Saturday, February 03, 2007

Single and Fabulous

"Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying." --Nikki Giovanni

Being single and got no plan for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry be happy, darling, cos I’m with you. *blink*

Don’t be a single and miserable. Be single and fabulous!

Below are 10 reasons why you must proud to be single;

#1. Saving phone bills
The best thing you can acknowledge first is your phone bills; a great depression, since there will be no more stupid ridiculous 10 times a day of “hi babe, what are you doin’?” phone call and hundreds short messages sent per week of “love you hun.” Now you are completely safe from searching and writing another commercial ads love poem through your mobile. How fantastic!

#2. Saving money
You must absolutely very happy for this, especially if your ex is a fanatic of separate-bill-ism. Even though you’re not a gold digger, you’d better ain’t mess with broke nigga, LOL.

#3. Free of Mind
No more worries and jealousy. You can stop questioning why your lover was acting so weird, didn’t reply your message, or gave you a ring. Thank God you’re single!

#4. Spread some love, baby!
Love isn’t dedicated to couples only. Spread some love to your parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, relatives, or even strangers! Let the love leads you to an uncategorized world of happiness. Say YEAH!!!

#5. Get a new look!
Getting bored with your current look? Get a new one, with no doubt. If ionic re-bounding is so yesterday, get a sassy digital wave. If black is no longer your favorite color, let’s turn it into brunette or golden light brown with some platinum highlights. Having more money to splurge? MANGO, ZARA, GUESS, Nine West, or Roberto Cavalli will provide you enormous choices. Why should stick with Giordano?

#6. Hanging out with posse
Spending quality times with friends probably easier when you’re single than committed. You know for sure, dating was everything that time. But now, you’re back to market! Never missed updates on gossips and infos about current trends and good looking guys around, or you’ll be sorry like hell.

#7. You, Yourself, and Your Dreams
Jot down your priorities into a list. Check and find out what you were missing. Maximize your potentials and efforts to reach your dreams cos nothing else matters!

#8. Breaking the Habit
Lovers’ routines; going out on weekends (mall-to-mall, how boring!), watching movies at cinema (no matter how bad the movies get rated), and having double or triple meal time and screwing your diets. It’s the right time to break the habit on weekends; clubbing, doing some sports, or sleeping! Ah-ha.

#9. No more drama!
Based on my observation as well as my personal experience, relationship is all about drama. It has a leading actor and actress. You throw your prettiest smile as if you were happy with your partner; when in fact, your partner often embarrassed you in front of public with his/her bad sense about fashion, bad manners, or even worse, always bullshitting. Can you imagine how many episodes you could take longer?

#10. Say What You Want!
Stop crying and blaming yourself for being single! Head up high and tell the world you’re proud to be single for so many reasons above. Don’t you think that’s enough? *grin*

Polling: type SIGN IN if you’re with me, or SIGN OUT if you’re happy with your lovers and need another love posting for couples. (Polling ends on February 21, 2007)


  1. SIGN IN!!!!

    thank GOd she finally realised those bloody things.....*sigh*

    Lets clubbing again when i come back...heuheuheuhehueu

    nice post btw....ciauwwwwww

  2. in

    i told u i'm not looking for a relationship atm, bt the occasional snuggle is nice ;)

  3. in for #3,6,7,8 only

    bole dunkz sbagian doank keke..

  4. im with u girll.. sign in!
    u're back with ur "young single talented".. haha.. still love that slogan..

    n add one more thing.. u're free to spend xmas eve, new year eve, val's day eve or any eves for a girls' nite.. hahaha..

    start to plan our girls' nite.. gossip all nite long.. hahaha.. ntr klo pas libur girls' nite nya ga boleh gagal lagii..

  5. SIGN IN! :))

    (although I wouldn't mind to have rows of husband-material potentials lining up for me... hee hee heee.)

  6. Gak bisa netral yah??
    masalahnya yah gua gak single tapi bisa tetap menikmati semua point diatas, huaahahahaha :D
    tapi kayaknya sign out deh, coz, menurut gua, kehidupan dan kebebasan berekspresi dalam hidup ga ditentukan dari status, single ato double, ato triple :D

  7. waw.... that's me
    single makes perfect

    even though sometimes this world is so quiet without your warmth

  8. sign in.... halah, gak penting...kekeke

    jodoh sudah ada yang menentukan katanya,jadi sebelum jodoh ditentukan mari kita sempatkan bercinta dengan sebanyak-banyaknya wanita ;))

  9. since breakup is so hard, I don't want to do that. So all I'm doing to avoid that is collecting husband. It works! I'm telling you, you should try it!! really!!!@!!dx

  10. I'm IN!
    but OUT for being single and decayed

  11. usual..devi always shows that she's a very tough girl...=p hm...your blog is fantastic and hope that it can usefull for every "single" to realize that broke up is not the end of the world...but the beginning of a new life...=p

  12. hehehe... u should have excuse for being single is better..

    but for a couple person, they also have a good reason for that..

    so, I'm neutral. :)

  13. Single is lonely and lonely is bore

  14. uhh, seriously its time you get yourself a damn toy. you know, to last you durin a "drought"

    but whatever...

  15. dah pernah ngerasain enaknya *bermain ganda* mbak??

    nenek moyang manusia aja mana kuat
    *bermain single* di sorga. walaupun tempatnya dah perfect banget.


  16. SIGN IN

    Coz I'm a single too :p

  17. Current result:

    IN: 8 // OUT: 1

    @epat: yeah and get some HIV-AIDS too. Good luck :p

    @joni: I'm not saying single is better than taken, this post merely to encourage desperates singles out there.

    @debbie: LOL

    @daus: you mean "conjugational act" or marriage? Nope. Maybe someday in future. Thanks for sharing anyway.

  18. great post and encouraging.. :)
    btw, yg baru wisuda itu temen jalan kaki kmarin, bukan gw.. :D

  19. SIGN IN!!!!!

    of course SIGN IN!!!

    Long life single life *he3*

  20. sign in!
    walaupun dah double:p

    tapi jujur aja enakkan single,, tiap wiken bisa bebas main sepeda kemana aja sampe nginep juga gapapa.
    dan malem minggunya ganti2 "temen" jalan deh:D

  21. sign out, i want to have a girl friend and I can do all the ten above. (?)

  22. gak ada pilihan fifty-fifty ya? atau milih poin tertentu saja? :p

    sign in deh.
    kalo lagi single memang harus berpikir positif aja, melalui poin2 di atas contohnya.
    Gak perlu takut kalo kita 'sendirian'.

  23. Geets:

    Sweetie thats such a nice post.

    Makes me feel 10,000 times better abt being single.

    Just came across your blog form

    Salam kenal

  24. AWESOME article! I totally agree-being single is actually fun! XD And YES you get to save lots of money, time etc etc!

    Would you read my article about marriage? :D It would be an honor to have your comment.


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