Thursday, August 31, 2006

Disney Lantern Festival (2)

~Eating time!

After 30 minutes hanging around and taking pictures, we were hungry! LOL. We were given a lot of choices of food stands; hokben, la porchetta, California pizza kitchen, my Hanoi house, nasi padang, bakwan malang, batagor, and many more.

Novi: Andrew’s starving. Let’s have hokben*!

Me: Ok, so am I.

Nova: Why don’t we have ice cream?

Novi: Nope! I want a big meal.

(getting closer to hokben food stall…)

Novi: Hm, can we try something other than those common-food-at-malls?

Me: *nod* Okay.

Nova: but I want an ice cream! Know what, New Zealand Natural buy 2 get 1 free! C’mon, let’s have ice cream…

(passing hokben…, California pizza kitchen…, la porchetta…,nasi padang…, bakwan malang…, batagor… finally she stopped)

Novi: do you smell it? It smells good. I want that! (pointing at KFC stall)

Me: *gubrak* yah, ok, no problems. I thought we’ll have something new to try. Whatever, I’m damn hungry anyways.

Novi: Dev, you don’t want to wash your hands before eating?

Me: didn’t see any sink

Novi: there’s one beside the stall

Me: do they have soap?

Novi: nope.

Me: err.. no thanks.

Novi: barbarian eaters! *giggling*

Me: LOL!

*hokben: Hoka Hoka Bento (Japanese food)

~The Story of Baby Pooh Lantern

Most people are easy to lie. But for me, it’s bloody difficult! *Grr…*

I saw that most visitors were bringing either baby Mickey blue or baby Pooh lantern in their hands. I really want it also; even more when I’ve been told it was for free. However, it’s not like free as in “free” compliments for everybody. Ya know!

It’s a free gift when you apply for credit card of this bank. Oh well, I don’t want any new cc; I just want that damn baby Mickey! So cute!!! *arghhh*

Nova: Yeah, it’s cute. Why don’t you apply to get one? Don’t give the right information of course. They won’t even know if you’re talking sh*ts.

Me: but.. They’ll copy my ID and cc. how can I make bullshits?

Nova: Just fill fake information on the application form. A lot of people apply; they won’t bother one or two fakers. LOL.

Me: why don’t you try as well?

Nova: don’t have any cc. they don’t accept debit card.

Me: ok, I’ll give a try.

(approaching one of cc salesperson…)

Salesperson: could you show me your ID and cc?

Me: yes. (passing my ID and cc to him)

Salesperson: have you already known about this cc benefits?

Me: nope. (listening to his so-not-important explanation; bla…bla…bla…)

(filling the application form on his assistance, while other woman copied my ID and cc)

Salesperson: (asking for my general information like address, phone number, mobile, etc.) Is your address the same with on your ID?

Me: No, it’s different. It’s on …. (starting to be a silly liar)

As well as the rest of the required information, they all fake. And for some times he asked me different q’s, I was stuck. No idea of bullying. Guess what I did; I was pretending as if I didn’t hear what he said! LOL. I kept saying “HAH? WHAT? EXCUSE ME?” along with my questioning face-look, while keep thinking to make up my answers. What a silly.

Lucky me having Nova around during application session. She has helped me a lot to answer his questions. Not to forget about our cross-match while answering my home address.

Salesperson: …is it (your home) near Sunter or Kelapa Gading?

Nova: yes, near Sunter.

Me (in the same time with Nova): no!

Salesperson: *look confused* you mean Kemayoran?

Nova & Me: yessss!!!!

Finally I can get my baby Pooh lantern! The baby Mickey was sold out. I’m still wondering what would happen next. He can’t contact me for sure; those phone numbers I’ve given are not mine. Would he trace from my ID? Frankly I’m a bit scared, guys. I am.

You can view the rest of the pictures here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Disney Lantern Festival

I just got home from Disney Lantern Festival (DLF). I’ll give you the summary into an interview with me; since I’m afraid you’re gonna fall asleep if I jot down into a travel notes. So here it goes…

[PAQ = Probably Asked Questions]

Q: Did you have a good time there?

A: Yes, because I was accompanied by my barbarian friends *LOL*; Novi, Andrew, and Nova (Novi’s sister).

