan nomor penerbangan JT 387 membawa saya pulang kembali ke Jakarta. Dan entah kenapa, saya merasa enjoy dan tidak takut seperti ketika saya pergi sebelumnya meskipun ada sedikit turbulensi udara yang saya alami beberapa kali. Mungkin lezatnya makan malam di pesawat membuat saya lebih tenang sekaligus kenyang, hehehe.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pulang Kampung

Saya terlahir dengan beberapa garis keturunan; darah Batak Simalungun murni dari ayah dan sebagian lagi dari ibu yang merupakan kombinasi unik Manado-Belanda-China. Meskipun begitu, karena sejak kecil saya lahir-tumbuh-dan-bersekolah di ibukota Jakarta, tidak heran saya kurang begitu paham dengan budaya dan adat istiadat dari keluarga saya. *wink* Berhubung minggu lalu saya berkesempatan mengunjungi kampung halaman (lagi) maka saya ingin berbagi cerita disini.

Perjalanan ini adalah kunjungan saya untuk ketiga kalinya ke Medan. Tujuannya tentu saja bukan untuk liburan, apalagi bersenang-senang, tapi murni untuk berziarah ke makam kakek, nenek, dan buyut saya. Saya belum pernah melihat kampung di Manado, mungkin tahun depan, kata ibu saya. Sebenarnya tidak tahu siapa yang harus dikunjungi disana, karena opa dan oma saya kan masih sehat disini. Tapi lumayan kali yah, sekalian keliling nusantara, hahaha.

Berangkat melalui jalan udara dengan penerbangan JT 380 jam 7 pagi, sempat membuat saya ketakutan. Maklum deh, insiden yang menimpa Adam Air dua minggu lalu kan masih jadi berita utama di media massa, jadi masih terngiang-ngiang di kepala. Perjalanan Jakarta-Medan memakan waktu sekitar 2 jam, dan akhirnya saya tiba di bandara Polonia, Medan, jam 9.30. Sepertinya matahari berusaha menyambut saya dengan panas teriknya yang menyengat kulit. Duh.

Dari bandara, saya menuju rumah saudara di Peringgan, Jl. Iskandar Muda. Tante saya sudah menelpon dan memberitahu ibu saya bahwa kesana dengan taksi hanya 20 ribu. Namun semua taksi di bandara sepertinya harus menggunakan karcis seperti di Cengkareng yah, bedanya disini tidak pakai argo lagi. Jadi semacam payment in advance, dan mereka mematok harga 35 ribu, sesuai dengan kelompokan area yang tertera di daftar. Sebenarnya sih jarak yang harus kami tempuh cukup dekat, jadi ya cari taksi aja di luar bandara.

Entah karena norak atau kampungan, saya malah kepengen naik becak mesin. Bentuknya ya kurang-lebih seperti becak pada umumnya, hanya saja ini dilengkapi dengan sepeda motor disisi kanannya. Becak mesin ini cukup populer di kota Medan, karena jalan-jalan di kota sering macet (tapi tidak semacet Jakarta tentu saja!) tapi becak mesin ini mudah mengambil jalan pintas. Ada juga becak dayung, yang tenaganya berasal dari ayunan pedal sepeda, tapi untuk jalan jauh rasanya kurang dapat diandalkan. Kan sumber tenaganya manusia juga, hehehe.

Sekadar informasi, bandar udara Polonia - Medan merupakan satu-satunya bandar udara nusantara yang berada di tengah kota. Gak ada tuh jalan tol yang panjang untuk bisa sampai ke kota. Berbahaya sih sebenarnya, meskipun untung juga jadi gak usah bayar tol melulu. Uniknya, terdapat perumahan elit di dekat bandara ini. Entah apa namanya, yang jelas menurut tukang becak mesin yang saya tumpangi, harga rumah di daerah itu sekitar 2 milyar. Kurang banyak peminat memang, jadi bangunannya memang belum banyak dihuni. Rata-rata huniannya hanya 2 tingkat karena konon, ada aturan bahwa bangunan gak boleh lebih dari 5 tingkat, kalo gak pesawat bisa nabrak rumahnya donk, hahaha. Ketika saya bergumam sendiri "emang apa enaknya beli rumah di daerah ini", tukang becak mesin itu menyeletuk ringan "ya enak lah, kalo ada apa-apa kan bisa langsung kabur ke airport". Saya tertawa ngakak. He's got a point.

