Monday, July 31, 2006

I am (not) a Movie Buff

Last weekend (on Saturday, to be precise) I met my so-called net-friend from Bandung, Danu Candra, at eX-Plaza Indonesia. He did not intentionally come to see me; of course, he had his own gathering with his friends from CineFriends mailing list. So, there I was in the middle of movie-buffs crowd. Danu wrote about the gathering (specifically!) here.

Little story about Danu, our first virtual met was on mIRC. I was addicted to raise my score on scramble game at that time, and he was my great competitor! Despite his faster-internet-connection-than-me, he was also a very fast typist. And I was stranded at a time that I encouraged myself to make a private conversation with him, letting him know how much I was desperate about his competitive action. In short, I wanted him to let me win the game! LOL. Well, he is not only my net-friend now, but already being one of my friends in real world. He is so nice, people, because he brought me 20 gepuk Nyong from Bandung! *grin* Thank you very much, Dan. J

As for today, I just saw The Lake House at Anggrek 21 along with Karina, Sabine, J-Oh, and my brother. The movie was directed by Argentinian director Alejandro Agresti, is based on the Jeon Ji-Hyun Korean hit, Il Mare, which happens to be the name of the house that both movies are centered around.

Here’s a synopsis I copied from ELLE Magazine (Singapore edition):

Dr. Kate Forster (Bullock) feels it’s time for a change in her life and decides to leave her suburban practice for a job at the busy Chicago hospital. In doing so, she must leave behind the beautiful lake house that she has been living in. She decides to leave a note for the new owner in the mailbox asking him to forward future mail to her and explaining the state of the house. When Alex Wyler (Reeves) finally reads the note, the state of the house is completely different –dilapidated and in need of severe reconstruction. They soon find out that they are in fact living two years apart (Alex in 2004 and Kate in 2006) and are miraculously able to correspond with each other.

I was not interested to see the movie, but since Karina refused to watch Miami Vice (she is not keen to watch action movie) I didn't have any choice to make.

Before watching the movie, we had lunch at Pizza Hut on the 3rd floor. Actually only 3 of us –Karina, Sabine, and me– had meals. J-Oh caught up with us shortly afterwards. Yes we were surely having a chit-chat; schools, girlfriends, boyfriends of our girlfriends, holiday, and trip to US! J-Oh invited us to spend holidays in US! She promised to take care of our accommodation and left the transportation to Fara *LOL*. Speaking about Disneyland as one of our destinations, J-Oh and I have the same interest; riding thrilling rollercoaster and tower-of-terror to put on our adrenaline. Karina and Sabine are vice versa. Karina prefers Cinderella show to rollercoaster, and Sabine remains silent. She doesn’t agree with any of us.

When it goes to our future plan, Karina will have her graduation soon on July next year. She plans to work in Singapore. J-Oh still has 2 years to go to complete her Bachelor’s Degree. And for Sabine and me, we still need plenty time to be able to practice as a medical doctor. *hiks*

About being specialist doctor, argh, I don’t have time to think that far. In fact, Sabine and I may consider business for Master’s Degree. LOL. It is really absurd, guys. Pay no attention to it.

But 4 of us have one conclusion, no matter what we will be in the future, we still have to search for our companion (read: husband) and we believe, he will make us feel –just fine.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another game to play: Paintball!

Adeline invited me to join the game on July 23, at Gunung Putri. We were a little bit late to start (it should be at 10 am) because we had to wait for other friends of her brother. My mom was dropping me by at Adeline's house at 8.15. The name of the paintball game is Brigade 3234. (What a military name, isn't it?) Road to the place wasn't as smooth as I think, even though already got the map, it was still confusing. I'll give you some clues. After signing out from Tol Gate of Keranggan, take a right turn. Just follow the main road until you find a big board of Brigade 3234, then you turn left. The street is wavy and muddy, so be careful if you drive a sedan. We (Anthony, Andre, Adeline, Michel, and I) arrived first at 9.50. While we were waiting for the others, we tried few shots, and played chess.

Finally, 11 of us; Devi, Adeline, Michel, Anthony, Andre, Jeffry, Teddy, Nina, Dea, Bram, and Clement, started the battle around 11 am. We were divided into 2 teams. The team A was consisted of Adeline, Devi, Teddy, and Jeffry. (FYI: Jeffry is considered as 2 persons because of his huge body *LOL*) And the rest was put into team B.