Q: What do you think about the festival?

A: Well, frankly, it’s not like what I expected. It was like Jakarta Fair. However, DLF is much neater and what should I say? High-class look?

Q: What did you see there?

A: It’s not exactly lantern festival, I suggest. They use high-voltage electricity to enlighten their property so-called lantern. Of course the lanterns are built to represent Disney’s movie characters like Dumbo, Lilo and Stitch, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Lion King, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Nemo, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and many more. A lot of stands, including food, beverages, ice cream, merchandises, making the festival more crowded. There are also games for kids; bumper car, sticky wall, and many more. Most of the visitors were coming with their family.

Q: Entry charge?

A: I paid IDR 10,000 only! Yeah it’s because Novi is XL customer. She got free 8 coupons buy one get one free on weekdays from XL center. There are 3 categories of entry charges; IDR 20,000 (Mon-Tue), IDR 30,000 (Wed-Fri), and IDR 40,000 (Sat-Sun).

Q: How long does the festival open for public?

A: The festival is held from August 11 to September 10. They are opened for public from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Q: Tips for future interested visitor?

A: Comfort clothes and a good digital camera is a must! (I saw some people still using old camera by film roll, it’s really dark BTW. And some other use their fancy camera handphone, I don’t have any idea if it works well). Don’t go yourself alone, bring friends. The more the merrier.

I’m very sleepy BTW. I’ll continue next time. Just wait for the next story ok! And more pictures coming up! Cya…

Monday, August 28, 2006

Not My Kind of Sunday

Yesterday, it was not my kind of Sunday actually. I used to spend my Sunday waking up late, out for lunch, watching TV or chatting through the internet for hours. Apparently I went to Vihara Mahavira Graha Pusat (Buddhist Building Indonesia) at Loudan, Ancol, to help my friends providing regular basis of clinical service (glucose blood test and blood pressure) for benefit. Four of us; Andrew, Novi, Indra, and me, were seeking money for celebrating KMBVD 4th anniversary on September 10 at an orphanage in Cakung. I was very nervous at the beginning, since that was my first time helping there. I had ever participated twice in clinical service benefit like this before, but it was a long time ago. Experience is the best teacher, I believe. But somehow I think my progress is running slowly. *sigh*

Most of them are Mandarin speakers. I was confused yet very curious of what they were talking about, but I didn’t give a damn. I was trying to pretend as if I understood, until one old man asked me; “Do you speak Mandarin?” *jeng jeng…*

“Err.. No. I learned once but it didn’t help much.” Ok, go ahead. You can laugh at me.

But he didn’t. He simply said “you can learn it here. They have classes upstairs.”

“Oic.” *Fiuh* thank you for not bullying at me. At least, in language I speak.

Another thing that bothered me was kids. Not usual kids, but naughty one! If you see the picture, you will recognize how annoying this boy! Playing around with million-cost sphygmomanometer and hundred-thousand-cost stethoscope! LOL. Trust me; you can’t do anything if this kind-of boy breaks your stuffs! :p

Not bad, we’ve collected IDR 740,000 for that day. I think we could get even more, unfortunately we were running out of strips for glucose blood test so that we could check blood pressure only. I'm so happy to be there.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One day, a year ago

Him: I want you to hear this song. [Transferring file…]

Me: [file received] What is it? Who’s the singer?

Him: Thirsty Merc. It’s called Someday, Someday.

So we've already established the fact that
things are gonna be different in the future baby.
And you've reiterated the fact that you don't
want to get into something that's just gonna have to end later.
Now I know our lives are changing and I've seen
it coming for a while too, don't get me wrong.
And I've been going outta town baby it's gonna happen more,
we gotta be strong but now

While I'm gone
Just be a fly on the wall
You know
I'm thinking about you

Just wait and see
You gotta hear what I say
I'm in love with you
I'm not so far away

Someday, someday
I will be here babe
Someday, someday
I will be the one babe

I know you gotta go to university and I'm just trying to make some cash to follow my dreams.
But please don't say we're too busy to give each other the time and support we need
I know we gotta work our jobs and make some money to get by in this expensive world.
Don't let that overtake the fact that before all that, you were still my girl.

