Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to Make a Man Understands

This is man's manual. And for women, read it closely.

I just can't understand why man could be so stupid and clueless when it comes to dating life. In my case, the last one I still remember, it was apparently happened to my ex-boyfriend.

As I've told you before, he was the one who called for the break-up without trying to meet me in person at the first place. But yet, guess what, he blamed me because I once had refused to meet him first. The rest is off the record.

What I'm trying to point out here is, that he didn't put many efforts so hard in order to meet me. I know he could've tried harder... but he didn't. All he did was only waiting for my positive response to affirm his meeting invitation. Gah.

I mean, oh my, he could just dropped in to my house, brought some roses or chocolates or perhaps one of Hallmark's apology greeting cards, and said hello. No matter how mad I was to you that time, my heart will definitely melt if you do so. If only.

Maybe for you, MEN, it's me who was so fool and ridiculous for not telling him the truth. But for me, YOU should've known what your girl wants!

Ok, I admit I was wrong. I was expecting TOO MUCH.

After reading guy guide section: danny's dating life on FEMALE magazine and having conversations with some boyfriends, I finally get a clue.

Men often forget about dates (birthday, anniversary, etc), but they are very welcome with friendly reminders from their women. They aren't proud of it, but they admit it is one of their characteristics.

Men don't like to be lectured or blamed of something they don't know. If something wrong happens, talk to them IMMEDIATELY. Don't just keep in silent and expect them to understand and realize it themselves cos they won't. Trust me.

Men can't fully focus if they are busy at one thing. So if you want to make a promise, ask him whether he is busy or not. Otherwise, you may get hurt if he forgets what he has promised before.

And finally, never use body language to express what you want, use verbal one. Most of men are difficult to understand body language. That's why raving is better than keeping silent.

After all, the conclusion is simply communication. Always try to be opened to your couple and don't forget to learn from mistakes. Remember, great lover are not born but made.

Any objection, gentlemen??

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  1. You know body language can be done but works only sometimes. If men can't understand it, it's not their fault. Its kinda sexy to use body language sometimes.

    Lecture are boring so... simple words are always preferred.

    Don't expect anything for every single things and... oh shit. I forgot my date with Scarlett Johansson! gtg bye!

  2. i just think women expect too much. :P

    even my sis complains about her girl friends getting stroppy for any number of unknown reasons...

    are we supposed to be psychic or somethin'???????????

  3. Great lover are not born... but born???? Well I'll be damn. So great lovers are sculpture and not human?? Fuck. This world is such a bummer. Sigh.

    But anyway, I'll take my chances with all the psychos and ho's around this world... ooooh is on sale!

  4. body language emang kadang ga dimengerti pria,,,
    mungkin klo gw sendiri lebih enak klo pasangan kita ngomong langsung jika ada masalah.

    kok jadi serius yak?:P
    yg penting setuju sama kesimpulan lo Dev:D
    *naik sepeda lagi ah...*

  5. Shit I typed the wrong thing. It should've said great lover are not born but made. Drats. Oh well. Back to realldolls!

  6. I guess he intended to break you up. So he just provided a lame reason for that.

    I'm agree with you anyway. But women have to learn about understanding men too. The key point in a relationship is a good communication.

    Hopes I'm not that kind of guy :p

  7. waah.. nggak ngerti bahasa inggris nih. apalagi bahasa tubuh.
    yang saya tau, kalo garuk2 kepala tandanya rambutnya ketombean atau lagi grogi atau lagi salting. :D

    tapi, kembali ke kodratnya wanita aja mbak. hawa kan diciptakan untuk melengkapi dan menemani si adam. kalo pertama kali sebelum ada hawa adam dah mengerti soal wanita, waduh.. bakalan ga asik lagi tuh yang namanya relationship..

    gitu kaleeee... :D

  8. I can totally relate to this today!!

  9. Hey it is David from MarketingFirst. I like your blog. Great job. Yes Ellen is my girlfriend. How do you know about everything?
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  10. @d: have a nice dating.

    @john: LOL. Hey I suggest you should try to think how to treat a lady nicely :p

    @anonymous: LOL. Read it first before publish your comment dude!

    @spedaman: ok deh!

    @dee: hopefully. ;)

    @daus: loh loh loh.. Kok jadi bawa2 Adam & Hawa? LOL.

    @ashley: :)

    @david: LOL. What a small world! What do you mean I know about everything? It's just a coincidence. Ellen is my senior. Write together? That's a great idea. And you're gonna tell me how to do it? ;)

  11. as you'll grow older, you'll realize someday that it's not the trivial stuff in life that holds importance. but rather, the big picture does.

    as they say, dont sweat the small stuff.

  12. I've judged people too easily in my previous comment on this post, because I don't know him too. It has been a lesson for me to think carefully first before post something like this. I'm really sorry Dev. You can delete my first comment anyway.

