Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To Deal with The Elderly

Somehow this topic came up in my mind few days ago. I've witnessed myself trapped in a very awkward situation with the elderly. The older they are, the more awkward it will be. Trust me.

Frankly, deep in my heart, I really want to be their chatting friends cos I know how it feels if everybody's busy with their own social life and no one cares about your existence.

The lifetime gap probably the main reason why we can't easily communicate to each other.

Grandma(s) & Grandpa(s)..
You won't have any idea how many times I really wish I can take them to hang out together with me. I did, couple of times. And the problems were things like... they can't afford to walk on foot all around the malls for hours. My grandpa dislike foods other than Indonesian food (e.g. sop buntut) so he didn't know what to eat when I took him to Sushi Tei or a western-food restaurant. My grandma is fussy about food too. Sigh.

I just want to let them to try another cuisine anyway.

Moreover, my grandma and I love window shopping, but what should I do with grandpa? I can't let him following us just like that and listen to 'are we going home yet' of his every 10 minutes. *confused*

When it comes to a conversation, our topics will be school progress, current affairs, or family & relatives latest updates. But sometimes when I have no things to talk about, I simply sit at the living room side-by-side to them and no chit-chat at all. That's weird.

Sometimes when they are not in the good mood, they can easily get mad without a cause. And if that happens, I will leave them right away. LOL.

Uncle(s) & Auntie(s)..
They (who's already 50 and over) have quite similar characters with the grandparents.
I have an uncle who always loves mocking and joking around. Surprisingly, he can even be very serious at the same time. He loves to share his knowledge about everything, which I think it's very impressing, in both explicit or implicit way.

Sometimes when my childish comes out, I can be very ignorant and bitchy to face their anger. *sorry, maybe we just had miscommunication*

Luckily I have not-too-old mommy thus we can share our wardrobes and bags
*giggling*. Since I don't have any sister, so yeah.. mom is the only option I have LOL. She is very picky and overprotective about my boyfriends. However, she's still the best and only mom I've ever had.

I'm just wondering what will happen when I turn 50 something..


  1. when u turn 50 sumthin...u'll be the strictest and very annoyin mum ever...hahahaha..

  2. Older people thinks they're the smartest of them all.

    Are we home yet?

    They think you must listen to them all the time because they have experiences.

    Are we home yet?

    They think their advices are so good they don't know what we're actually want.

    Are we home yet?

    They gives you advices and tries correct you even when you're doing the right thing.

    Are we home yet? Home?

    They think young people don't know shit.

    Are we fucking home yet?

    All they're doing are just advices, advices, advicues without even knowing what's actually happen.

    Are we home yet?

    I fucking hate the elderly. Well. Most of them anyway.

    Are we home yet?



  3. Well, I believe in one's intellectual activities. I know many seniors who are still active in the society without showing any "senior syndrome." They even look 10-20 years younger than their real age.

    Arianna Huffington, for instance she is 57 years old but looks like in her 40s. She is also much sharper than most people.

    I also know a good friend of mine who will be 94 years old this year and she is even sharper than me. She doesn't ramble randomly either and she drove her own car until she was 90 years old. She looks like in her 70s.

    I guess the more we use our brain and be active physically, our cells don't deteriorate that easily.

    Just my two cents.

    Jennie S. Bev

  4. hello,
    I remember 2 years ago when my grandma passed away. I was so sad that I couldn't do anything for her. Even I had no time to hug her like you. Hopefully, you can be her friend till her last day.

    Well, will u still be pretty in 50 ? LOL

  5. That is a lovely photo of you and your Grandma.
    You have a wonderful respect for your family.

  6. "Sop buntut" sounds like something i want to check out!!

    Kookie name to boot!

  7. itu nenek nya mbak ya???

  8. jadi kepengen sma lagi...

    hmm... i yearn for my high school moment...

