Monday, February 19, 2007

Mini Apparels from 49th Annual Grammy Awards

(Special thanks to Danu who helped me getting the images.)

The 49th Annual Grammy Awards has pronounced complete lists of the winners from every category, and I was not really happy with the results. Frankly I was hoping James Blunt to win at least one out of five nominees he got, but too bad he didn't.

I don't give a damn to the winners (but congratulations to all of them, anyway) and let's just talk about fashion.

I think dresscodes for the show was mini apparels and bling-bling! The nominees for best dress (on my own version) are Scarlett Johansson, Shakira, Hillary Duff, and Beyonce (love her bling-bling!). And the winner goes to...

Scarlett Johansson. Simple sackdress with attached beads and open-toe high heels. I forget about her designer, but well. Nice shape.

And for the rest, here's my short comments;

Shakira. Red silk tube top long dress from Carolina Herrera. Simply gorgeous (on the red carpet). Forget about her stage wardrobe. She doesn't need a hair stylist, does she?

Hillary Duff. Mini dress is good for her. Don't really like the shoes, however. She could get another fancier than that.

Beyonce Knowles. Cute dress. Too bad she has fugly wave for her hair.

Rihanna. Love her hair style! The like a fall curtain. I like her unique bracelet anyway..

Fergie. The dress is pretty, but I don't think it suits her. But well, she has a high confidence for that. Bravo! But.. Ouch.. her earrings are too much! Don't you think it's quite heavy?

I think that's all for Grammy's fashion. I do have some other pics of Mandy Moore, Ciara, Christina Ricci, and Maria Menounos. But I guess I shall leave them for you to give comments. I'm not fashion expert anyway, it's just for fun. Maybe we must wait for the Oscar's fashion next week. *wink*


  1. Eh, I didn't know if you're also a good fashion analyst. ;) :)

  2. hohoho mini apparels..
    Skrg di Indo kalo pas acara2 kayak gitu artisnya jg banyak yg pake mini apparels.. karena beda budaya ya jadinya kadang malah digunjingkan sana sini..

    wah seneng mengamati yah, kenapa gak jadi desainernya sekalian? *wink*

  3. he..he... minis huh? nice. btw, just answering your question. my wife is around. it is just me. i'm involve in a SAP project and will be away to my company's HQ in Prai. that's about 400KM away. i only come back on weekends. that's why.

  4. You should be fashion designer then. For Shakira, I can hardly imagine Shakira with rebonding hair *grin*

  5. Mini Apparels, itu maksudnya apa sih? Apa yang roknya di atas lutut atau yang terlihat belahan dadanya, atau yang modelnya simple ? Menurut ku Shakira, paling OK, tetap menonjol walau lagi di Red Carpet.

  6. @indra: na-ah. I'm just an observer ;)

    @fany: hahaha. Kapan2 deh Fan.

    @merapu: oic.

    @dee: dunno. I just love shopping and critizing anyway LOL.

    @seeharrie: apparels = clothing, outwear. Mini apparels = pakaian yg mini2.

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  8. your taste is good for fashion. hey, doesn't Fergie look fatter that way?

  9. @frank: you've been linked too.

    @kristee: hell yeah!

  10. Shut up! Rosie O'Donnell is still fatter than me! Wahhhh!!

    *runs out with tears on face*

  11. keren banget tuh jadi desainer aja lagi ....tapi gak papa la namanya juga blajar makin lama makin jago dong

  12. Robyn troup koq ga di masukin ??? LOL... pemenang my grammy moment tuh...LOL

    cakep lohhhhhhhhhh.........;p

  13. i honestly have nothin to say about this. and i know its coz i really dont care about fashion.

    although i must say a lot of the girls here in jakarta are really fashion concious. like some girl my boyfriend knows. bah.

  14. my poor english :( i cannot write any comment.


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