Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Audition

I don't know if I'm not supposed to write anything about the audition of this beauty pageant in details. Anyway, since it's something I've been through, I love to share and record it in my life journey. Sorry for taking so long to write it down.

It was held on May 23, 2007 at Bellezza, Permata Hijau. I came by around 1 PM after class. Somehow I was thinking it wasn't a really good idea because I had no preparation like others did; full-make-up face, fancy dress, hairdo, and mommy-by-my-side. She had some works to do.

Like many normal procedure, I confirmed my registration at the front desk. They gave me printed version of my on-line application, and told me to fill another similar form after measuring my weight and height. I waited for
like half an hour to get to the first round; written test.

Step 1: Written Test
There were 40 questions of multiple choice and 5 open questions. They gave us time 15 minutes to answer all of them
(they weren't that strict anyway). The multiple choices were all about general knowledge e.g. the capital of Swiss, mostly history and geography about Indonesia. It was a piece of cake. As for the essay questions; they asked about my opinion of how mass culture influence society culture nowadays (maybe it has something to do with Smackdown case causing some dangerous kids' play), what I'd feel if I were chosen to be Miss Indonesia (of course I'd be happy to beat other hundreds girls all over Indonesia :p), the rest is forgotten. My bad.

Step 2: The Interview
I guess the applicants were not abundant (I was the 125th), but how come I had to wait for six hours to get the interview? Gah. I was starving and felt so desperate. I was like
"why should I do this? I could've done something better". Luckily, I met 3 women who apparently already got bright careers; Sriwijaya Airlines stewardess, a lawyer, and a public relation girl. We talked so long and tried to kill time by trying to have some fun together. Not bad, actually, especially when we tried to memorize current ministers of Indonesia while were waiting for our turn.

In short, it was my turn. I sat on a chair in front of a panel of six (one I reckoned as Monty) with two studio light stand right to my face. I was very nervous. They asked me about -
as you know- North Sumatra; current governor, the port, and the famous exports. And some personal questions, doesn't matter anyway. I didn't give my best performance.

If I passed this step, I would manage to get photo session and beauty class workshop. However, since I didn't, I don't know the following judgment.

I'm ok. No worries.

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  1. what's that? a stewardess? a lawyer? a PR girl? in a pageant? now if I somehow can smuggle myself in into the audition and meet them.... muhahahaha

  2. Hi Dev, lama saya tak mampir sini.

    saya juga baru belajar nih, bagaimana melakukan segala sesuatu dengan segenap hati, seperti melakukannya untuk Dia.

  3. I found this tongue-in-cheek joke on auditions...

  4. finally sharing the experience.... heheheh better luck next time..

  5. Knapa ya yang udah punya kerjaan mapan masih pingin ikut audisi?
    Mungkin mereka terkena sindrom "rumput tatangga lebih segar".


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