Secara umum, hidup di kota Medan tidak terlalu banyak menghabiskan uang untuk pengeluaran, karena makanannya pun cukup murah dan porsinya besar. (Dengan catatan: bukan makan di restoran mahal atau mall tentunya.) Mall disini juga tidak banyak, jadi mau belanja mahal-mahal juga biasanya orang akan langsung terbang ke Singapura atau Malaysia yang hanya 55 menit ditempuh dengan jalur udara.

Kalo di Jakarta didominasi mall-mall mewah, lain lagi di Medan. Disini Ramayana-Robinson paling mendominasi. Tempatnya cukup besar dengan 3 lantai yang menjual pakaian, makanan, dan kebutuhan sehari-hari di supermarketnya. Untuk mall paling baru, bagus, dan megah namanya Sun Plaza, yang letaknya di Jl. Zainul Arifin. Luas banget untuk ukuran mall, tapi isinya gak begitu menarik menurut saya. Malah keliatan seperti Mangga Dua. Mungkin yang terkenal hanya MANGO dan Sogo, dan disini ada ice skating yang cuma satu-satunya di Medan. Selain itu ada Medan Plaza, Medan Fair (terkenal karena ada Carrefour-nya), dan Plaza Hongkong (konon isinya ya barang-barang Hongkong, tapi gak ber-AC. Sebenarnya saya pengen banget kesana, tapi ga sempet terus. Siapa tahu kan ada barang lucu, hehe..).

Ceritanya saya lanjutkan di posting berikutnya yah..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just Do It!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

(quoted from Akeelah and the Bee)

Watching Akeelah and the Bee has reminded me something I used to do in the past; when I used to seek for challenges. I'm still wondering how I could get through a lot of competitions from different categories; news reading (English), Asian & British Parliamentary debate (in Bahasa Indonesia & English), story telling (English), basketball, drawing, speech (English), quick & smart, science competition, radio presentation (on-air), essay-writing contest (Bahasa Indonesia & English), and TV show-presenter (casting experience only). I think that's all I can remember so far. I never do dancing nor singing. In addition to that, I can't play any musical instruments. Maybe I'm not into art. Now let's back to the topic. I'm not trying to show off anyway, and fyi, I DID NOT win all of the contests. Well just some of them.

The main thing I'd like to share is what I've experienced in some competitions I participated after I watched Akeelah and the Bee. However, there is a big difference between Akeelah Anderson and me; she has her own genius talent on spelling bee and it's very obvious for everyone to see, whereas I don't have any. In other words, I don't think I have a talent. Maybe that's why I had got no burden upon specific contests I had undergone, since I didn't stick with one category. It's not because I'm good at all things, in fact I simply wanted to take challenges. I just wanted to try and I said to myself; just do it, nothing to loose though.

Basketball is the only sport competitions I do since I was primary school. I love this game, even though I'm not a good reliable player for the team. I easily get exhausted during a game which often sent me out of court from early quarter. My team never won any competitions, not even passed the preliminary round. It was really sucks. I always think, why could the other team always play better than mine? Well it usually ended up with blaming my team members' fault during the game. Why could my team never play flawlessly? But then I realize, I wasn't giving my best performance either and it was useless to regret the past. I had to watch and learn for another one.

Then I met some good friends in college which addicted to basketball. They asked me to join the team and put me as a center. Currently I don't practice with the team anymore but I always participate in basketball class-meeting annually. Finally I could feel to be a winning team sent to final. Unfortunately, there were always be another and better team than us. We got the second place for two years in a row. I was crying once, but well, whatever. As long as I played my best to score some points to the team, I was happy enough.

Another category which I love pretty much is debate.

This thing somehow looks promising to me. I went through hard time under my first competition at Canisius English Competition in 2001 and I was still happy to be home. No coaches, no practices, no all. Like their theme "debate is life, others are debatable", debate has broaden my mind about the way I should think about a matter, in life. Debate has tremendously influenced me to see a problem from many perspectives.