Someday, someday
I'll know that you love me
Someday, someday
I just need you here with me
Don't have to try
Love will take us there babe
Someday, someday
I will be the one babe

Someday, someday
Look towards the sky babe
Someday, Someday
There's no need to cry babe
I know that you're always what I want babe
I will be the one babe
I will be the one babe
I just need you here with me

Me: [surprised, shocked, happy, Ge-eR* (LOL) all mixed up!] Does this song represent what you want to convey to me tonight?

Him: Err…yes, that’s what I’m feeling for you. I love you, Dev.

Me: [smiling] no comment! LOL…. I think I feel the same way too :)

*Ge-eR: feeling overconfident [informal word in Bahasa Indonesia]

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

End of Life

Aging is an inevitable natural process that every human being will experience it. The aging could not be stopped or retarded with any effort or power. Therefore the elderly should accept this process faithfully, with full responsibility and with high self-confidence. The only wise way to face the aging itself is to prepare ourselves consciously, either physically or mentally, in arranging our worthy life as an elderly.

We believe that most of the elderlies crave for an ending life in a peaceful, secure, and calm way. If it could be, the dying itself should be far from painful and suffered process, which would not create any pain or trouble for others. However, the fact shows that such ideal thoughts are very hard to be achieved. On the contrary, the elderly precisely face a tragic and terrible ending life.

No wonder, many issues, decisions, and dilemmas towards the end of life in the elderly will emerge that need to be well-managed. How an elderly should arrange their life in their old age, about consent to treatment, advance directives, the clinical aspects of care such as resuscitation and palliative care, the controversy of euthanasia and assisted suicide, as well as financial issues will be further discussed, as our all concern.

I believe that most people seek for a long-live life. More than a decade, probably? But have you ever think about your life in your 80th or 100th birthday? Will you able to walk, read, hear, and talk, to do any activities like what you do now? Or you’re just ordered to have bed-rest for the rest of your life? This is a thing I want you to know, to think, and realize what they called Quality of Life.

One of my Biomedical Ethics lecturers once told on his class the other day, about Terri Schiavo case. In Indonesia, some of you must’ve heard about Sukma Ayu who eventually passed away after experiencing a 3-month-coma. There are 2 kinds of coma; Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) and brain death. The last mentioned is the most legal definition of death because Uniform Determination Of Death Act in the United States attempts to standardize criteria of life is the function of brain does exist.

Two cases above are very difficult situation to both doctors and the patients’ families. Doctors claimed that they had done their best whereas the families still urged to save patients’ life. During their coma, both Schiavo and Ayu are using some of very expensive medical equipments; such as ventilator to help them breathing. This is why financial issues are often to be discussed; because there is no guarantee that patients will awake from their coma, meanwhile the families have to pay all medication cost. Isn’t that sad? Wasting a lot of money for something that you don’t even know how it’s gonna end.

Some people decide to have euthanasia or assisted suicide as the answer, since they can’t afford the treatment any longer. The controversy of euthanasia and assisted suicide are still debatable, based on human rights (of the patient) or for the sake of the families.

As for me, I’ll just take neutral stand. In my opinion; yes, patient still has right to live and to be treated by doctor, but the fact that patient doesn’t have quality of live keep bothers me. (E.g. to be considered as ‘alive’ by medical apparatus, I don’t think it’s a life) Yet I can’t deny that miracles can happened so that the patient will awake and in fully-health condition. But heyy, miracles are NOT happened to everyone!

Wake up and smell the coffee, people! Long-live life isn’t as good as in your dreams. I don’t want to live my life for hundreds of years with 3-times-daily medication, wheelchair, hearing aid, and without able to see the beauty of the world, using cellphone, traveling all over the world, updating my blog :p or even walking down the streets on my feet! God bless.

*Picture is courtesy of

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Obsession (2): Most Wanted Bag

Appearance is a powerful thing. I know sometimes people can’t remember a word you’ve said, but can tell you exactly what you were wearing.Ann Richards

I really love that G shoulder bag I’ve seen at mall. Unfortunately, I can’t take it home. Well I can afford it, actually. But if I do, I’ll be guilty by consciousness. *sigh*

[In an on-line conversation with a friend]

Me: Tell me which one do you prefer as for girls; having a one-fits-all handbag costs U$110 or ten old-fashioned handbags cost U$11 each?

