Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber

I saw the movie this afternoon on StarWorld. I didn't see it from the beginning, but I think the movie, which based on a best-seller book by Adele Lang, had a very good message. It tells about the chronicles of Katya Livingston, a self-centered, obnoxious and conceited 28-year-old advertising sales executive who won't let anything or anyone stand in her way in getting to the top of the San Francisco social ladder. It starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as Katya, a cloying, lying advertising executive who is more concerned with being a well known socialite than being a good person.

Despite all critics about Hewitt's acting, who according to some people she didn't fit the ruthless Katya as she is still known mostly from teen dramas and horror movies, I think she did well for the role. Even though I think Hewitt is too sweet of an actress to do a credible job playing a "bad girl", don't you think she doesn't have to be a social climber with a cute face and nice-shape-body she got?

I hate Katya Livingston for being a liar (she lies about her credentials to get the job and many more), animal murderer (she kills his boss' gold fish and iguana by giving them wrong food), and bitchy (she sleeps with her friend's boyfriend).

Nevertheless, she does a good deed too. She sends a package of Rice Roni to her adopted son (whom she adopts to avoid tax inspection) in Uganda, yet making people at the ball respect her. FYI, she is uninvited to the ball but she insists to come, even by climbing the wall with high heels!

The movie is very predictable, for sure, at the end, she reveals everything. Sad but true. It's about social satire which common happens in the society. As for myself, maybe I'd do everything to be a popular socialite. But I realise that being known for a good person is more important than being a fraud for a lifetime.

And guess what? Her real name is Kathy.

About a Liar

I censored some notes from this post since I have been protested. For you guys who have read the original version of this post, I'd like to convey, I didn't mean to spread hatred or aspersion about this person.

Once you tell a lie, you will keep telling lies over and over until you forget once it was a lie

I knew this guy from a friend. He often lied to me, about anything. I couldn't stand a liar. There's no such thing like white lies, okay? I mean for some reasons which lying is inevitable, I think it's fine. I don't know. I don't have rights to judge people. I'm solemnly up to no good. Nobody's perfect.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Reebok T-shirts, Paintball, and Exams

I was accompanying my mom this morning to my relative’s house when Annisa, editor-in-chief from djakarta! magazine rang my mobile. She asked me whether I was able to take the gifts for sending letter-to-the-editor twice. I said YES as for today, and finally I have two Reebok t-shirts (white & antique pink) home! *grin*

Which one do you think is better? I prefer white.

I also submit my CV for writer vacancy that I read from Kompas last edition today. BTW, Adeline asked me to go to Gunung Putri on next Sunday for playing paintball together with other friends yesterday. I’d really love to, but I’ll have my mid-exams on July 1, 3, and 7. I’ve already told her about my circumstances, and she will consider for the other Sunday (July 9). Maybe I’ll just let her managing the schedule and the participants, and the transportation as well, LOL.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Somebody has to shoot a picture!

Since I read Media Indonesia last week, I was kinda obsessed to take a picture which related to World Cup 2006 and attributes. It wasn’t because of my interest to soccer, but merely about the money they offered in an advertisement on the newspapers and website.

Along my way to go home after exercising at eX yesterday, I saw a bunch of people were watching match Ukraine vs Tunisia on SCTV through a 14-inches TV across Kali Pal Merah. And when my car was passing them, I was like “OMG, somebody has to shoot a picture!”. My mom surprised and pulled over the car soon after I explained why the heck I badly wanted to take their picture. It’s worth IDR 250,000 if your picture is published on the newspapers. So why would I miss it? :p It was impossible to take a shot from the car cos I wouldn’t get from the good angle right?

Frankly I hesitated to go back for a shot. (The car was about 4 meters away from them) What should I do if they refuse? Or get mad? But my mom convinced me that everything is gonna be just fine. I just wanted to take a shot anyway. So I walked towards them and said, “Excuse me, can I take a shot here, when you guys watch the game?”

They answered friendly, “Sure. Not a big deal.”

