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e-Shopping in Indonesia

Few days ago, my ethernet modem was officially fried by heavy crash of thunder during downpour. Luckily the store were willing to exchange it with another one. (note: I didn't mention about the thunder, since warranty is void due to natural disaster)

The store is located in Orion Mangga Dua which is well-known as the central business of computers in Jakarta, thus it takes more patience and wisdom to reach there safely. Why? Cos all of the access to go there has bloody traffic jam and super hectic. Not to forget about those mikrolet that can stop and stay still wherever and whenever they want to, of course contributes more chaos on the street.

When I went there to exchange my modem, I was thinking along the way; there are a lot of computer stores somewhere else, but why everybody's like ought to come here? Including me, LOL. Well somehow we always back to where we come from.

Nowadays, e-shopping in Indonesia has been growing significantly. There are lots of things can be sold through a website. However, I will only focus this topic into fashion. No compromise.

I've recognized 4 on-line fashion stores for some time, and here's my review.


This is a very fantastic fashion sites among the four. They create their own local brands divided into 5 categories; apparel (top, shirt, skirt & pant, dress, gamis, jacket & cardigan, kebaya), jewellery (swarovski, cameo, necklace, earring, bracelet, watch, pendant, ring, brooch, anklet, belly chain), footwear (shoes & sandals), accessories (key chain & mobile chain, eyewear, belt), and bags. They have been running this fashion e-shopping for more than five years and has established a very good reputation among major media in Indonesia such as Female, Dewi, Her World, Eve Magazines, etc. They have also exported their products to France, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, and many more. That's why they accept international order, and of course, three levels of quality control to assure that they only sell the Grade A quality products. No wonders to see their professional dedicated work in this website when I read big names on the crew profile like Vilia Ciputra (President Director), Wahyu Styawan (IT Director), Fitria Yusuf (Fashion Editor and well-known socialite in Jakarta), and friends.

Valere La Pena

Three girlfriends who love shopping abroad very much at first try to sell their excess fashion purchased during traveling. High demand raised unexpectedly making Lilian, Silvia, and Sherry open their first on-line boutique through Multiply, before finally having their own website Valere Fashion. They sell imported dress, blouse, shoes, overall, shorts, and accessories from Thailand, Hongkong, Korea, and many more. They have promoted their on-line boutique through mailing lists, FeMale Radio interview, and some local magazines. I love their Korean dress although I think their products are quite ITC Mangga Dua stereotype. It's not really difficult to navigate on this site, however the images they provide a bit lack of focus, maybe it's because they use images directly scanned from the brochures.

Tzute Shop

Similar to Valere La Pena, for the sake of girls-are-lazy-go-to-malls, Yenny Sutejo creates her own on-line store called Tzute Shop. Unfortunately it has very limited product to offer, like clutch, T-shirt, blouse, dress, and some accessories. She tags the price range pretty cheap, from IDR 5,000 (square ring) to IDR 90,000 (handbag). My favorite item on this site is this red clutch! I think clutches are Tzute's specialist. One more thing about this site, minimum order of IDR 200,000 and you don't need to pay the delivery charge. Nice offer!

Shop n Shop

If the three on-line stores above have their personal webhosting on .NET or .COM, this girl who currently lives in Lippo Karawaci sticks with free hosting from Multiply. Unlike others, shopnshop offers seasonal categories that you can't always meet on this site. Generally, it offers tops, dress, and accessories like necklaces. She promotes this site on some mailing lists and around the blogosphere. As for the prices, I have to say it's cheap.

Overall, on-line shopping in Indonesia (esp. Jakarta) has some advantages, like you don't need to waste your time due to traffic jam when you want to go shopping at malls. By spending nothing more than IDR 10,000 per kg (Jakarta area) to cover delivery order, you can save a lot for your fuel surcharge and parking fee. Even though sometimes on-line shopping may not give lots of choice, I think someday sites above can grow and become one of or eluxury in Indonesia.

My tips when you want to shopping on-line; make sure you give your body size to avoid to-small-too-big case when you purchase clothes.

Added later on 9:29 PM after reading Septian's comment about payment method; I'm sorry I forgot to mention about the payment method of all sites, but one thing for sure; CREDIT CARD payment are NOT accepted. You can only choose either bank transfer or COD (Cash on Delivery) for Simplight.NET, but the rest are accept bank transfer only.


  1. Nice review.... keep up the spirit Girl!!!...

  2. Yea why do you always go back to Mangga Dua anyway?

  3. I didn't mention about the thunder, since warranty is void due to natural disaster -> you trick the store then khekhekhekhekhe.... :P

  4. that's right! You can claim that someone (preferrably your arch nemesis) creates the thunder, so there will be no excuse about natural disaster!

  5. I don't know why I am still afraid to buy online shop in Indonesia. I am afraid on how dangerous my VISA card letter. I know this is a bad assumption but ya gimana lagee...

  6. @anonymous #1: thank you.

    @anonymous #2: good question. Too bad I don't have a good answer for that. It's simply completed to be there. A-ha!

    @dee: not really. He didn't ask it anyway.

    @septian: I'm sorry I forgot to mention about the payment method of all sites, but one thing for sure; CREDIT CARD payment are NOT accepted. You can only choose either bank transfer or COD (Cash on Delivery) for Simplight.NET, but the rest are accept bank transfer only. And mostly payment by credit card is not available for e-commerce in Indonesia ;) Hope that will answer your curiosity.

  7. heeee... thanks for covering this topic! now I get some idea of how to start a business in Indonesia. The problem is, with me on the other side of the world, who's gonna look after operations in Jakarta? :q (just me rambling...)

  8. @mukuge: you can hire some people you trust, your friends, or we can be partners :D hehehe.. What kind of business? E-shopping?

  9. wah selaen simplight, yg laen blm tau nih, karena biasanya aku cari pake keyword butik online, dan semua gak masuk top ten.
    btw aku jg lagi mo bikin jualan onlen gt, tapi khusus produk anak negeri.. hehe isenk2-serius :)

  10. yaaa...gitu ya...
    hopefully next time di Indonesia nerima credit card lah. Lebih gampang masalahnya, bank transfer kan repot. Hehe.,,,,

  11. Nice post.
    As I know, credit card from Indonesia was banned for E-Commerce for a while.
    Personally, I prefer to do COD, no risk for buyer.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. @fany: jualan apa Fan?

    @septian: hm maybe karena website yg nyediain jasa on-line shopping ini masih dalam skala kecil, ga sebesar amazon ato eluxury, jadi agak susah lah kerja sama bareng bank utk nyediain payment by cc.

    @harrie: ah you're rite. That's one. Tapi blm tentu juga ya, utk beberapa int'l site kayak ebay emang di-reject.

    @huang: sorry I don't tolerate spammer. Use ad space for advertising properly.

  14. uda pernah mampir ke ngeborong?
    Ayo mampir ke
    Barang2nya keren2 kualitas ekspor semua..
    N paling penting harganya murah2..
    try it babe!!

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