Him: How should I know? What do you mean as for girls? You think I’m a feminine?

Me: Just tell me what you think!

Him: Hmm... difficult :D If one-fits-all handbag is all around; fits every clothes you wear, then it should be a good one. Otherwise, no handbags at all. Hahaha.

Me: LOL. It fits anything, like Gucci. But this is GUESS. One fits all. LOL.

Him: Hmm… you think GUESS handbag goes along well with a training clothes? I think not. :p

Me: This one is fabulous! It looks like Gucci.

Him: Hahaha…like I know what Gucci looks like. Hmm…is it leather? Or colorful?

Me: So-so. Not leather.

Him: Not leather. What then? Cotton? Or kinda suitcase? Hahaha…picture?

Me: Lemme see..

Him: It’s a handbag, huh?

Me: Shoulder bag.

Him: Shoulder bag? What’s shoulder bag like again? The one with two straps half circle?

Me: See this image to give you a picture.

Him: It’s a neutral color so I guess it’s good. Oh gosh 870 bucks! What dollar is that?

Me: LOL. Dunno.

Him: US then probably. It does look good though. Not my style but I’m not the one who wants to buy it :D but then again, the pics that I’m looking at are celebrities. They probably have someone to carry their stuff…haha

Me: it’s enough to accommodate my stuffs; wet and dry tissue, blooth paper, compact powder, lipbalm, purse, cell phone, ballpoint, notes, digicam sometimes.

Him: Dang! That’s a lot. Haha. Anyway size is not a problem then. So…yeah. I guess the only thing that stops you to buy that bag is the price?

Me: Hell yeah. Not really. The budget to be precise. LOL.

Him: Haha. Well…price’s too high for your budget that’s what I meant :p

Me: Yeah. LOL

Him: What did you usually do if you want something you can’t afford? Save up?

Me: Hmm…Wait until its discount. If after sale still can’t afford, I’ll just keep dreaming then. “Someday I’ll buy it with my own salary”

Him: Hahaha…yeah. I used to save up. Unfortunately the more I save, the more I become tight. Weird huh!

Me: LOL. That’s weird.

Him: Thank God there’s no HMV whatsoever selling complete DVDs here. I went to Singapore several times last year. On all cases I ran out of money because of DVDs. Hahaha. Anyways, so you save up as in saving for the future huh? That’s what I do only when it’s too late :D

Me: Hmm…I don’t have any plan when I save my money. If I want to buy something, I’ll buy it. But when it’s overbudget, I’ll leave it. So I got nothing to loose. I’ll just put it into my wishlist. By the time I have a job, I’ll have bought it. But if it still can’t, I’ll just pass my wishlist to my future husband. LOL. And if he can’t buy it, I’ll find another man! LOL. That’s what I do to get over it. Hehehe.

Him: ee-evil! :p I heard this talk the other day. It’s legal (yet an order) for a wife taking her husband’s money. But when it comes in opposite, they call it ‘stealing’. Hahaha.

Me: LOL. Yesss!

Him: The feminists must’ve fight against that, methinks :p So-called emancipation.

Me: But… a husband must be the backbone of the family! He has to earn the living.

Him: Ha. The lines that ‘provider should be a male’ should be blurred when the feminists start their campaign.

Me: dunno. It depends though.

Him: anyways that’s politician’s issue.

The conclusion is; he likes to have a one-fits-all handbag costs U$110 better than ten old-fashioned handbags cost U$11 each! Hehehe.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I read this on and quite shocked. Hm, it said "The 3-year-old Obsessed with Her Look". Well, me too (if you already read my articles on EVE magazine this month, you must know it very clear), hihihi...but heyy I'm (almost) 20 and her... Not even close with me! Her mom accused images on TV and in magazines giving her so much obsession with beauty. I blame it on Barbie then, LOL. Somehow I still don't get it why this young girl has a great obsession with beauty? She loves to read Victoria's Secret catalog and asks her mom a lipstick, instead of playing around with her friends? Only God knows why. You can read the articles here.