We had to dress up; wearing military uniforms, google, and helmet. We chose semi-auto gun package, so each of us was charged IDR 88,000 per game. The package already includes semi-auto gun, military uniforms, google, helmet, first 25 paint bullets, and 2x20 minutes game outdoor (as for ladies, a plastic body-protection will be given). If you wish to have more bullets, IDR 32,500 will be charged for a package of 40 paint bullets.

After changing clothes, we had a short briefing in Commando Post. We were given how-to-operate-the-gun, the rules of the games and game option. The commander offered 2 options; Capturing the Flag or Killing Field. Capturing the Flag is taking enemies' flag on their base by one person (only) and bringing it to his/her base camp, whereas Killing Field is much more easier (I think), simply kill all of your enemies. Capturing the Flag requires a very-good team work whereas Killing Field is based on individual's performance.

We played both, and it was really fun! (yet completely exhausting, for sure) Clement shot me on the neck! Ouch! It was hurt, man. I got him on the head in 2nd game, he didn't notice at first because he said he didn't feel anything (the helmet covered it) but the referee called him for signing off, LOL. We were finished around 1 pm and went straight to Baji Pinai at Kelapa Gading Boulevard for lunch.


  • Brigade 3234 is located on Jl. Gunung Putri Utama II, Gunung Putri. Phone: (62-21) 8673234.
  • No outside food and drinks allowed.
  • Some price of drinks; Teh Botol, AQUA (in 600ml bottle), and any soft drinks (by bottle) IDR 7,000. Pocari Sweat and any soft drinks (by cans) IDR 10,000.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Effectiveness of Hand-wash

Laboratory examination usually includes microscopic study of fresh unstained and stained materials and preparation of cultures with conditions suitable for growth of a wide variety of microorganisms, including the type of organism most likely to be causative based on clinical evidence. If a microorganism is isolated, complete identification may then be pursued. Isolated microorganisms may be tested for susceptibility to antimicrobial drugs. When significant pathogens are isolated before treatment, follow-up laboratory examinations during and after treatment may be appropriate.

Below are not formal scientific research, it’s just a fun research to reveal some interesting facts relating to our daily life; washing hands.

Let us compare our washing-hands activity using 7 items; sterilized water, Lifebuoy liquid soap and sterilized water, Bayclin-Sunclin (which contains NaCl 0.5%) on a container, Bayclin-Sunclin with flowing water, Handy Clean (a hand sanitizer which contains Ethyl Alcohol) for 10 seconds –as it says on the commercial–, Betadine antiseptic 1% (which contains Povidine Iodine) for 2 minutes, and the last one is Lifebuoy liquid soap and pipe water.

Seven volunteers are given 1 (one) item to wash their hands. Hands swab were taken and put onto a semi solid agar in order to culture the bacteria (if there any) before and after washing their hands.

Let see the results.

  1. Flowing sterilized water. (It’s scientifically sterile, of course. Not just an ordinary AQUA. Heated in autoclave at 1210 C/249.80 F) As you can see from the picture, the amount of bacteria reduce significantly in medium agar. Note: bacteria are marked as white dots.
  2. Lifebuoy liquid soap and sterilized water. The result is similar with the first one; the amount of bacteria reduce significantly in medium agar. See picture 2.
  3. Bayclin-Sunclin (NaCl 0.5%) on a container. It’s (almost) perfect clean! Note: scratch is on the glass plate. See picture 3.
  4. Bayclin-Sunclin with flowing water. Theoretically, it has the same result with #3. See picture 4.
  5. Handy Clean (Ethyl Alcohol) for 10 seconds. It’s (almost) look the same as before. See picture 5.
  6. Betadine antiseptic 1% (Povidine Iodine) for 2 minutes. Flawlessly clean! See picture 6.
  7. Lifebuoy liquid soap and pipe water. Not-so-much different. See picture 7.


  1. Don’t take these results as a basic comparison, especially for its particular brand. Those 7 items are working mostly the same, regarding their particular function in our daily life. For example, if you are having a wound, would you clean it with a Bayclin? The answer is strongly ‘NO!’ because Bayclin is used for washing clothes.
  2. Using Handy Clean for 10 seconds is shown (almost) useless. But it doesn’t mean Handy Clean is ineffective to clean our hands. The usage time, probably, needs to be much longer. 2 minutes, perhaps?
  3. Overall, the clean you want your hands to be, deeply depends on the way you wash your hands. From the results above, theoretically #3 and #4 has to have the same result. But why did the results show differences? Back again, it really depends on the way you wash your hands; in a rush or not.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Next Destination is… Jakarta?

