Tuesday, February 06, 2007

True Love

There are a hundred paths through the world that are easier than loving. But, who wants easier?" -- Mary Oliver

Currently I really admire her quote above. She's got a point, hasn't she? Loving can be such easy and exciting, but sometimes it can be really painful and complicated.

Yesterday I had a short conversation with Edwin, my old crush in high school. I told him about the break-up, and so on, and somehow he came up with an awkward question (well, at least, it was really awkward to me); have you ever been deeply in love? I mean, loving someone to death?

I was keep in silence for minutes. I had to think.

But then I said...

Me: so far I don't think so. Less love, less hurt; when it ends up in a break-up. I need a precaution for that.
Him: ah don't be like that. If I may say, you must not limit your love. Let it all out, so that hopefully you will find your true love. At least, you can feel it in your heart.
Me: *stunned and questioning how he could be so wise* ... but I can't. I'm scared. I'm not keen to be desperate. Hell no.
Him: Everything that has a beginning, has an end. Break-up is one of common risks in dating. Why bother? ... and it takes two to tango. I mean, it takes two people to get into relationship. If you're afraid, that's ok, it's normal as a human being... but don't let it keeps you away from loving someone with all your heart, don't you think?
Me: ...
Him: loving sometimes needs a sacrifice, babe. Love is love, and hurt is hurt. Just let it go. You will learn something from it, I'm sure.

Well, like they said, it's not gonna be easy. Who wants easier anyway?

(Picture is a movie scene of "On Golden Pond" taken from IMDB)


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  2. "Chocolates are meant to be bittersweet. If chocolates were to be plain sweet, soon enough people would forget how to differentiate sweetness and bitterness, and would not be able to believe that chocolates were simply sweet. They would believe the chocolate was not sweet, and simply lost the sense that the chocolate was actually sweet."

    I'm not into the idea of throwing your whole heart into the sea of dating... but the more you put into a relationship, the better it becomes when something comes out of it.

    We all stumble and fall over. The main point is to get up and get moving. Life is a journey ^^

  3. If you want something in your life, you must take the risk in the process. To love is to take the risk to receive the love back or to be heartbroken. That's my theory anyway.

    I'm agree with mukuge. So don't give up and love will come to you :)

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  5. gw pernah dikasih wejangan : "..cinta akan datang saat kita siap.."

  6. oh god. if one is to limit themselves from loving another more than life itself, then whats the point of even living ?

    i think i said that mainly because im deeply in love with someone right now. talk to me again when hes dumped my ass or vice versa.

    sure you'll get hurt. the greater the lover, the more you'll hurt. but your bound to get hurt anyway. might as well love to the fullest.

  7. @mukuge: nice quote.

    @dee: thanks :)

    @dodol: LOL!

    @epat: yeah. Perhaps you're right. I'll just have to be more patient ;)

    @debbie: that's okay, Deb. Enjoy your sweet love.

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  9. setubuh sama mukuge (maksudnya setuju:D)
    tapi spedaman ga pernah 100% cinta keseseorang

    more excercise?
    naik sepeda aja yuk,,!
    kan anti mogok:P

  10. thanks, devi...i've kept my word!

  11. My favorite quotes when it comes to relationship:

    "Never make someone your everything because once they're gone you'll have nothing"

    hehe +P

  12. @bhalla: yup, no worries.

    @dhani: LOL. Dasar! Teutepp aja!

    @jenny: thanks Jen.

    @melissa: nice quote, Mel. Thanks for sharing.

  13. gw suka quotenyaaa.. dpt drmn dev?

  14. @karin: why, the Internet of course!!!

    lol XoXoX

  15. LOL. I got it from Oprah.com, Kar ;)

  16. i've always reckoned that love and loss are two sides of the same coin ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

    nice blog btw!

  17. just say hello aja, apakabarnya devi? :)

  18. @johnorford: thanks.

    @joni: baik-baik aja :) Om Joni kabarnya gimana?

  19. I think I have seen the movie
    good day


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