Anyways, since Danu told me about this interesting site, I always try to visit more often. I've tried to read all archives of her blog, but I haven't finished yet. Last morning I tried to read it at campus library, but since a lot of people waiting on queue, I decided to save it to my flashdisk. What I love most from her postings is the way she tells a story into a posting. It's always interesting and making me laugh most of the time! The first two postings are in English, but for the rest are in Bahasa Indonesia. And the funny thing is apparently she is my senior in high school! *grin* What a funny coincidence.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Live Report from My Neighborhood

Pardon me; I woke up late today. However, I still remember what I have to do to participate in Blogfam photo competition held on August 16-17, 2006. Therefore I’m looking around in my neighborhood to take pictures of some games. Unfortunately, interesting games such as Panjat Pinang (Climbing a kind-of bamboo to the peak to get the prizes) is not held. I hope I didn’t miss great games in crowd.

Below are best moments that captured on my camera:

Balap Karung (Sack Racing)

Title: Wanita Super di Balap Karung
Location: Pulo Melati Rw 16, Jakarta

Date: 17 Agustus 2006

Sepertinya peserta untuk remaja putri lebih sedikit daripada peserta prianya. Takut jatuh kali ya? seperti terlihat pada gambar; Ugh! Sakit!!! (It seems that girls are afraid to fall down! I can assume from the fewer participants for this game. I admit; I’m scared to death! *LOL*)

Lomba Memasukkan Bola ke dalam Gawang dengan Terong!

Kicking ball to the goal-net is common, but what if using aubergine-swing? This is what they do; to win the game, they have to make a goal by swinging aubergine that is tied up behind to drive the ball into the goal-net. It's so funny!

Tarik Tambang (Tug of War)

Title: Menang Gak Menang Asal Ngumpul
Location: Pulo Mawar Rt 03/09, Jakarta
Date: 17 Agustus 2006

Sepakbola Daster (?)

Hm, ok, I give up! I don't know daster in English. I thought it was 'duster' but I don't think so. Daster is a house dress or lounging gown made of cotton, but different with lingerie. Daster is commonly used by women. That's the unique thing of this game; men wear daster!

Ambil Koin dari Semangka (Taking coins out of watermelon)

But it's not original watermelon! Its covered with mixture of charcoal, vegetable oil, and little salt. You have to prepare yourself getting dirty here to collect coins as many as possible!

Click here if you wish to see all pictures taken.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Blog Editorial of the Day

“What Indonesian Independence Means to Me”

Indonesia is going to celebrate its 61st Independence Day tomorrow. Nothing special for me, except for the fact it’s a public holiday and my brother’s 19th birthday.

Independence means…

~Freedom from political control by other countries*. (As for Indonesia) I think so, since August 17, 1945. However, Indonesia is not (yet) free from monetary crisis by IMF nor World Bank. What a pity.

~Freedom to organize your own life, make your decisions, etc. without needing help from other people*. Hmm, I have my own liberation to organize my life and make my decisions; that’s politically correct. However, I always need help from other people like my family or my friends to encourage me in making a crucial decision because deep down my heart, I’m still daddy’s little girl *LOL*. I’m not too worried about other people’s influence in my life. It gives me more perspectives though to face the reality. So I’m cool with that.

Indonesian Independence (doesn’t) mean…

· I can breathe fresh air in the morning and for the rest of the days. As far as I’m concern, I only see traffic jam.

· Everyone is free to go to school.

· There are public libraries that easily to access by society for the sake of education.

· Indonesia is free from anarchists.

· Indonesia is free from natural disasters.

· I’m not afraid using public transportation for my mobility.

· I’m not afraid going home late (at night).

It’s not about my personal judgment seeing Indonesia in a negative way. I’m so proud of Indonesia which has 14 out of 18 natural resources all over the world, 2 friendly seasons, varieties of cultures and traditions, spicy foods and smart people like those who have won the Olympics of Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Indonesia has also a lot of popular tourist destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Nias, and many more.

I really hope that we (as Indonesian people) can build our spirit of belongings of Indonesia to continue the soul of Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda) in order to bring the country into a better future.

~*Original definitions from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 6th edition, 2000.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A one-hundred-thousand-Rupiah Trip

Last weekend I went to Lembang, Bandung, regarding KMBVD* gathering. Spending 2 days and 1 night at Pondok Paniisan, Cibodas, with non-stop laugh and fun, I truly had a splendid weekend! Below are the summary of my one-hundred-thousand-Rupiah trip. Enjoy.