  13. ah....kok cowok dipojokin sih....
    kalo ikut flow aja gimana sih, terlalu banyak teori, hahaha...
    apa mungkin aku yang belum pernah pacaran ya

  14. i guess they are just not too sensitive, frankly words speak louder than body language. it works well with some of my male friends anyway.

  15. i agree with you although not totally. yes we do understand body language but just that we prefer to ignore it. it simple, whatever u want/expect/need just tell it out loud and most of the time, u will get it.

  16. @debbie: hm probably I will, someday,.. *wink* Thanks for your advice anyway. :)

    @dee: that's okay, Dee. No worries. Everybody has their own opinion. Glad to know you've learnt something ;)

    @septian: LOL. But the theories are true, right? You should start dating, mate!

    @kristee: yeah, think so.

    @merapuman: oic. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Semua co emang buaya, tukang kibul semua kagak ada yang bisa dipercaya.
    makanya gw cari cewek...hehehe

  18. Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot ;)

  19. you are right devy.. setuju!

    apa2 yang disebutkan itu semua masuk akal dan pas untuk saya, karena terkadang kami (pria) tidak terlalu memusingkan tanggal2 bersejarah malahan sering lupa, dan juga mengenai bahasa tubuh, pria memang kurang bisa menangkap sinyal2nya, ini sering terjadi sama istri saya, kalo sedang marah dia diem seharian, gak ngomong, gak negor.. padahal gak tahu apa salah saya? jadi mending kepada para wanita agar blak2an aja, bicara to the point apa yang diminta, itu lebih masuk untuk pria. (ini menurut saya ya)

  20. Hahaha you got me right, Dev!

    I don't like to remember all those thing like relationship date, broke-up date or other crappy date but I do remember my Girlfriend and my heart crush Birthday... till now!

    Men are lousy in understanding Body Language... but you should admit the're good especially on so called sexually "body language" Hahaha!

    Don't blame men coz their unperfect ;)

  21. @epat: ok de..

    @ashley: your welcome :)

    @joni: hihihi.. Semoga istrinya baca komen si Om deh disini ;)

    @avante: of course not! Men are stupid sometimes, but women love it anyway :p LOL

  22. I agree that man often forgets dates. That's why yahoo calendar is a life safer for me :)

  23. So, all 'man' has to do to you.. just melt your heart.. then, problems all gone.. he,he,

  24. dear devi,

    thanks sebelumnya udah ngasih kommennya di blog saya. memang saya jarang nulis (bukan tidak pernah). sesuai dengan tema blog saya, yaitu cara lain untuk mendapatkan artikel, berita de el el...maka dalam postingan saya informasi yang terdapat di dalam nya saya sadur dari beberapa website yang terbaru atau uptodate atau menurut saya layak untuk saya tampilkan di postingan saya. tidak lupa juga saya berikan link dari berita yang saya sadur tersebut. jadi blog bukan hanya berisi tentang tulisan kita, akan tetapi artikel2 yang menarik yang bersifat informasi juga layak untuk di posting, tentunya dengan mencantumkan sumber berita tersebu. Mungkin bisa dikatakan blog saya memuat tentang informasi-informasi saja. :-)

    Ok devi, demikian penjelasan saya ***halah*** :) semoga bisa dimengerti. and keep blogging


  25. @barry: LOL. Good for you ;)

    @rara: yeah. Every man can be Casanova with a little help from Hallmark's, Hershey's, Tiffany's, or Chanel! LOL :p

    @azwar: oh ok deh.

  26. pretty good, except for the body language part. i kinda like the whole body language bit, sometimes girls talk too much, so body language is good.

  27. a. Men often forget about dates.
    Except any dates about the one he loves. He would never forget your birthday, Valentine's day and other important dates for you.

    b.Men don't like to be lectured or blamed of something they don't know.
    Afterall, you won't give him a lecture or blame it on him if you truly in love with him.

    c.Men can't fully focus if they are busy at one thing.
    He will not care for anything else when you are right beside him since love is in the air . . . (yang lain ngontrak bo'). And I promise you, he will keep his promise as if he talk to God Himself . . .

    d.never use body language to express what you want, use verbal one.
    Simply put, we just know when somebody is in love with you. No need to say anything . . . just look into her eyes and see the happiness shining through her lovely face . . .

    So Devi, at times you found out that female mag article is right; you'll realize that he don't love you anymore . . .

  28. well...this article is exactly what my girlfriend need to read hehe...She is angry now :(...And one of those point I "think" cause it,i don't know what exactly made her angry, because she never told me...Btw Nice article :) May I copy it to my blog with your link?Thanks b4

  29. I think that everybody understand body language but we do that unconsciously, the same as we use body language... But I agree that sometimes we use for example our eye body language and expect that boys will understand all our signs:) We need to be natural, and in that case you need no manuals, cause you can naturally feel your partner.


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