Natural disasters happen continuously since tsunami in Aceh on December 26, 2004. Earthquakes and volcano eruption in Bantul and Yogyakarta, flood in Sinjai, South Sulawesi, and Makassar, and for current issue; earthquakes followed by tsunami in Pangandaran, West Java.

Is it the approval of the premonition? I have no idea.

I don’t give a damn to those perverts corrupting funds for the victims, no, not at all. It’s just a matter of the arrogance and human selfish by nature, actually.

I watched TV news about two spiritualists Ki Joko Bodo and Ustadz Jeffry gave comments about the second tsunami in West Java. They merely said based on their spiritual beliefs; “Semua bencana yang terjadi ini akibat keserakahan manusia, dan tidak menutup kemungkinan akan terjadi di Jakarta.” (Continuous disasters are process that happened because of human’s greed, and it is not impossible that Jakarta will be the next destination.)

Yes, I strongly agree with their opinion. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t mean to provoke or instigate something which doesn’t have any regular basis through this post. I never wish for another disaster literally.

Maybe it’s a moment of reflection. When human try to exploit the nature selfishly and carelessly by the improvement of technology without a break, –illegal logging, land clearing, fishing bombs and poisons, nuclear power plant, and many more– I think the nature is had enough. And when the nature strikes back, who does dare to resist?


· Ratna Sarumpaet and Satu Merah Panggung presents Jamila & Sang Presiden (The Prostitute & The President) on July 25-28, 2006 @ 8 PM at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jl. Gedung Kesenian Jakarta no. 1. Entry tickets: IDR 40,000 and IDR 50,000. For more details contact Ambar 085216594393. Cast: Atiqah Hasiholan – Peggy Melati Sukma – Rita Matu Mona – Lolla – Sugeng Pratikno – Joel Thaher – Sahrul Buchori.

· My youngest brother has started his own blog! You can read his stories here.

· I’ve found Angelina Sondakh’s personal blog. You can see it from the sidebar. She shares her feeling, wits, pictures, and journey in Indonesian.

· Due to some circumstances, my blog’s visitors-counter has been terminated since July 17, 2006. No more counters for good. Besides, a good blog doesn't depend on the counters right? Your comments are much appreciated. *grin*

Updated on July 20, 2006; I've changed my mind and put on (again!) the web-counter. Thanks to my boyfriend who gave me this unique web-counter. Love it!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Satisfying My Inner Child

Yesterday I went to Dufan (similar to Genting Theme Park at Malaysia, or Luna Park at Melbourne –but not as big as Disneyland, Florida, literally–) along with my mom, Keisar (my younger brother), Tante May (my auntie), and Zergio (my 11-year-old-cousin) to satisfy my inner child! LOL.

It’s been a long time since my last visit to Dufan in 2002. Five of us were having fun there, riding few games; Kicir-kicir (Power Surge), Kora-kora (Boat Swing), Alap-alap (Junior Rollercoaster), Arung Jeram (River Raft Ride), Perang Bintang (Star Wars), Niagara-gara (Flume Ride), Halilintar (Rollercoaster), Ombang-ombang, Pontang-panting, and Ontang-anting (Wave Swinger).

We queued for about 40 minutes in average for every game. I felt my heart was up-beating on the first two games; Kicir-kicir and Kora-kora, getting wet by Niagara-gara and Arung Jeram, dizzy by Ontang-anting, and scratches by Alap-alap and Ombang-ombang. Despite I wasn’t able to try all games (excluding children’s), I was quite upset since I failed to boost up my adrenaline in Halilintar. Anyways, I really enjoyed the day to release any kind of stress in my head. Next week I’ll have paintball with my high school friends, *can hardly wait* yippee!

My mom once grumbled why we had to wait for so long queue. So I told her this: "If you were married to Mr.President, mom, you could ask for VIP visit to enter Dufan. They would let Dufan closed for public while you were visiting."

Snap Shots

I found interesting thing to be discussed. Dress codes and some tips for entering Dufan (on my own version):

  1. Avoid jeans, especially trousers. It’s really hot there. Wear shorts and cotton casual T-shirt. Simple and comfortable.
  2. Avoid BLACK! Black absorbs the sunlight, remember? It makes you even hotter.
  3. Wear casual sandals. Sneakers are fine, but if you want to go wet in Arung Jeram and Niagara-gara, I don’t think shoes are easy to walk in the wet.
  4. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes to exchange as well if you want to ride those two games above.
  5. Bring along caps or umbrella, if you wish, sunglasses. Don’t worry; you may buy those things on the spot.
  6. If you wish to bring a lot of carriage, use a backpack. Try to avoid a lot of plastic bags in your hands because most of the games do not allow you to deposit your carriage.
  7. Don’t leave your belongings unattended. *common warnings*


1. Entry charges to Ancol (front gate): IDR 10,000 per person (above 2 years old) and same price for the car/taxi. IDR 8,000 for motor bike.