The Journey

I never expected that the journey would be so boring. We went an hour late than its schedule and spent almost 3 hours in the freeway! The bus ran slowly, 60 km/hour in average, perhaps it was because of the climbing freeway. Stopping by twice; to allow us to go the toilet. First stop at KM 88.500 freeway, and guess what? There was no water! OMG, I was in urgency, and I said to myself “Whatever it takes”. Hence I was going in! Luckily the people before me were not having ---hmm bowels, so I only smelt stink. *sigh*

After 4 hours waiting in bus, we were allowed to get out. Some said the place couldn’t be reached by bus. The pathway was too narrow. We had to walk about 1 km under the sunlight! I grumbled for not using sun-block, but the most things was my carriage! I carried one big bag (hand-carriage) and it was quite heavy. I couldn’t afford 1 km! Fortunately, Suandi was kindly carrying my bag. *grin* I was asking him to carry my bag together (since he only brought one small sling bag) but finally he agreed to carry my bag by himself. Thank you so much Su!

The Place

…is cool! The weather is very cold. The house is big enough to accommodate all of us (total of 36 persons)! Containing 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, wide living room, fireplace, small stage, both wide front and backyard, I think IDR 1,000,000 per night is worth it. Not to forget about (plenty) pillows, blankets, water-heater, mattress, and carpets are available in the villa. If you wish to rent, you may contact Hj. Ennie at (022) 7500644 or mobile 08170297359.

The Activities

Games, Dharma session and Dharma sharing by Master Xien Bing (KMBVD* guardian), firelight and midnight barbeque, photo session, rants and raves about the gathering from the participants. The main purpose of the gathering is to let participants know each other and get along well to develop the organization. Hiking was failed to pursue. We were not into it. LOL.

The Meals

…were not bad. Actually we have to cook by ourselves, but since we were very busy and failed to manage, we asked some help from the villa’s attendant to cook for us. But we had to provide all food and ingredients.

The Last Day

…was last-minute-shopping at Pasir Kaliki, Bandung, before going home to Jakarta. Pasir Kaliki is famous for its Kartika Sari shop (selling brownies, cheese sticks, and many more). Some friends had Mie Kocok (Noodleshake) as meals for IDR 8,000. Quite expensive, I suggest. I don’t know what it tastes like since I didn’t buy it. By the way, I was kinda impressed of the bus driver, not because he’s handsome (he’s very old, FYI…), it’s just because his driving skill (to drive a bus, esp. on narrow streets)! Oh man, I don’t think I can do it for rest of my life! I never want it, anyway… hehehe…

Oh well, that’s all folks! I paid only IDR 100,000 to join the gathering. I was damn happy as well as exhausted. What about your weekend?

*KMBVD: Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis Viriya Dhamma (Viriya Dhamma Buddhist Students Organization)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So-called Chaos

I was opening my e-mail today and read my today's horoscope unintentionally.
This could be a frustrating day for you, dear Virgo, if you insist on having things done your way. More than likely, this attitude will create more enemies than friends. Give your mind a break and let your intuition take over. Chances are, the less you have to think about a decision, the better a decision it will be. Over-analyzing the situation will only prove to be a waste of time for everyone involved. The answer is pure and simple.
Ok, I'm frustrated. So depressed that I have insomnia almost every night. I suppose you already reckon a bit of my personality from my past postings about my neighborhood and the crowd of Jakarta. And in addition, about the future of my education.

I have to admit that I always compare my life to another (which is happened to be prettier, slimmer, luckier, smarter, whatsoever) yet making my life so convoluted! The dilemma of my future life; Am I going to be successful MD? How long does it take to be one? Would my husband allow me to be a career-woman? Argh, I know it sounds ridiculous, regarding how old I am now, but trust me, I am a long-term-planning person that I won't do useless things without prior vision. The fact that I really despise the system of this country; the lack of law enforcement (which ends up to be anarchist and load of crimes), city's lay-out (busway, monorail, MRT? perhaps, without thinking how many times some areas are sinking during rainy season hence crying help to the government to make watersheds instead of making those monorails!), making me desirely want to go overseas in order to have a better living.

