Thursday, February 01, 2007

Reality Bites

Early this month begins with raining hard causing heavy flood in almost every part of Jakarta and suburbs nearby. I believe you’ve already watched it on TV or alternatively at CNN or BBC website, thus I won’t report any progress. Well, there is none, anyway.

My house and surroundings fortunately are safe from flood disaster. However, the electricity was blackout for several days, as well as my internet connection. Gah. And in addition to that, something wrong happened with my blogger administrator; error called bX-vjhbsj. After searching through blogger forum to post and get an answer upon the error, I’ve just realized that not just me, but also everyone has the same problem. Tsk-tsk-tsk. Hopefully the admin will solve this immediately.

I was about posting all-about-love theme for this month archives, since Valentine’s Day is coming to town… until someone came up with the break-up declaration.

February 1, 2007. 5:56 PM.

I was contemplating my life; all these days, all these one-and-a-half-year so-called unworthy relationship.

I was angry… and hurt.

But finally made up my verdict.

I’m single. And not looking. I will study more. Eat less. Exercise more.

Life goes on, babyyyy!!!!


  1. bX-vjhbsj?? I seems to remember that code.... OH NO!!! the aliens are coming! the aliens are coming!!! they're going to eat us aliveeeeeee!!!!!

  2. oh jeez, that sucks dude - don't forget eating copious amounts of icecream.

  3. @johnorford: yeap that was really sucks. Hm I'm not very keen of ice cream, so I prefer milk chocolate and cheese cake as my guilty pleasure ;)


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