Friday, May 11, 2007

Tarot Readings

"Faith can give us courage to face the uncertainties of the future." --Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you believe in supernatural? It has something to do with God and higher nature, but not against your religion, I believe. I appreciate people having special gift so-called sixth sense to do something that cannot be explained from the notions and laws of the everyday world. Well believe it or not, they are exist.

One of my relatives has been awarded this gift too. She is able to predict future and gives advices to solve others' problems. However, she cannot do it for herself. I wonder why.

Anyways, I was lucky to be one of the winners to meet Madame SPICE! from SPICE! magazine last month. The full story is on SPICE! May edition.

I had half an hour to do tarot reading and asked some questions about my life.
Yesterday is history and future are still mystery, I don't take her reading seriously. Maybe I'll just take it as a consideration. I'm not gonna divulge the details of my meeting with Madame SPICE!, but I'm telling you, she's not bad. If you're interested, you can make a request to get her details to me by e-mail since I'm not making ads for her services here.

I've browsed some free tarot readings on-line and decided to give a try
here. There are 7 kind of tarot readings offered; Single Card Reading, Two Card Reading, Three Card Reading, Horseshoe Spread, Celtic Spread, Creative Process, and Lovers Spread. I choose Celtic Spread to give me an overall reading.

Below are the result of mine, and I write it down for my personal record.
  • What Covers You: that which influences the general atmosphere or environment (current situation)
    • WHEEL OF FORTUNE. This card is a delight to arrive in your reading. Not only can it bring about unusual turn of events that are quite fortunate for you, but that you are finally taking the lead in the direction of your own life and your ultimate destiny. This card suggests not so much that events happen to you, but rather that you instigate many major changes to bring about a new life with new challenges and renewed hope. You may decide to leave job/a partner/go overseas and the decisions you make with regards to this will be so swift that you'll shatter some ppl's impressions that you were once a stable and slow mover. Now all things must change,and change swiftly. If you should happen to win the lottery or some other good fortune befalls you,make sure you know exactly what you want to do with your new-found freedom,independence,and wealth. The bolt out of the blue is likely to happen just when you thought you were in a rut and didn't anticipate anything was going to alter. Opportunities can arise thick and fast and leave you gasping for air between this offer and that. Don't allow anyone to push you into anything you are unsure of.
  • What Crosses You: obstacles, conflicts, or opposition in the path
    • KING OF WANDS. The picture on this card is of a man wearing a warm woolen cape and he has an emblem on the shoulder which could signify some kind of badge or logo associated with his profession. He also wears a hood and he is holding a wand in his left hand. He is often a married man with children. He is warm in character and a good listener. He likes to take charge of situations and can handle most that life presents to him. He is a keen sportsman and is usually very energetic. He is proud and can command respect on entering a room. He is masterful and shows others his talent if he is asked to do so,otherwise he is reflective and private. He is a man who has come a long way and yet feels he still has so much to do ahead him. Travel is one of his favorite pursuits and he does this to explore nature and the different cultures. He is always open to new challenges and loves learning everything he can about life and the differing philosophies. If you are a woman, this could be your future husband.
  • What Crowns You: that which has gone before you, those past events and influences that have led you to this path
    • THE STAR. This is the card that tells you that you're being guided in the right direction. The picture displays a naked woman kneeling down beside a river with two jugs in her hand. She is pouring the water from the jugs into the stream. In the background is a large star,almost directly above her head and seven other stars around it. There are birds,flowers,trees,shrubbery,and green grass around her. She appears tranquil and at peace in her natural surroundings. If this is yourself,you are intuitively heading towards the direction of where you should be on your own personal path in life. You are also about to have much abundance enter your life through many and varied ways. If you've been looking for a certain job,more than likely you will achieve it and this will reflect what is going on inside you,which is finding your true niche in life. You're also able to express yourself more truthfully without hindrances from your past or your upbringing. Your intuition is extremely heightened at this time and can bring on flashes of insight to guide you through the many decisions you're going to be facing. Trust in your future and show great faith against the odds and you'll succeed. Something to do with the country,or near a river or ocean may figure strongly in an event which will occur within a month.
  • What is Beneath You: the current foundation and what you have access to build upon
    • KING OF CUPS. This card shows a man dressed in armour. He's holding a cup,as if offering it to someone in front of him. In the background is a blue sky,a river and some mountains and lush green trees and grass. It appears to be a Spring day. This man is clean shaven and good looking. He wears his uniform proudly. If this is someone you know,then you may be on the receiving end of a proposal or proposition from this man. He is affectionate and caring and offers his pledge with sincerity and love. There could also be a new job offer and this may also involve a place at a distance.
  • What is Behind You: the past events or influences that have played a major role in bringing this situation to light
    • THE CHARIOT. Generally speaking this card depicts some kind of travel. This is a major arcana card,travel is still a strong possibility. You may travel quite a distance and your goal to get there,by whatever means you can find,even horseback if necessary. This can also mean that someone is coming from a long distance towards you. For some ppl this can represent getting a new mode of transport,such as buying your 1st car/new car or whatever. The emphasis is on getting your destination by the quickest route available. This card too is about choices. You may have to take a major decision around this time that will alter your circumstances dramatically. Don't resist change for that will disrupt the natural flow of events that are waiting to unfold for you. Also I've seen this card manifest in matters to do with re-decorating the home.
  • What is Before You: immediate future and influences all about to come to light
    • THE LOVERS. The most powerful card in the pack for many and varied reasons. Love is the strongest emotion we know and it can literally move mountains. The desire to be with your special friend can overwhelm you and override all logic or other sense of clarity. If you're unattached and you deal out this card,you're being guided towards that special someone who is about to walk through the doorway of your heart and leave its indelible mark on you forever. The Lovers card always bring choices; to love or not to love.
  • Your-self: how you see yourself; a true reflection on your current attitudes and belief systems
    • THREE OF WANDS. The seeker of knowledge and truth. He searches until he finds what he's looking for.
  • Around You: how others from home or work or family view the situation
    • TEN OF PENTACLES. If you're currently single,you may be about to become attached,as in meeting the person you will eventually marry,or actually tying the knot very soon if you're engaged. This will be a blessed union,one full of love and caring. There may also be financial benefits of mutual sharing coming up in the very near future. If you're currently not particularly financial,your future security is near at hand,and this may come about via any means,such as windfall,inheritance or the benefit of shared resources.
  • Hopes & Fears: that which one coverts that lies deep inside, hopes and fears are but a razor edge apart
    • NINE OF WANDS. A time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures. We need to understand that stability arises out of wisdom and patience.
  • The Outcome: eventual outcome based on current card path
    • KING OF SWORDS. Now this is time to make a clean break with what you've been doing up until now. You are brave and can face anything the future holds. I suggest you allow this man to be themselves. Do not stand on this man's way,he will rollercoaster over you w/o even noticing you were stood there in the 1st place. He can be the sincerest friend, only after you have proven your friendship, never before.