  9. so nice of you for visiting ur grandma/pa..emang kadang ga nyambung ngomong sama orang2 tua...but, i believe, deep in their heart, your visit has been such a pleasure for them...kl ga ajak aja keliling2 kota naik mobil :), my grandpa used to be very happy to be treated like that..dia cuma duduk aja di mobil dan liat2 jalan ..dah seneng dia, drpd sumpek di rumah...

  10. sop buntut = chicken ass?

    they never ask :
    'hey, when r u getting married?'
    'who's the lucky guy?'

    no pressure huh? so cool!

  11. @andrew: LOL. Bad boy! *spank*

    @18'til i die: ah-ha, you remind me of advices! Well sometimes those are good one y'know.

    @jennie: Oic. Thanks for sharing, Jen ;)

    @septian: sorry to hear that. I'm SURE I'll be as PRETTY as I am now! LOL. Thanks for reminder :p

    @jenny: thanks Jen! I love them very much!

    @john: yeap, you should try one!

    @coky: yes.

    @bunyamin: how come?

    @fashionista: iya juga ya, hehehe.

    @merapuman: LOL. Nope, sop buntut consists of cows' tails made in a soup. I don't know exactly the English for it.

    As for get-married-soon pressure, I'm sure they already understand that school is my first priority. They asked me couple of times, but nothing much. :)

  12. Wow, it's good to know that you still have a chat w/ your grandma/grandpa...

    For me, it little bit hard to do especially when facing with their lack of hearing and small voice... The other thing is the topic they try to talk to... I dunno how to respond it except with nice smile and little nod...

  13. shit... imma be the bitter ol lady next door with like 30 cats.


  14. The picture describe everything about your passion and respect for your family. Hmm.. it's quite hard for me to talk and interact with them sometime.

    Sop buntut = tail soup *grin*

  15. TAIL soup???? YUCKY!!! oh YUCKY!!! I'd rather have a BUTT soup!!!!111!!1!!

  16. u are very pretty devy, i hope u'll be evergreen until u reach 50 or more than.. like widyawati or titiek puspa. ;)

  17. wuih foto neneknya Devi yang kiri dan kanan cantik ya ;)

  18. @avante: that's okay, they don't force you anyway. Yeah I'm glad to know that my grandparents are healthy and very communicative ;)

    @debbie: LOL. I hate cats. I'd better have a golden retriever at home :p

    @dee: thanks, but I'm not really sure about 'tail soup' LOL.

    @anonymous: rfol

    @joni: thank you very much, Om :D Hopefully.

    @spedaman: hahaha, yg kiri bukan nenek2 atuh Dhan :p thanks anyway.

  19. Oh, I know what you mean. Taking the family out can be very difficult, especially when trying to please everyone.

  20. I bet when we reach the half-century mark, our kids/grandkids would be throwing at us an odd look whenever we jump into the car to go to a shopping mall... with this why-don't-you-just-buy-it-online look in their face.

    Gee, the horrors of shopping in 30 years' time.

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  23. What will happen when you turn fifty? Gosh, I'm only seven years away from that milestone. I'd like to say that the younger generation should look out for and take care of their elders, yet, I'm not sure how genuine this statement is when I'm stuck in between.

  24. I accompanied my grandma to her hospital visit, and she was totally overjoyed with it. That might be a good trick to try out with your grandparents? They'll certainly appreciate your driving abilities too :)

  25. O yea they are really appreciate my driving skills all right. I remember when my own folks are hanging on the door handle for their dear life whenever I drive. And then they gave me that weird looks when they finally get off the car.

    Ahh. Good times!

  26. it's tough for me to see tears and sad-face on the elderly up to 70 years old. your picture with your granny look so wonderful!

  27. lucky you with those beloved people are still around... it's all about living in different inner world, where young people couldn't dig deep enough to understand the past, and old people couldn't cope with current affairs and future directions of life. salam.

  28. sad to see that they are not very open minded. I like to try other cultures food. It makes me travel without leaving my hometown. I hope you will break the family trend and keep your mind open to other cultures.

    Have a nice day.


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