2. No parking fees per hours.

3. Ticket box for Dufan entry has been moved to Spekta building since May 30, 2006.

4. Entry charges to Dufan (all games included): IDR 85,000 per person (above 2 years old).

5. Dufan has 24 games, and the longest queue is the simulator theater, Meteor Attack.

6. Dufan’s operating hours:

· Monday to Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm

· Friday: 1.30 pm – 8 pm

· Saturday, Sunday & holiday: 11 am – 8 pm

7. Spanish Cabaret “from Europe with love” presenting Les Belles Duval Super Revues, Acrobatic Aeralist, and Mambo Kenya Acrobat finished their free indoor show at Rama Shinta Hall, Dufan, on July 16, 2006.

Updated on July 18, 2006 (info from Winda); Entry charges for Dufan on weekdays: IDR 50,000 and weekend IDR 70,000

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nadine Chandrawinata on her road to become Miss Universe 2006

I read this interesting facts about Miss Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata, who participates in Miss Universe 2006, that she -surprisingly- didn't able to speak English properly. I agree with Merlyna saying that

Having an accent is not a problem… making some minor grammatical mistakes is forgivable…. but saying that “my admirer is Mother Theresa” and, worse, Indonesia is a beautiful city ……ouch… is too much!! And there’re some other “innocent” things popped up in her interview such as “…just simply person”

Source: Mer's Bites of Bytes

I don't have any idea why stupid things like this could happened. You can also see the video here or the mp3 file here.

Below are
the transcript of the interview by Kendor:
Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I like to do in my spare time is going out with my friends, with my family, and sharing with the children. Like doing some acti.. uh.. doing some activities, uh... in social work... like campaign for them... and campaign for against, uh... discrimination of women... something like that. campaign for against discrimination of women yeah rite [cliche rating: 10/10]

Q: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
A: I see myself in ten years ag... she was going to say: ten years ago hehehe I see myself in ten years later simply as a Nadine. And, uh... doing something like.. or... be more mature and express or explore myself and my potential... and doing something for anybo.. uh... doing something for me and everyone. Like, I want to work for the UNICEF, so I can be more active and give more attention for them. give more attention to UNICEF? [cliche rating: 10/10]

Q: Who is your idol?
A: My admi... uh my admire... is Mother Theresa, Mother Theresa admire her hehehe because...uh... she is so humble for me and she uh... she had... she has a beautiful or wonderful personality... So I really adore at hi.. at her adore AT him? yeah rite. [cliche rating: 10/10]

Q: Your friends say you are ...
A: My friends tells that i am friendly... easy-going person, just simply person, nothing "simply" about this! ordinary person, and patient. [cliche rating: 8/10]

Q: What do you want the rest of the world to know about your country?
A: Indonesia is a beautiful city, no wonder we feels so misunderstood LOL* so you should go there to visit by yourself. Because, we have a lot of beautiful beaches and the spectacular mountain, and dramatic of history, and so the people. Because people of Indonesia is really... is really welcome... and really friendly because they like to know more about other country, other belief, other ideas. So come to Indonesia and feel it, and we open.. uh... we open our arms to come to Indonesia.
This is true, whenever we come to Indonesia we open our arms hehehe. [cliche rating: 8/10]

You can also see the video
here or the mp3 file here.

I don't have time to watch her video interview nor the rest of the delegates. But from what I read, I feel sorry for Indonesia letting her join the beauty pageant. Yes, she is pretty and well-shaped figure. But I don't think she's good enough to represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006. As for me, I'm not saying I'm better than her, because I realize I don't speak English fluently. At least if I were the one who represented Indonesia in international pageant like Miss Universe, I'll take an intensive English course so I wouldn't have to embarass myself worldwide :p

Updated on August 2, 2006: Miss Universe 2006 is Zuleyka Rivera (18) from Puerto Rico. Congratulations!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The God of Small Things

I borrow the title of a best-selling book of Arundhati Roy as the title for today’s post. I haven’t read the book yet, but from the list of best-seller books and many recommended reviews to this book, I would consider it as a good one. Even though I have to admit that I don’t completely believe on a “best-seller” label which attached to a book cover.

