Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shopping Update

SEIBU is opening today at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta 10310. New brands (by boutique) are Anya Hindmarch, Monica Botkier, Chloe, etc. I'm wondering why Japanese brands like Samantha Thavassa is not around. Complete list of brands here. Don't forget to sign up for IDR 7 million shopping spree!

In the mean time, Banana Republic (GAP Incorporated) opens its first store in Indonesia at Senayan City. 10% discount of all items is available from May 9-10, by showing SMS. (I've got one, but no money to spend *sob*..)


  1. quote: I've got one, but no money to spend *sob*

    same as me, no money to spend *sob*

    My own focus now is having a good shape of my body, so I'm sorry if I put little attention to fashion hahaha =P

  2. How was Seibu? Any better than sogo, I saw the interior the other day, it looks kinda dull.

  3. maksudnya seibu apaan sih? gue satu ibu sama elo? kalo bapaknya gimana? sebapak juga?

  4. mau ikutan singapore great sale ga ?
    dari kemaren kok shopping melulu...hahaha

  5. @winda: err.. *rolling eyes* alrite.

    @herman: no idea. Have not been there yet. Perhaps just like another dept store. Nothing much to be expected.

    @dodol: whatever :p

    @septian: hahaha males. Dulu pernah ikutan tapi rasanya sebel aja, mana sesek ama org Indo smua, shop attendant-nya juga snobbish bgt! Amit2. Lagi pengen shopping neh tapi ga ada duit HIKS.


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