Generally there are two teams in a debate, one team (usually consists of 3 persons) plays as government and the other plays as opposition. Two teams have to battle upon a motion given. Government has to built a case and give a proposal to opposition and adjudicators (the judges) which strengthen their stance upon the case. As for opposition, they have to give rebuttals and destroy government's proposal. Both team must give at least two valid arguments, summary of their case, and the conclusion, if necessary.

In an English debate, I often get stuck with language barrier. I have to admit that I do have limitations on vocabularies thus I sometimes roll my eyeball, being a stutter or remain silent for a moment to find a replacement word. That was really funny though, when you have something in mind which is urged to be delivered and you don't know the exact word for it in English, then screw you! LOL.

Anyways, before getting so long with this posting, I'll share some tips to you, winner-gonnabe;
  1. Self-confidence is a must! Hell yeah, you must trust yourself that you are able to do it. Encourage yourself first, then you can convince others of what you can do.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Talent is not enough. You must practice a lot to enhance your talent and transform it to be your power. David Beckham wouldn't be a famous soccer player if he didn't practice regularly to improve his performance in Manchester United.
  3. Get a coach. Who else do you need to lead your practice to a right direction other than a coach? A winner always has a coach.
  4. Supportive environment. If you have brother, sister, cousin, children, or friend who wants to fulfil his or her dream, please cooperate. Support him or her so that he or she feels comfortable in pursuing their dreams.
  5. There's always a disappointment in a defeat. Whether it's about something wrong with the judges' decision, rivals' cheat, or any other excuses. You always have to remember, that everything happens for a reason. No matter how hard you try, when the final decision is made, you should take it as sincerely as possible. Good luck!
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Blast

Have you ever wondered, by any chance, what happened to me after Christmas by posting nothing even for a single word? Well the answer would be nothing more than Hengchun (Taiwan) earthquake on Dec 26, 2006. I swear to God, I was about writing another entries for New Year's final countdown and probably my resolutions to rejoice the new upcoming year. However, I couldn't post anything due to internet disruption. I couldn't even sign in to blogger since it's an American site according to my friend. I heard some people said that the earthquake caused damage to several international submarine communications cable. The rest is history. I'm glad it's getting better now. Otherwise I'm still not be able to post my raves and rants again. *giggling*

I spent my New Year's Eve in a private party of Ari & friends at Steven's house, Pluit. It was my second year to celebrate New Year with them. It was very fun and splendid. Puji was the host of games for that day and 3 teams were built to participate; Ting-ting (consists of Ari, Intan, Mei-mei, Sally, Tony, etc), Kacang (the freakiest team of Vina, Steven, Anita, Yudi, etc), and my cool team Tug-tug (with Andrew, Joe, Wenny Peky, Cindy, Thomas, Ko FuLing, etc). The first place was taken by Kacang, followed by Tug-tug on the second and Ting-ting on the last place. Fireworks, trumpets, laughter, happiness, were all of us. The only reason I was invited there is because I am supposedly Ari's girlfriend. So when Steven said "See ya next year" before we were leaving, I simply answered "if I'm still his" LOL. Whatsoever.

As for my boring year-end holiday, I had myself movie marathon 2 days in a row. I watched it at home with my macbook since Andrew has brought me some of DVDs rip ;p

Let's check my playlist.
  1. Material Girls. Average.
  2. Final Destination 3. Average. Same with its previous.
  3. Tenacious D. Truly not recommended. It's a crap.
  4. CLICK. Good. Love the soundtrack Linger by The Cranberries. I'm missing know I'm such a fool for you... The message is also great. Family goes first.
  5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003. Not good. But yeah, it freaks me out.
  6. Akeelah and the Bee. I'm LOVIN' IT.
  7. The Omen - 2006. Dislike it. I cut the tape on the minutes 7. It's boring.

And still got plenty to go; An Inconvenient Truth, Insideman, Silent Hill, RV, Rebound, Obsession, Take the Lead, and many more.

Btw, I'm not really happy with this new year. Well I'm glad to be here and continue my life in 2007. But then when I saw the news about a local plane (from Jakarta to Manado) was missing yesterday, I mourned. It's really a bad start to begin a new year. Darn. Why do all good things come to an end?

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