And here is the picture I’ve sent by e-mail soon as I got home:

It was very funny! I’m really blissful I can get this picture after searching around for long time with my digital camera. LOL.

Updated on July 23, 2006: World Cup 2006 in Germany is over. My picture wasn't published on the newspapers, so I didn't get the money prize. So sad, but thanks for your comment, Dan! Really appreciate it. ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jakarta oh Jakarta

Jakarta celebrates its 479th anniversary today. Despite debate among historians about the actual age of the capital, the largest port city during the Dutch colonial era has rapidly become a metropolis.

It’s the city where I was born and spend my time growing up and see the world all these years. However, I have to admit that Jakarta is not my option as a place to live in. It’s my curse, LOL.

Well I won’t say anything about its government or any political matters whatsoever. I simply hate its traffic jams (whenever, wherever), pollution, and especially mass organizations who always mess around and think that they own this city and they can do whatever they want (I strongly agree that they have to be dismissed or furthermore, to be BANNED!)

My wishes for Jakarta; hopefully it will be a better place to live in, less people (cos it's damn crowded here :p, please do KB/Family Planning), less number of vehicles and less corruption okay? :D

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In the Library

Kali ini gw mo cerita tentang keadaan perpustakaan di kampus gw. Ruangannya cukup luas, meskipun ga sanggup nampung seluruh mahasiswa dalam satu waktu. Perpus ini berlokasi di lantai 3 Gedung Klara Asisi, Kampus Atma Jaya Pluit, dapat diakses melalui lift ato tangga. (cat: lift-nya sering rusak, gw aja pernah stuck disitu sekitar 5 menit-an and it was like hell! Gelap gtu loh…dan ga ada udara…huhuhu)

Terdiri dari ruang buku (isinya buku2, jurnal, karya ilmiah, majalah, kamus kedokteran yg diatur rapi di rak2), ruang video (tempat nonton video buat kuliah koas), ruang diskusi (klo di perpus kan biasanya harus tenang, nah di ruangan ini boleh ngomong, kenceng2 jg ga masalah, kyknya pake peredam, kan buat “diskusi”, hehehe), ruang khusus SARAF (isinya smua informasi ttg SARAF, dan hanya boleh dibaca di tempat itu juga) dan ruang kantor utk librarians.

Perpus ini berkapasitas kurang lebih 125 seat dengan total AC sekitar 10 (window + split). Perpus ini merupakan tempat favorit gw (dan jg bagi mahasiswa laen) klo ga ada kerjaan, lagi nunggu kelas berikutnya atau kadang sebelum pulang kampus.

Gw suka nunggu sambil membaca koran (kan…hehehe), lagipula klo gw langganan agak rugi jg, krn yg baca cuma gw, dan biasanya kan gw cuma membaca terbatas pada surat pembaca, iklan yg promo2 gtu, ama classified ads kyk lowongan (masih tetep cari part time! Hahaha). Koran yg ada lumayan lengkap; Kompas, Media Indonesia, Tempo, Bola, dan beberapa majalah seperti Gatra dan Intisari. Berhubung tiap item cuma ada 1, kadang suka rebutan, haha…ga deh..gantian donk..

Dan yg membuat perpus ini makin sering dikunjungin…ada fasilitas internet gratis! (walaupun sering lemot, bvk virus dan programnya byk error) Internetnya pake sistem LAN dan wi-fi. Tp skrg wi-fi nya ga jln tuh…(temen gw komentar, mgkn wi-fi nya minta duit lagi, hahahaha)

Sayang sekali fasilitas internet gratis ini hanya ditunjang dengan 5 komputer (dgn catatan tambahan: 1 hard disknya rusak, 1 lagi ga bisa dipake buat internet-an, jadi totalnya hanya 3 yg bisa dipake buat internet-an!). Ga heran klo yg pake penuh mulu. Guess what, pagi ini gw liat ada anak koas yg lari2 kegirangan ada computer nganggur…kesian bener…krn pas jaman mereka masih pre-klinik kan blom ada kyk ginian…

