Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Does Your Voice Count?

Early this morning Jakarta had an election for a new Governor. As you've seen on the picture, the Governor election this year has two candidates consist of Governor and his deputy.

Candidates are;
1. Adang Daradjatun and Dani Anwar
2. Fauzi Bowo and Prijanto

By the time I write this post, TV news has already announced the vote results. Fauzi Bowo-Prijanto gets 56,12% voice and of course will be the new Governor (and Deputy of Governor) of Jakarta. Congratulations!

Hopefully the new Governor and his deputy will fulfill their vision of making a better Jakarta; no more flood attack, less traffic jam, and more opportunities to the poor who wants education. God bless.


  1. hey yo! I is wundering about these difficult grammer but I are guessing from your title your grammor are don't so good too!

  2. Hi Devi

    Thanks for letting me know. My Bahasa Indonesian skills are not up to listening to the news yet!

    I hope you are right about the new governor!

  3. @anonymous: yeah, I really need to take grammar class again :P

    @jenny: it's my pleasure :)

  4. flood attack? Can any op ban those flooders? and I want to be an @op too!

  5. semoga Bang Foke bikin bike lane, setidaknya bikin parkiran sepeda di halte busway ato stasiun kayak di negera2 maju lainnya.

    *kepengen beli foldingbike untuk di busway*

  6. wah, udah ada pemilihan ya Dev, semoga jakarta lebih baek lah...

  7. halo dev.. moga2 jakarta minimal sama, nggak nambah parah

    bukan pesimis melainkan realistis :D

  8. Hai Devi apa khabar?. Koq engga posting lagi? Lagi nungguin Bang Foke dilantik jadi Governor ya??


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