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  1. once I got a tarot reading and one of the card has a picture of a beautiful naked lady. The title of the card is PENTHOUSE PET OF 2006. Betcha your tarot card don't have that!

  2. wah dev.. koq lo bs sering masuk mjlh seh.. mao jg donk gw.. hahaha..
    btw gw nyobain online tarotnya, yg single card.. ms kluarnya kartu devil dev?!

  3. waduh,,,kok jadi maen ginian...

  4. devvvv
    gw isi comment lhoooo

  5. jadi pengen nyobain tarrotnya dev.. kalo senggang. :D

    -joni poetra-

  6. nice dah coba, asik juga tuh...=))

  7. Oga ah nyobain tarot, takut ketagihan.

  8. @perv: hell no :p

    @karin: bwahaha!

    @septian: just for fun, boy!

    @sabine: iya2 gw baca loh lol.

    @joni: ok deh!

    @alice: :)

    @harrie: knp ketagihan? buat iseng2 aja kok hehehe..

  9. hi devi, so you're into tarot? :) i know metaphysics do exist, but i do believe that Divine power has its mighty as well :)

    "Faith can give us courage to face the uncertainties of the future." --Martin Luther King Jr.

    hmm, i'm all for Luther :)

  10. @kristee: not really. Just for fun actually :)

  11. Main ramal2an lwt kartu tarot, tangan, dsb, emang a most favourite guilty pleasure buat sebagian orang, tsmk gue:) Thx for the Tarot Link, Miss Devi...The Next Great Tarot Master :)

  12. Wuih Neng Devi masuk majalah lagi euy:D
    Sayang disini ga ada SPICE! magz:p

  13. anyway whatever happened to that bag of tarot net which you showed on your blog some time ago?


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