Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Fine Day

I'm happy today... yet feel so overloaded. Buffet is probably not my kinda cuisine. ~It always screws my diet! LOL~. But well, I was invited to join a birthday celebration lunch of Sabine (Jan 31), Oce (Jan 9), and Abas (March 24) at The Buffet. I had a good time, thanks guys! Love y'all. *hugs*

The Buffet
Citraland, 4th floor
Jl. Arteri S. Parman, Grogol
Jakarta 11470
Phone: 021-5606558

Rate: IDR 66,600++ (adult), IDR 45,000++ (student) ~exclude beverages

Comments: The Buffet provides more than 300 menus consist of appetizers, main course, desserts, and beverages. First impression when I came to the front desk; clean, cool, and cozy. I can say, it's one-level-lower-class buffet of those luxurious buffet restaurants at five-star hotels. I love its kebab, dim sum, ice cream and chocolate fountain! *wink* Note that not all of the food served hot, that's why some of them tasted sour and chewy. As for drinks, all of us took free flow drinks (coca cola, fanta, ice tea, or water) by glass for IDR 15,000 each. I think it's worth to try.


  1. so. yang ngambil gambar itu... yang pake jilbab di latar belakang? :P

  2. Sluurrpp.... so hungry here :P

  3. why don't you try the traditional food. I miss the so much. Can you send ? LOL

  4. im vegetarian. i guess that automatically rules out 70% of the choices available there.

  5. @septian: maybe next time ;)

    @debbie: ah you've gotta be kidding me!

  6. Dev,

    I sent an email to you but it did not get through. I just read your last article the inconvenient truth.
    Keep your head up great girl!!
    Eh, can we exchange link? Could you teach me?? I am totally blind about html.

    David Herlambang

  7. Ah I didn't get any of your e-mail.

    Oh sure, let's do the exchange. I'll write you an e-mail ok! ;)

  8. i miss cL...
    the place where i used to ditch school to..

  9. remind me of good old days jaman kuliah di untar dulu.....=))

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