Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Brother and His New Look

I think Keisar has been having identity crisis during his young-adulthood period. He once kept his hair long that he could have like 20 ponytails all over his head. And nowadays, he has hair shaved every week and his left ear pierced! Silly.

He tries to identify himself as a mature nigga with hip hop style star item: bling-bling! Luckily he doesn’t completely copy the style star to be a Snoop Dogg wannabe.

The only positive thing I can conclude from his physical transformation is his confidence to maximum! Even though IMHO, he's far away from gorgeous in that kinda style. The bald is fine, but not the piercing! Eyuh! Main problem is that; he has fair skin thus making his bling doesn't shine brightly like it appears on black. Yet as for his body... I admit he's tall and slim, but he doesn't take exercise regularly that he ends up (still) with flabby muscles, and not a sick-pack abs.

You should try harder, dude! *wink*

*Image: rotate clockwise to see his transformation.


  1. moga dengan penampilan baru si mas dan mbak devi bisa tambah saling menyayangi dgn sodara nya.

  2. i dont really care if a dude has piercings just as long as it isnt overkill. my boy has a pierced nipple and is lookin to pierce the other one as well. at the same time, im gonna get my nose pierced together with him. i wonder if i should get him to do a prince albert... ;)

  3. I kinda agree with your point that bling gear is less subdued when a fair-skinned person is doing it. Can black diamonds be a good idea? :D

    But then, according to your description, he's already halfway through getting a six-pack... he's got three: two on his chest and one on his tummy :p

  4. mba.. aku OOT loh. cuma mau bilang.. WUAHHHH INGRISnya JUAGOOOO banget.. gimana caranya mba? ajarin donk..

    heuheuheu.. lam lenal ya mba

  5. @last: Well it is nice if you want to pierce your nose together with your boyfriend. Being able to kiss each other all the time for one. But at the second thought... isn't that going to be a little bit weird? How are you going to eat with your nose stuck at your boyfriend's nose?

  6. hauhuahua LMAO.....ngakak gua baca ini ka...LOL...

    lo juga ada ada aja beginian pake di masukin ke blog....LOL

    tar kan kalo gua pulang juga bikin ear pierce...LOL...kalo gua kan

  7. @cempluk: ???

    @debbie: OMG, Prince Albert Piercing is horrible, Deb!

    @mukuge: LOL. Black diamonds are too good to be true. He loves his bling anyway. ;)

    @dhee: ah not really. Masih belajar juga kok :) Salam kenal juga.

    @adrian: boo!

    @anonymous: LOL

    @andrew: jgn ikut2an deh. Centil amat sih! You're still in high school, mate!

  8. Well, with few period of times ahead, surely he's set to make a change.. for better... :)

    Get the six-packs figure built.. or otherwise will have to stuck with---> Six-bags! :D

  9. nice lookin guys out there.

    Have a nice week dear!


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