Poor me, my campus' system is not even better. As the only faculty in Pluit Campus of Atma Jaya University, I think we are abandoned. The free internet facilities at library are far away from what-I-call standard of an expensive medical faculty. The parking area is not enough (read: too narrow) to accommodate all students. And this morning, I had an argument with security parking officer about my obligation to pay the parking fee.

Regularly, I have to buy a parking sticker (it costs IDR 150,000) that valids for 6 months to free me from daily parking fee (IDR 1,500 per entry). Yes, currently it has expired since August 1, 2006, but yesterday I listened to Students' Representatives gave breaking news about reconstruction of PUSLITKES building (part of my campus) that will make our parking areas more limited, therefore my kind-of-parking-sticker is given extention for its validation until the end of 2007. I was so happy....until this morning.

The security parking officer stopped my car and asked me to pay. Of course I refused. I told him that my sticker is still valid. However, he said that his head officer hasn't yet received the announcement. Huh! Didn't want to go for further debate, I gave him the money (and swore at him; F*CK!). Blame the system! Miscommunication? Yeah right...!!! I'm not alone, some of friends already submitted their complains to campus officer.

Yesterday my brother told me about the existence of Motorbikers Gang in Jakarta getting worst. He read some information that the gang is conquering main road in hundreds of motorbikes around midnight and not hesitate to have fights with other road users. Pay attention! Because the police officers seem to be afraid of them. (No wonders, who dare to face hundreds people when you are by yourself? Stop thinking about Superman!)

Road rage are no longer secrets. But fireguns are easily to have for public? Ouch!! See what happened to this man. Luckily I think the case is closed now. What is going on happen here???

Monday, August 07, 2006

My View Point on EVE (Indonesia) magazine this month!

You can see the original post here. It's written in Bahasa Indonesia. If you wish to have the printed matter, you can buy EVE Indonesia magazine this month edition. It's on sale now.

Thank you very much for my predecessors who had posted this news before I did.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

From the Final Show of Miss Indonesia 2006

I’ve been having a headache so bad since afternoon that I had to take a rest for a while. I woke up at 11 pm, but still feeling dizzy. I decided to take a cup of Twinings Infusions Organic Camomile tea which is said to be a pure and natural infusion to aid relaxation. I can’t afford to continue my sleep, that’s why I turn on the TV.

Apparently, the final show of Miss Indonesia 2006 has reached their climax, which is the final question given to the Big Three. They are contestant from Bali, Central Java, and North Sulawesi. Each of them is given a question which is different one and another, but the three final questions have the same difficulty level of answer. At least, it was what the host, Tantowi Yahya, said to the audience. Below are not their transcripts for sure, it’s literally only based on my memory. *grin*

First question is given to contestant from Bali:
Q #1: Apa perbedaan hakiki antara kepemimpinan laki-laki dan wanita? (What is the crucial difference between man and woman leadership?)
She said in short (in Bahasa Indonesia): Perbedaan hakiki antara kepemimpinan laki-laki dan wanita adalah wanita mampu memimpin dengan menggunakan rasional, emosional, dan profesional sekaligus. (The main difference between man and woman leadership is that woman can lead by the combination of rational, emotional, and professional at a time –which supposed to be an advantage, she said)

Somehow I don’t understand why she said so. I think most people know that we are not allowed to bring along our personal emotion in professional circumstances. And it happened to be woman’s disadvantage in leadership.

On the other hand, the other two finalists prefer to answer the question in English –at a lower intermediate level, I suggest. Well, perhaps they have heard about Nadine’s broken-English in Miss Universe 2006 interview last time.

Q #2 to contestant from Central Java: Indonesia saat ini sering dilanda berbagai bencana, jika Anda menjadi pemerintah, apa yang akan Anda lakukan? (What would you do if you were the government of Indonesia, to overcome national disasters happening continuously lately?)
She said (in her own words, of course –as far as I remember, LOL.): If I am the government, I will help the victims of tsunami and earthquake as soon as possible and give them help as much as I can. To rebuild the school and bring life back.