Beruntung lah bagi yg memiliki laptop, bisa dibawa ke sini, dan dipake internet-an, karena masih ada 2 kabel LAN nganggur yg bisa dipake (kan wi-fi nya ga jalan). Klo yg bawa laptop lebih dari 2 yah…sbenernya bisa bawa sendiri sih kabel LANnya (kan murah 1 kabel cuma 5rb-an), socketnya masih banyak koq, cuma ya mejanya ga ada, jd serba repot…hahahaha

Dulu sempet ada kabar, komputernya mo ditambah, tp sampe skrg ga pernah terealisasi. Pdhl klo dipikir2, masuk FK kan bayarannya paling mahal, knp ga ditunjang dgn fasilitas yg oke jg ya? Komputer2 yg ada pun keliatannya “barang bekas”. Sering rusak…huh…dengan segala keterbatasan (konon FK ini fakultas yg terbuang krn smuanya ada di kampus Semanggi), inilah perpus tercinta FK Atma Jaya, Pluit…

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy birthday to my mommy!

The love I dedicate to you is without end;
Whereof this pamphlet without beginning is superfluous moiety,
The warrant I have of your honorable disposition,
Not the worth of my untutored lines,
Makes it assured of acceptance.

What I have done is yours;
What I have to do is yours;
Being part in all I have, devoted yours.

Were my worth greater, my duty would show greater;
Meantime, as it is, it is bound to you,
To whom I wish long life still lengthened with all happiness.

William Shakespeare (The Rape of Lucrece, edited)

You’re the best and the only mom I’ve ever had
Have a wonderful day on your birthday mom…

Hugs & Kisses,

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fitness Trend (updated)

P.S: Thanks to Adeline for editing this post upon the grammars, chosen of words, and consistency of using American English :)
Fitness centers at malls have been a trend for the last 3 years. I need to underline the location
at malls, since there are many other fitness centers built long time ago. Celebrity Fitness may be the pioneer when they opened their first club at eX-Plaza Indonesia in 2003. Fitness trend at malls were booming yet it still made Celebrity Fitness very popular. Today it has 11 clubs in Indonesia and growing.

I joined
Celebrity Fitness (CF) on May 2005 to reduce my weight and for the sake of a healthy lifestyle. *grin* I've been participating pretty actively in its classes such as body combat, RPM, street jam, jazzercise, etc. I enjoy my membership benefits even though lately I rarely use it.

Fitness First (FF) expanded their wings to Indonesia and had their first club at Plaza Semanggi in 2005. I visited their club when they have their soft-opening on May 2005 right after I joined Celebrity. First impression about the club: SO NARROW! They divided 1600m2 into 3 different floors which were connected by stairs. I didn't like it at all. I saw their lounge which provides free drinks (water, softdrinks, tea) but still, it was too small. In addition to that, the location is definitely not strategical. Plaza Semanggi has a worsened parking problems for sure!

FF has learnt from its mistake regarding its club location. After having the 2nd club at Cibubur Junction, more clubs are coming soon at Taman Anggrek apartment on August 4 and Senayan City on July 1, 2006. More clubs will open at Grand Indonesia shopping town, Gandaria Main Street and Kota Casablanca (2008).

My mom and I were invited by phone to get to know more about
Fitness First pre-sale this afternoon at Taman Anggrek Mall. They are giving away free joining fees and discount for monthly fees that end today. They explained the better value of Fitness First, compared with Celebrity Fitness. E.g. locker rooms which use the more secure card swipe system (in CF, we have to bring our own padlocks), swimming pools (which CF don't have), more varieties of free drinks (water-only in CF), and more clubs to access all over the world for passport-holding members (FF have 460 clubs internationally incl. in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and many more) but CF have fewer. As for hygiene, FF give headphones to every member upon joining the club so that they can listen to the cardio theatre without having to share it with others. In CF, it is vice versa.