Apart from the book story, which I never read about, I want to give my own interpretation based upon the title.

I’m a person who often concern about small things. Perfectionist, you may say. I’m going 20 by September this year, and I think I’ve been frustrated about my regular life for the last six years. Is this what they called Stress Junkie?

I hate motor bikers of the city, who are too selfish to get their way on road. You can see from the picture taken inside the car. They always want to be on the first line of the traffic, but can you imagine if one of them driving so slowly? It’s damn bitchy! I often saw motor bikers hit a crossroad in front of my campus. I mean, they were just driving away when the red lights on.

As for the government’s project to build a monorail, I don’t think it will be a solution to overcome traffic jams of the city. The Trans Jakarta busway project, that copied Trans Milenio project from Bogota, Columbia, has already left incidents causing people died and traffic messed.

Above picture shows one of structural foundations of monorail behind Representatives Building in Senayan. (which contributes more traffic jams)

Next will be the application of freedom of speech. Comments: Do they realize that pedestrians have their own place to walk aside the street? (instead of walking around on the street)

I have no idea where this country is taken to. More social problems were raised because of failure of National Examinations (UN/Ujian Nasional) for some high school students, Playboy magazine publication, and many more.

Air pollution and post-natural disasters seem to be far away from our sight to be concerned. What happened to the people?

Complaining all the time won’t make any different, of course. Jakarta is not New York, nor Manhattan. Just like when I'm whining my life today, won't make any different for yesterday or any better for tomorrow. I need to wake up and smell the coffee, so I won't regret someday in the future about what I did for today.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Against All Odds

Today I meet some of my old friends since primary and secondary school. It supposed to be a so-called small reunion, but since there were only 8 persons, I called it “gathering”. Winda was suddenly going to Garut for family matters, Putri was ill, Dhini went to US for holiday, Oen (aka Lorencia) and Harris had same reasons; went with their family, and Angga who was expected to come, went to Puncak with his Singaporian friends.

First meeting point was my old school, Tarakanita 3. After completing the people, we went to Plaza Senayan, spending approximately 3 hours by chit-chat, drinks, and taking pics at Coffee Club.

I was quite happy with the meeting. We talked almost everything; from RUU APP to philosophy of life. Many secrets revealed. The main thing is “NOTHING PERMANENT BUT CHANGES.” And living in Jakarta is very hard if you don’t have the money.

Below are some profiles of the meeting people;
Yusuf Abid Hasny (Abid). Currently study at FISIP-HI, Moestopo University. About him; persuasive and argumentative speaker (he knows a lot about history and up-to-date world news), humorous, and low profile. Still the same old Abid.

Jakarta itu keras, Dev.” --Abid

Andris Juliawan (Andris). Currently study at Hospitality, Trisakti University. About him; RESUME member, sarcastic humors but honest, hard worker, and friendly. He is about to pursue a hospitality training as front office at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore for the next 6 months with his 12 friends. He will depart from Soekarno-Hatta airport tomorrow morning. I was quite shocked about his career now cos he used to be a rebel guy who didn’t hesitate to be involved in school brawl, LOL. He did change a lot. Good job and I’m wishing you a very best of luck, dude!

Gideon Hutagalung (Gideon).
Currently study at STIE Trisakti. About him; trustfund baby, RESUME member, and reckless (he didn’t care about his overheat car and instead of buying some water, he simply calm and said that he already has another car) oohh boy… However, I think he has learnt something from the past. He admitted to have problems with determining his priorities thus making his education progressed slowly.

Widita Swastiasti (Dita).
Currently study at Deakin University, Bachelor of Arts. About her; talkative, friendly to old friends (she said sorry and explained why she couldn’t see me at Melbourne last February), and her mom is still participating actively in Tarakanita 3 events (there will be a bazaar benefit at Balai Kartini on August 30, 2006). She refused to tell about her Malaysian boyfriend who Dwi always mocked as a “terrorist”. She will have graduated by November 2007 and get back to Jakarta for good. She changes a lot.

Michael Edward (Michael). Currently study at FSRD (Fakultas Seni Rupa & Desain) Trisakti. About him; RESUME member, still nice, and showing his love expressively to his girlfriend, Tika, who came and joined us at Coffee Club. I was shocked when he kissed Tika on the lips several times in front of us. Maybe I just don’t use to see it in public places. He changes pretty much, I suggest…

Edbert Mulyadi (Ebo).
Currently study at Electrical Engineering, ITHB-Bandung. About him; non-smoker, RESUME member, slim and slender, and friendly. Fuh thank God he stops smoking! LOL. By the way, he wishes that someday in the future, Indonesia Tatler magazine will interview him.

