Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Biggest Supporter

My brother and I, on a phone chat...

Andrew: How was the audition?
Me: I didn't make it.
Andrew: That's impossible!
Me: I couldn't answer some trivial questions like the name of current governor of North Sumatra, etc. Or maybe I'm just too fat.
Andrew: Ah you're not that fat!
Me: Most of them passing the audition are models. They are slim and slender, literally.
Andrew: Yeah but that doesn't prove they are prettier than you! Gue yakin lo lebih cantik dari mereka semua!* The judges were very stupid not to pick you up!
Me: *smiling* bwahahaha! Neah, they were not. I am.

Love ya, bro! *hugs*

*) I'm totally sure you are prettier than all of them


  1. But who is the governor of North Sumatra?

  2. hat a dumb random question, gimme a break...

  3. it's ridiculous to expect to know someone's level of intelligence from trivia questions. Doh, rote learning isn't a sign of smartness. Plus, if the governor was just sworn in yesterday then it's pretty pointless to memorize the name (according to 'Buku Pintar'), no?

    Btw, the current governor is Rudolf Pardede.

  4. Well, their loss...

  5. hi Dev,
    But, I can see your beauty from your writing and all your essay.
    Semangat !!!

  6. Cheer up Dev.. Anyway you still have a chance for next year :)

  7. hm, if u can't answer it, bet the others can't even answer anything easier, ya ga? =). jgn berkecil hati ya say...

  8. Hua kak..kak..kak..
    Pasti jurinya berprofesi sebagai guru SD.
    Btw. itulah kehidupan, kadang orang menilai dari hal yang remeh temeh.
    Kadang kita celaka oleh kulit pisang karena kita terfokus pada metromini yang ngebut di depan kita.

    Tetap Semangat ....

  9. @anonymous: ah, mukuge got the answer!

    @john: literally beyond my imagination.

    @marsha: hehe you betcha! Not to forget about how often the cabinets have been reshuffled or so. Ah but still. My bad.

    @opi: LOL. :)

    @ian: thanks a lot! Very much appreciate.

    @dee: aha! Guess what, I'm not drowning in disappointment, thanks for reminding anyways :D

    @alice: hehe. I'm good kok ;) Yang penting kan uda nyoba, uda tau rasanya. No worries.

    @harrie: hahaha.. keren juga metaphor-nya ;) Makasih ya buat supportnya. Ga lah, jurinya pasti kompeten di bidangnya masing2.

  10. Yes yes she got the answer. Now I shall won the audition and... and... rule the world! MUHAHAHAHAHA

  11. dohh emangnya penting yahh tau nama gubernur sumatra utara..? coba elo tanya balik dia tau nggak nama gubernur sulawesi tenggara?..hehe, asli ini pertanyaannya kok kaya cerdas cermat di TVRI yaa....

  12. kok pertanyaannya ga mencerminkan tentang "brain" ya?

    mendingan sekalian aja TPA (tes potensial akademik) dan TPU (tes pengetahuan umum)

    jawabnya pake lembar isian komputer.
    jadi kayak tes stan:D

    ayo semangka ya Dev ;)

  13. ahh paling untuk yang lain, mereka pasti questionnya: "who is the current presiden of Indonesia" or "what is the letter after "A"."

    udahh udahhh :D

  14. huh... governor of north sumatra!!!! who the bloody hell cares, a bunch of corrupt officials...

    why not ask things like CURRENT ISSUES like how bad bush+blair fucked up in iraq, everyday we see car bombs/buses bombs between shia+sunni moslems n now they kidnapped 5 british guys, etc etc...

    or sth closer at home... why indonesian beauty pageant winners never suceed in int'l pageants, prob bcos the judges are idiots like those you met! heheh...

  15. since bush is also a corrupt officials... whats the difference?

  16. chrysanthemum girlJune 01, 2007 7:29 PM

    ok,just be objective
    the question is relevant to this competition, 'Miss Indonesia'
    there is nothing wrong with this question, remembering Mizz Devi has Batak name or at least her grandparents came from North Sumatra - and This is labeled Miss Indonesia,as Miss Indonesia, you should be known first detail things about your origin stuff, I can say this,it's like a meany question.. it will be good if you could answer it,and It's going to be ridiculous if The Judges asked you such a Science or Math questions
    and might be ,in another steps, you will be asking about your opinion toward current affairs in Indonesia or overseas

    I think, this question it such a trick to test your skill in small things


  17. @chrysanthemum girl: yes girl, you're defo right! Didn't blame them anyway. Others simply conveyed their own mind. Don't bother.

  18. Haha.. would Nadine know who is the governor of North Sumatra??

    Question yg laennya apa?? gak mungkin they judge based on only one silly question rite? ...Or its possible that they looking for another dumb-skinny-tall-setengah bule-miss indo =P

  19. [Nadine]I think of the governor for North of Sumatra would become... Rudolf Pardede! What did I won?[/Nadine]

  20. waaa andrew baik yahhh...
    eh gw tlat ya bacanya

  21. coba lagi taun depan :D

    btw kenapa ya sejak si nadine, kok pemenangnya lebih diutamakan fisik (menurutku sih). Yah nadine dan agni, mereka model gitu. Padahal kan sebelumnya (kayak artika) mahasiswi biasa justru lebih smart..
    kalo pemenang2nya setelah ini model lagi - model lagi, ya miss indonesia gak jauh beda sama kontes putri2an biasa...


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