Fitness First offer membership fees starting from IDR 330,000 (home and no towels) up to IDR 595,000 (passport) per month excluding
IDR 250,000 administration fee, whereas the fees in Celebrity Fitness start from IDR 297,000 (under 22yrs old) up to IDR 888,000 (all club). However, CF also offer packages to pay in advance for 3yrs (Emmy), 6yrs, or a lifetime (diamond) that will make the monthly fee much cheaper than usual. Somehow I just think that CF's packages are just to keep their members from switching to FF. Lately I just got infos that CF have been giving these packages from their first opening.

Poor CF management has made me think twice to sign out and move to
FF. Their lack of appreciation to their personal trainers (PT) is the main reason why most of them have moved to FF. My former PT told me that they were only paid IDR 25,000 per session when in fact CF charge IDR 180,000 per session. CF is so tight! How can CF keep good PTs if they don't care for them?

About CF service; they are often careless about maintaining their facilities. I often see lockers, hairdryers, showers, steam rooms, and other equipments broken but they don't fix them ASAP. But when it comes to member
ship payment, once u're late, they'll ring u for hundreds of times until u settle the payment. Don't u think customer satisfaction is the highest priority?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Opportunity as Contributor

I was opening my e-mail at campus’ library by chance before the class began. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to freemagz to ask how to get the payment for my contribution. And I saw a reply this morning. I planned to take it after class, but since I didn’t know the address for sure I asked my brother to accompany me. He was exercising at eX when I rang him, so he told me to go there for a waffle with one scoop of ice cream on top, whipped cream and maple syrup. Yummy!

We enjoyed 50% discount for waffles (Tuesday only) at Gelare, Plaza Indonesia. Afterwards, we went straight to freemagz office on Jl. R.P.Soeroso no 32, 5th floor, Cikini-Gondangdia. I already contacted the office to ask the exact location regardless its address.

I got there on 3.35 pm and met Mr.Denny Halim (the guy that sent me a reply who is also known as head of web development as I read on the magazine) in person. He asked me about my writings experience and told me about vacancy in his website. I was really glad to help for sure, but I already conveyed about my study which made me hardly have spare time. Nevertheless, I love writing and truly excited to be full time or part time contributor. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

My article is published!

I'm so ecstatic today! Cos my article entitled "Termakan Rayuan Iklan" for free magazine "Speak Your Mind" is being published today (edition 06/5th anniversary)! It's just my opinion actually, about deceiving advertisement. I was pessimistic at first time since my brother didn't really like it, but it's published without editing (completely my writings) that's why I'm so damn happy about it! Besides, I also will be given IDR 100,000 as publishing honor. Frankly I wrote it in order to get the money :) I don't intend to be a writer cos I think it's not my cup of tea *LOL*

The front page of the website.

Aha! See, that's my name! It's really surprising!

My full article.

I also got an e-mail from djakarta! the magazine which noticed me that my letter-to-the-editor were published twice; on the next edition no. 74 and past edition no. 71. She confirmed to ask me to give my personal data to complete the form for taking the prizes. From the magazine, I think I'll get quiksilver wallet and Reebok t-shirt. However, currently I'm not able to contact her cos whenever I send a reply, delivery failure notification will pop-up in my inbox soon after. It said that the domain ( was unknown. I was trying to seek for a phone number of the office, but I didn't get any. Just a list of e-mails. So I tried one by one. Hopefully I can get my prizes soon.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Brain, Biotechnology and Beyond

It is the title of free public lecture held by Monash University Malaysia at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta. I was very excited to listen to the presentation since I read an excellent profile of the speaker, Professor Dr Ishwar Parhar, PhD. Actually I had a biochemistry class this morning, but the silly lecturer’s assistant told me the wrong schedule. So I got absence for the second time (the 1st one was on last Tuesday, I forgot that SP had already began *stupid me, LOL*)

The lecture at a glance;

Controlling the development of brain structures and functions will pose a unique technological challenge to medical science in the 21st century. A key goal in brain science will be to understand the genetic programs that underlie conditions such as memory loss, mood disorders (anxiety, depression and aggression) and the complex of wiring of brain circuitry involved in emotions and abstract thinking. Identifying the molecular signature of individual brain cells coupled with the science of neuroinformatics, promises a more precise understanding of the brain and brain disease pathogenesis. Further into the future, nanotechnology based “brain chips” could aid site-selective neurogenesis and promote the development of “smart drugs” for diagnosis and treatment.

