Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bad Day

Everybody is having a bad day right now. It definitely sucks.

How come?

My house-maid has been taking her day-off more than two weeks up till now. She didn't mention how long it's gonna take, and the worst thing is; no further information afterwards. No phone call. Darn.

Thus, there are no cooking meals available on the table for every single day since her left. My mom can't cook because she is busy with her job, so she decided to buy some (really unhealthy) frozen food so that I can make my own lunch and dinner. *sob* I can't cook! First time I made my own instant noodle the other day, it ended up overcooked and tasteless. My bad.

Another thing I need to get used to is to open the front gate and the garage by myself after class. Yes, all by myself. I also have to feed my turtles twice a day (that's my job when my maid is not around), even sometimes I might forget. *phew*

It was actually going pretty good, ... until today.

I am facing my final exams, for the next TWO WEEKS.. and the house is a real mess.

My mom. She is having a lot of papers to do (in a rush due to tight deadline) and force me to get involved; help her with typing and printing jobs. Gee mom, I can never refuse to do what you've said. That's why I spend most of the time for typing and printing my mom's job, instead of STUDYING. I'm cool with that. She has tough days recently making her temper clearly unstable.

My brothers.
Keisar has dropped out of his college and became quirky and more sensitive these days, especially when people talk about his future formal education. Don't ask how many times my mom mad at him because of this thing, cos you can see how often they have quarrels, including me.

Andrew is stressed out because he was a little bit too late to book his return ticket on the end of the year. The in-charge guy told that the flight was full-booked until January. What can I do, bro?? I'll try to do my best to gather information as many as I can to help you. So you'd better stop swearing and start to pray!!

Surprise surprise.. it's a family bad day! Welcome to the club.

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  1. awww thats too bad. hope things will work out just fine.

  2. dev, gambatte! at least in two weeks' time one problem is bound to be over :) I hope K get through the hulabaloo unscathed, and A get his vacation tickets too :D

    btw, jaman2 dulu gw beli ikan bumbu nasgor kalengan (lupa namanya apa), trus tinggal dicampur sama nasi putih... singkat dan dijamin enak hahaha. kalo bosen masakin pake kompor, dimicrowave aja :p

  3. yah setiap orang memang pny hari kurang menyenangkan dalam hidup nya..tapi live must go on..so jalanin aja hidup ini dengan rasa syukur dan perjuangan..keep fight !!

  4. When you cannot get a compliment any other way pay yourself one.

    Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

  5. i hope everything works out fine,
    no problems couldn't be solved with positive attitude and strong affection

  6. He.he...namanya juga pembantu, jadi kerjanya cuman bantuin kita.
    Jadi kita kudu ready kalo pembantu sewaktu-waktu mudik/kabur. Kalo kita tergantung ama pembantu, maka dia akan ngelunjak minta gaji besar.

    Jadi sabar saja..Orang sabar disayang Tuhan.

  7. wuiih sabar dan tetep semangka ya Dev!

    itung2 sebagai diklat menjadi calon ibu rumah tangga yang baik:p

  8. @d: thanks. Hopefully.

    @mukuge: thanks Marsh, actually A was mad when he read this post, he didn't like it that I revealed too much.

    Merk "Botan" ya? Sarden gtu?

    @cempluk: :) *semangat!

    @putu: thank you.

    @harrie: emberrr!!

    @spedaman: hahaha, masih jauh kali Dhan! :p makasih yaa.

  9. a wise dude your brother A is. But at least I can understand your need to let things out. oh well.

  10. That's life anyway, has the up and down. Btw, you can go shopping (or at least window shopping), teasing somebody, eat a lof of snack, or punch your pillow with your maid photo attached.. khekhekhekhekhe...

  11. hi dev
    lagi mengalami masa2 penuh tantangan ya!?
    gimana ujiannya?

  12. uuuh... been there..

    gak ada pembantu so makan makanan gak sehat, beli mulu, karena semua pd sibux..dan aku gak bisa masak :P
    ayo belajar masak, dev :)

  13. mbak da pulang donk ? gimana ujian ? da liburan ?

  14. is your exam period now over?

    ikan kalengan untuk nasgor rasanya merek vinisi deh...

  15. lam kenal, ya.blognya bagus banget. aku pingin bisa bikin kayak gini. ajarin donk. aku ingin bisa bikin read more pd blogspot. trims

  16. Nowaday, it wasn't hard to make a food for those who can't cook...

    There is plenty of instant food from noodles til rice (yep Instant rice complete with its lauk :D)

    btw how's u're exam? goin rite? i hope so, can't wait to see another post from u ;)

  17. dee... kok ga ada yg br??
    kan lg lbr loe..
    ayo2 buat yg baru jd gw ad bacaan


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