Q #3 is given to contestant from North Sulawesi: Jika Anda terpilih sebagai Miss Indonesia 2006, apakah ini akan mengubah cita-cita Anda selama ini? (If you were chosen to be Miss Indonesia 2006, would you change your idea of life or not?)
She said (with a little bit of stammer): If I am Miss Indonesia, I will able to help a lot of people in every country because I have connection everywhere. –She doesn’t mention YES or NO, making the host asked her for the second time boldly– Yes, I will change, because I will be popular and have connection everywhere.

The last two finalists have easier questions, I suppose. At least, for me. Conditional sentence like “if you were this or that…” giving you a lot of imaginary lists of answers with a freedom to make bullshits as much as you willing to, LOL. In a good-wrap sentences, will be more beneficial.

For example; if I were given Q #2, my answer would be, “Well these continuous national disasters are happened to be the God’s will. There is nothing I can do to stop it happening again. (Nice intro is a must!) However, besides helping the victims and reconstruct the nation, I would try to promote people’s awareness to anticipate another tsunami or earthquakes that might happen via press. Hopefully there will be fewer victims if people already know how to evacuate themselves during the tsunami or earthquakes.” (I’m expecting to have a standing ovation from the audience! LOL. Silly me.)

As for Q #3, I’ll give my emotional answer; “Nope, of course not. I am medical-doctor-gonnabe and it will never change forever! Otherwise my mom will kick me out of the house. Being Miss Indonesia 2006 might be a great achievement for me, but 50 million rupiahs (not to mention about GST deduction prize) is not enough to bring back my family investment to enroll my med-school. However, I’m definitely sure the title of Miss Indonesia 2006 will bring me a lot of patients in the future.” Hahahahaha….sorry, can’t help it….LOL…..

BTW, the winner is contestant from North Sulawesi. I was giving my support to Bali because she’s the prettiest of the Big Three. I don’t even know their names. Congratulations anyway for Miss Indonesia 2006, and good luck to pursue Miss World in Poland by September this year.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

About Nail Art

I went to Senayan City (mall) yesterday afternoon. It was my first time stepping on my feet there. I was so impressed with this mall; so wide, so clean, so elegant, so cozy! Yes, there were (just) fewer stores opened, no wonder less people was around. I’m sure it will be the greatest mall in town; consider its both interior and exterior design, main lobby view, security parking assistants, and the decoration. Hopefully its well-maintenance will last long, not just the beginning.

I found SkyNail booth on the 2nd floor of Debenhams department store. They offer nail art by printing pictures on artificial nails that will be attached on your real fingernails. Since they are attached by sticky glue, they are only last for two weeks. My friend, Mulan, was their first customer of the day. FYI, they just opened there yesterday!

Mulan chose simple design of cute tiny white love sign on black background for her feet fingernails. They have a lot of designs that are displayed in a catalogue. You can choose one-same-picture for all or serial design. You can put your own photos, if you wish to. They have a built-in camera in their booth machine to capture your face, but of course the charges will be a little bit more expensive; IDR 50,000 for 5 (five) fingers and IDR 80,000 for 10 (ten) fingers per photo.

I’ve decided to try the serial design #19. It has the same price with the one-same-picture; IDR 30,000. They are originally from Korea, one of sales assistants said. It took me about 15 minutes to have my hands fingernails done. The procedures are; printing out my chosen design, cleaning my fingernails by polish remover, fitting the fake nails to mine, attaching process by glue, pressing and holding down for few seconds, and finishing touch in the end. I forgot to mention that they give you a total of 20 fake nails in order to give your nails the best fit. You can save it for next attempt. Don’t worry; they give you the appropriate glue as well in case you want to work it at home.

I’m rare to have my fingernails growing long and pursuing manicure-pedicure treatment because it tends to be an obstacle for me to do activities freely (and not just thinking what will happen with my nails if I do this or that). Oh well, since I’m still doing my holiday, I think its worth to try. *wink*

By the way, Mulan told me that SkyNail booths are also available at Taman Anggrek Mall. I’m not trying to seduce you, but they have a really long queue.

Note: if you really watch carefully on the picture of mine, you will notice that the middle finger of my right hand are having callus. It is a circumscribed thickening of the skin, and hypertrophy of the horny layer, due to pressure when I write using pen. But still, they look gorgeous, don’t they? *grin*