Sunday, March 18, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

"You cannot choose your destiny. The destiny choose you." --Heroes TV Show

This is not another movie review of Al-Gore's documentary film. I can guarantee you that.

This is about me, and my life. Frankly I'm not really comfortable to convey what actually happened in my life at the moment. But this is what my weblog is all about, isn't it?! I realize that I'm not a celebrity or any other famous person in the world, but hopefully this
weblog will be my own on-line biography which I can always re-read in the future.

Back to the topic, well yeah, my nuclear family has a financial difficulty at the moment. It's really sad, it is. I can't provide you the detail information about what, why, and how. All can tell you is what I feel nowadays.

I didn't live in wealthiness in the past, FYI, however I thank God I've been having enough food up till now, go to uni by driving a car, and type a new blog posting on a good computer equipped with fast internet connection.

Human can never get enough, don't you agree?

Life is like a wheel, there are ups and downs. And sadly my life wheel is falling down. I'm not sure when it will roll up again, thus it makes me very insecure. I've never been so depressed until now. Sometimes I blame myself for choosing a long-time-to-go-and-require-a-lot-of-money major at the uni. What a stupid decision. I could've choose any other major which less expensive and less length of study so that I could seek for a job earlier.

It's TOO late. I really don't know what will happen tomorrow. I'm scared to death if someday I have to face that I'll need to leave my med-school due to financial problems. What am I gonna do if that day comes? I cannot think any of it no more.

Mom told me not to tell Andrew about this matter so that he doesn't have to think about it and distract his study. I'm sorry mom (if he happens to read this). And for you, my bro, spirit is meant to be kept alive! I'm sure there's a way, even though I don't know what it is at the moment.

my rings memoriesOn this semester, I ought to buy some expensive textbooks. Since I don't want to give more pressure to my mom, regrettably I need to sell my gold ring (on the left side) given by relatives. *This picture is not intended to show off, it's merely to keep the memories alive* On the right side, it's a diamond ring given from my uncle recently. Hopefully I don't have to sell it too.

I've closed down my credit cards to prevent me from accidental shopping. I want to earn some money, but what can I do? Any suggestion? Part-time working is not available due to my schedule. I try to make some writings to be sent.

I'm getting used to take public transportation, so that when my car is about to sale, I don't have to mess my mom to drive me school.

That's what I called an inconvenient truth of my life.


  1. I hope things work out for you in the end! What a shame you have to sell your ring, they are both beautiful.

  2. hey dude, just as long as you have your family in good health you guys will figure a way to get back up and running again. u just need to be gutsy and stick in there, keep plugging away. if things get too tough for college, take a holiday semester or three and work a bit then go back to it.

    just keep calm and strong.

  3. there are a lot of ways in making money from blgging, why dont you try them. I'm doing it also.

  4. So you want to make more money? I'll buy your soul for a bucks. Interested?

  5. how about if i buy your dodol soul for 50 cents??? well since ur dodol anyway i dont give a damn i give u 1k for ur soul.... hows that sound ?
    re dodol: next time you want to post comment think first man... shame on you dodol, well ur dodol anyway...

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  7. i'm so sorry to hear this sad news. i hope everything will go Ok with you and you can be strong to face this condition. in the meantime, i agree with some of opinions here: why don't you sign up with google adsense. another idea: become a fiction editor.

    be strong, girl.

  8. At March 19, 2007 4:28 PM, dodol

    So you want to make more money? I'll buy your soul for a bucks. Interested?

    Wong Ndeso kek begitu tuh...ngga di filter dolo kalo ngomong....

    btw tegar ya....

  9. It's not destiny, it's a problem that your family have to solved. Just hang in there Dev. My family has a financial problem too since two years ago, but it's going better now, so I hope that you will overcome it. I will tell you if I know some works with writing. Anyway, I like your spirit. Just keep hang in there.

  10. Hang in there and stay positive. Good things will eventually happen to you. I think you are a great person and you will be back on your feet again sometime soon. Don't sell your soul to other people! Your soul is the most beautiful and precious thing you have.

    Like someone said in comments there are some good and easy ways to earn some money with your blog. You are already blogging anyway. I suggest you read some useful blogs on the subject.

    For example:

    Take care Devi.

  11. Thanks guys! *hugs*

    Sorry can't reply you personally, but just to let you know I'm GOOD. I will survive, no matter what.

    As for google adsense or payperpost thingie, I'm sorry I don't think I'm getting a clue here. I don't have any paypal account and I don't think I will have one in the future, since it's kinda difficult to claim them here in Indonesia. Simply clueless! :(

  12. bersyukur....

    mau titip buku dari NUS medical faculty ?

  13. @septian: is it possible? Lagi butuh Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine nih.. disini harganya sekitar 600rb-an. Disana lebih murah ga ya? Tengkyu... :)

  14. Aawwwww, i'm really sorry to hear that, sweetie. Be strong.

    As for the textbooks, can't you get them from library, and keep renewing them? (okay, I honestly don't know bout libraries in Indonesia, bt I know they're pretty crap).

    NUS price is cheaper than UK/US price, but it's still quite dear.

    SERIOUSLY, you need Harrisons? Cos isn't it a postgrad textbook, it comes in 2 volumes.... was it recommended by ur lecturer (my @$$!!!).

    Something I can help you with... since I'm going home this April, I can borrow some lib books from here, and you can photocopy them, hows that? I know it's illegal but hush!###

  15. @adeline: atm I just need 2 books; Harrison's and Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. Yeap those two are my lecturers' recommendation. Sigh.

    I've made a copy of Nelson for IDR 250k (hard cover), and yeah maybe I'll do the same for Harrison ;)

    As for ObsGyn, my lecturer has his own published textbook! LOL. And Neurology.. Thank God there are two genius Indonesian Neurology professors making a great affordable textbook for IDR 60k!

  16. Yang tabah ya sayang...may be it's just for a moment be strong, count your other blessing (i know speaking is much easier than doing)..GBU ya!sorry ga bantu banyak..kl ngeles2in anak sma ga mungkin ya?

  17. i'm sorry to hear about that dev, i know it's tough, (if i could help you). hope things will work out well again, hang on, it shall pass, my granny said to me: "if you could survive in the past, you could survive today too". stay strong dear!
    i have heard about to get payment for your writings but i haven't tried it yet. good luck!

  18. I am really sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything is going to be fine (i know it is not but hopefully it will get better).

    As for the book, i always borrow one from the library and photocopy them :)

  19. aw.. that really sucks major donkeyballs. sorry to hear that dev. hang in there !

  20. i'm really sorry hearing about that, this is honest posting, nice..
    be strong ya? :D

    itu siapa wong ndeso, keknya salah satu fans devi ya? ;)

  21. hmm.. jangan lupa tetep ingat juga Yang Di Atas. Gak mgkn kita dikasi cobaan diluar batas kemampuan kita..

    "I try to make some writings to be sent."
    ini jalan yg lumayan dev, setidaknya aku belakangan jg melakukannya, artikel2 kecil di media daerahku, tp bisa dpt income lumayan buat tambahan, asal produktif. dan tentu harus ada networking. media susah ditembus tanpa networking..
    kalo gak salah kamu pernah nulis juga kan di media? lanjutin aja.

  22. Ah. Financial crisis... join the club. So many to buy, so little to spend. Tsk.

  23. Hey,

    How are you? Don't worry mate I know you can handle this situation and of course you are not alone. How's everything now? You are a great girl!! Keep you head up!


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