Dwi Septika Herawati (Dwi).
Currently study at FILKOM, USNI (Universitas Satya Negara Indonesia). About her; friendly as always, talkative! She had a duet (featuring) with Glenn Fredly on Cinta Silver OST “Selalu Tersenyum”. She is able to ride a motorbike and looking for part-time job now.

Last but not least, I met Ari Wibowo (Ari) at McDonalds, STC, before going home with Abid. He works there as part-timer. He currently studies at STF (Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat) Driyarkara. He used to be a golden boy who achieved top of the class in junior high.

Overall, I just finally reckon that we’ll never know what will happen next in the future based on our present. But I do really hope it will be a good one.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Prefetch Directory

Someone suggested deleting the contents of the Prefetch directory in Windows XP on a weekly basis, to speed up the boot process. Is that good advice?

Few months ago, my friends suggested me to do it. And I did it for about last 3 months. For the first 2 months, it was okay. Nothing wrong occured on my PC even though I didn't feel any different for the boot process.

You guys know what happened next? I can't run my WMP (Windows Media Player) because an internal application error has occured. When I tried to trace what the problem is, I was shocked when it displayed the target to "prefetch" directory. OMG, I've emptied the prefetch contents! I already tried to re-install the WMP from a CD but still it didn't work anyway.

Another problem comes when I log in to my Yahoo! Messenger. I can't see what I've written or what my friend wrote. So did my McAfee Security Center front page. I can't see the menu hence (it displayed a blank page) I can't run its application to scan my computer.

I called my friend (who currently studies at Bina Nusantara University) to ask about this problem. He insisted that he didn't give me a bad advice and if I wanted to see the proof, he would show the magazine that suggests it as well. I asked him whether he had a problem with his computer programmes, but fortunately he said NO.

I don't have any idea who's right or wrong in this case. I feel like an idiot. My boyfriend told me to format my computer since there were no other way to solve the problem. I'm gonna do it later for sure, as soon as my mid-exams done.

Here's some information my boyfriend gave me from Ed Bott's blog:

The Prefetch directory serves a valuable purpose by analyzing files that you use at startup and when you run programs. Contrary to what some well-meaning but technically inaccurate articles suggest, this does not copy the files themselves. It creates an index to the location of those files on the hard disk, including the order in which they’re loaded. This allows Windows and Windows programs to start very quickly after the first time you use them.

The Prefetch directory has one additional salutary function when used in conjunction with the built-in defragmenting tool. Every three days, during idle times, this utility rearranges program code, moving it to the outside of the disk to make it more efficient when loading (to force Windows to perform this optimization without having to do a full defragmentation, use the Defrag.exe command with the -b switch. For instance: defrag c: -b).

You can see the full of his post here.

Overall, deleting content of Prefetch Directory is a BAD ADVICE! Keep that in mind!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Whining all day

I went home after school yesterday and found a truck was parked at the workshop across my house. It was a sh*t cos it made me difficult (read: impossible!) to get in to the garage.

I was like “arghhhh” but I forced to get in though. Guess what, I almost hit my car to the gate! I got cranky but I couldn’t do anything but driving reversely the car and turned way around to be able to get in.

I truly madly deeply hate that workshop! Even sometimes I use its service to check my wheels air pressure, that doesn’t mean I accept its existence. The workshop doesn’t have appropriate parking area so customers with car or any other vehicles, will take half of this two-way-street as their parking, which makes me SICK! You know what, most of the time I want to go out by car, there’s always a vehicle standing there (across the street) and blocking my way!

Don’t say it will improve my driving skills, oh please, cos it has nothing to do with it. Sometimes I wish I’d find better place to live in. Like what I saw on movies; green environment, wide streets, and peace neighborhood. Where is it? I’m sure it’s hardly to find in Jakarta.

Moving to another topic, I’m complaining about the rate of internet connection, which is damn expensive! Argh I don’t get it, if you want to educate people, why don’t you let them to access the internet easily with the low costs?

And for my printer, I think I should get the newer one. However, I’m a bit sick of
government’s policy about getting license when you purchase a color printer in order to avoid fake money printings. WTF…?!@#$^

I’m wondering what else can I see from my hometown, instead of traffic jams and highly polluted environment? I really wish I can get outta here. ASAP!