Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Interesting Earrings Tidbits

Last Saturday my cousin Endame Girsang (aka Iben/Ade) and his wife, Lia, arrived in Jakarta from NYC after staying overnight in Narita Airport, Japan.

Do you still remember my previous post about my brother's new look? My cousin was quite shocked and yet asked Keisar whether he knew the meaning of his earring. And of course my brother said NO. Me neither. LOL. He simply follows the trends among his peers.

Later my cousin revealed about some interesting earrings tidbits on a guy (in the club) in US. Let me share you the review.

One bling stud earring on left ear.
By wearing this kinda style, you indicate yourself as a single/available guy at a party. You're just looking for one night stand instead of a long-term relationship. The bigger the bling, the HARDER party guy you are.

One bling stud earring on right ear
You are a homosexual as the man.

One hoop earring on right ear
You are a homosexual as the lady.

Two blings stud earrings on both ears.
You are a bisexual. You are attracted to both men and women but not in the same time.

Some women wub piercings men, and some others don't (including me!). I don't know exactly if it's true or not, but if you have a better explanation please do let me know ;)


  1. ew! that was like... one big ouch for each earrings.

  2. im not big in jewelry. men or women.
    but, i do agree with the 'unwritten rules' of earrings though. but it's getting blur more more... with all the unisex/androgyny culture.

  3. salam kenal, mbak Devi.
    serem bener tuh kuping :p
    btw, good luck with Miss Indonesia 2007!!

  4. Hik..sejarah awalnya emang seperti itu. tapi sekarang berkembang sebagai mode anak gaul.
    Sama seperti "jenggot" yang dulu menjadi simbol Alim Ulama, sekarang diskuai anak band.

  5. hi devi, how's life? whew the earrings are def kewl!

  6. Ouchh... it's pained me just to see that pic. I've heard about the earring on the right ear, but I don't know exactly the truth too..

  7. stud earing on da left ears sounds good....hauhauhuauhauhauhuahuahuauhauhauhuahuauhauhua

    pokoknya nanti pulang mao kek abang....bling bling...hauhauhuauhauha

  8. @santy: salam kenal juga. Thanks yah :)

    @harrie: hohoho, jenggot??

    @kristee: I'm good, and you?

    @andrew: YOU WON'T DARE! *grr*

  9. waduh.....ngeri ah....ngga deh....
    *salam kenal*

  10. Hahaha... Your posting just proved that many Indonesian never really care the meaning behind the western culture their "just eaten it alive"

    Btw sorry for my late visit...

  11. Semoga saja kita (kaum laki2) gak ikut2n pake anting2. Coz udah gak bnr tuh, nyalahin agama.

  12. buset.. itu kuping siapa jadi contoh dev?

  13. @joni: wah ga tau tuh :D Cuma ditunjukkin ama om Google hehehe.

  14. wuih klo Spedaman lebih suka cewe yg pake anting,,
    klo Spedaman suka co pake anting,berarti...

    *akhirnya blogcycling kesini juga*
    kring kring

  15. Seremm... bolong2 tuh kalo dilepas

  16. aneh dan serem dehh
    kebanyakan uang mungkin kalo ada yang sampai pake.. :)

  17. wuuih keren banget ! btw kalo kebanyakan anting juga bikin capek :)

  18. hm. i thought 'earrings as sexual orientation definer' isn't valid anymore.

    if it still is, then how do they explain the picture? hahahahaha!

  19. That looks so disgusting I can imagine that a man should like to have a girlfriend with many earrings.


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