Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Twenty, Flirty, Thriving

Just getting bored with my casual look, I have my hair cut done on the last day of my trip to Medan. Moreover, I have dyed it into brunette and chestnut-on-top! As for the cut, nothing much but simply my girlie-straight-layer-cuts as it used to be. I really want to change it to a bob haircut, but I think my chubby cheeks won't make me any prettier. So yeah, above are my current pictures. Gosh, take a look at my abs! I defo need a tummy tuck! Darn. Anyways, let's just stop talking about my body. I've been trying so hard to reduce more weights since last year and it was apparently my own resolution for 2007. I suck.

And I'm still wondering what she has done to get her shape back after gaving birth to 3 children of Beckham's offsprings! I believe she has a boob job and there's nothing wrong with her though, if you want to compare with Ashlee Simpson's plastic surgery which ends her up like wacko Jacko or perhaps, Pamela Anderson. Everyone's dying to see her naked and Playboy already makes a bid. Let's just wait and see Victoria Beckham to be a playmate. LOL.

I'm not trying to make my site into another hollywood gossips or any kind of it; I simply adore her for the sake of fashion and her good choice of good-looking husband, LOL. UNDOUBTLY.

It's not that I want to get married soon, HELL NO, in fact I've been questioning myself; do I really have a boyfriend? Stop gossipping and pay attention first, this is not an announcement that I'm available dude, but sadly I need to say I feel loneliness. Lonely, indeed. *sob* He currently went to Europe for 20 days along with his family due to holiday. It should be no problem since me and him have undergone approximately one-and-a-half-year of long distance relationship until now. However, he remarkably changes. I feel that he becomes less attention and less carefree at me. I'm becoming less important to him. That's fine, I'm cool with that. *even deep inside I'm crying* I have to be stronger. I definitely don't need a man to ruin my life. Let's see if he has a good explanation for this. Otherwise, I think I have to send him back to the market! LOL.

Ah-ha, just got remembered Adeline's pledge last year;
I pledge.... to be single, meaning:
  • not to be in an exclusive romantic relationship
  • not actively seek out such time-wasting relationship
  • and lastly... that I will try to appreciate this "singledom" (i.e. freedom gained through being single) as an opportunity
She's bloody serious I reckon. Wishing her a best of luck then! *blink* And the message for single girls out there; you can have all the fun you want, when you're single! ~if you know how to play it.

I'm twenty, flirty, and thriving. How bad do you want me?

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  1. life is too short to is about to begin at 20 ( not 40 )

  2. If you put off your glasses, what will I see ?

  3. wuih kirain ada pengumuman single:p
    klo mo kurus, bersepeda aja pas wiken:D
    ajak si Om dan Tante supaya rame,,,
    bersepeda memang menyenangkan!!

  4. pake kacamata nih ye...
    aduh2 mn poto2 yg laen??

  5. wuih, kupikir itu tadi kamu (yg di post), mirip seh...

  6. @iman: ohoho, I'm not that worry of my life. Thanks for reminding anyway ;)

    Hm it's all up to the person whether (s)he wants to begin life with something new. I don't really give a damn about it.

    @septian: you're gonna see my beautiful eyes for sure! LOL. I'm defo not having red eye or any bumped around my eyes fyi. :D

    @spedaman: haha..emang klo single mao daftar? :p

    Kyknya bersepeda blm cukup deh, mesti DIET! huhuhu :(

    @coky: ada dehhh :p

    @joni: 3 foto diatas yg berdampingan emang saya, tapi kalo foto dibawahnya ya bukan lah..beda bgt euy. Mao nyindir yah? :@

  7. I think u'd better not to follow your emotional condition (mood). Lets think u are the happiest woman which has some excellences... cieee

  8. cute ! you wear the sunglasses well i'll say ;)

    singledom huh. maybe it's high time you got yourself a vibrator ? (or do you already have one). if you do decide on gettin one, let me recommend the dolphin.

    wow.. why am i always directing (almost) every topic to sex.. ha.

  9. screw the vibrator, get a sybian! no pocket rocket, thumper or rabbit whatever can beat the ultimate machine!!111!11!1!!

  10. @debbie: LOL. Na-ah, I'm not really keen to splurge my money on sex stuffs. Thanks for your recommendation anyway. ;)

    @stern: I don't even know what sybian is!

  11. Thom York: "I love life, but too much shit to deal with it"

  12. Actually, when i saw the first time your blog, i dont know that you are still 20 years old, in my mind you are more than 25??

    because 2 weeks ago when i saw in your profile u didn't put information about your age!! now u have put.. right??

    It's surprised for me..

    U are still young n ur english very pretty, like septian...

    Congrats for u, i'm very proud have a friend like u, mrs. devy. :)

    hehe.. Twenty, Flirty, Thriving.

  13. Hakunamatata.. it means no worries.. *about weight: looks no problemo at all..* rite??

  14. @hartanto:
    "In youth we learn; in age we understand." -- Maria von Ebner Eschenbach

    @joni: say what?? Do I look like 30-something? HUAHHHH. I think I need to consider botox.

    Hell no, I've put on my profile long time ago; I was born twenty years ago...

    FYI, I'm not "Mrs." but thanks for sharing anyway.

    @rara: hehe.. Thanks dear :)

  15. hahaha.. sorry 'miss' devi.. it's my fault. ;)

    tapi, 'perasaan' waktu aku baru buka blogmu dulu, gak ada umurnya??? atau ada devi yang lain ya??

    sorry for that. :)

  16. i dont even read your whole posting as your picture, Vic-Beck-style, come up and made my sight a bit bother, Sorry for telling you that it's not really you. you may just say "Who are you, that's what i am and what i want, I dont care" but once again you are much pretier with your cassual looks,...SORRY


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