In my opinion;

Firstly he explained about brain itself. Brain is divided into left and right hemisphere, yet the division of lobes; frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal. I have learnt it at school, so I was quite understand about this. He also presented about brain development, birth of neurons, neurogenesis, sex difference of the brain, diagnose for brain diseases and therapeutics. He delivered his informative presentation in clear articulation but in some topics, he elaborated too much which I didn’t able to understand clearly. I think it wasn’t public lecture as for “public” in terms of “for everyone” but it was classified as well-educated people in science. It was implicitly obvious from the audience whom I recognized one as lecturer of Universitas Indonesia (from his ID card).

Friday, June 09, 2006

Life’s Greatest Lessons

What makes me live for today? I think the answer is A GIFT. That’s why they call it PRESENT. I never asked to be born, but here I am, stuck in bicultural family which taught me life’s greatest lessons from every member.

  1. When somebody told me that I was a stupid, I learnt to be smart. I read a lot of books, went to courses, anything to be smarter than yesterday. Maybe I’m an inquisitive idiot but I promised myself nobody will ever call me stupid again! Saying someone’s stupid won’t make u smarter.
  2. When somebody told me that I would never make it so far, I learnt to make far into a distant. It encouraged me to believe myself. Hence I will make them to swallow their own spit.
  3. When I witnessed someone I had ever respected so much unexpectedly broke my biggest dream, I learnt that nice people won’t always do good things, they do sins too. Remember one thing, once u lose someone’s faith on u, that’s it. Game over. There’s no such thing like second chance.
  4. When somebody stabbed me from the back, I guarantee they will have my payback! I won’t do the same thing for sure. But whenever I have a chance to speak, I’m gonna roar it like a lion so it will be notoriously noticeable. Furthermore, don’t ever wish to bring back my respect. It’s already gone with the wind.

For whom it may concern;

I realize I don’t study abroad but I can speak in English, not so fluent but I think I’m not bad either. I know I haven’t traveled around the world but I’m not stupid. My parents may not have money as much as u do, but I do have a spirit to live in dignity. I believe in circle of life; u will not always be on top, sometimes when the circle is rolling, u may be on the bottom as well. Thanks a lot for giving me greatest lessons of life.

“Because of u, I’ll never stray too far from the sidewalk. Because of u, I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt. Because of u, I’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty.” –Kelly Clarkson

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Best Teacher

I've been through difficult time in my life, as far as I concern. I really need someone to talk to tonight. I was hoping it would be my boyfriend, but he's already need to go bed by now. And it was like hell lonely. He sent me SMS several times, asking if I had a story to tell. I said no cos he seemed exhausted after helping his friend about networking stuffs. I'm not blaming him nor mad at him, not at all. However, feeling lonely is undeniable. I added on my little nick in MSN messenger "Lonely loser, somebody pls talk to me" and suddenly Mr. Un-ness (I still have no idea why he loves that nick so much) poppin' up on my window asking at a very first time "are u okay?". He was the only person I've chat with this evening, the only one that responded my loneliness. I didn't mean to exaggerate, that's the fact.

We chat for such short period of time since he had to do his research. I shared him what's in my mind and the conversation flew flawlessly. He is my net-friend cos I never meet him in person. But I enjoy every conversation I had with him. Let's just say, he has broaden my knowledge. Harold Marowitz, SFI (Santa Fe Institute), GRE, and so on are my just-find-out-now stuffs for today. *LOL* (I'm sure he won't read this blog so I jot it down in details)

He always reminds me; "don't give up. hang in there. this is hard life. u must face failure before meeting success". If you guys think that he's my best teacher, u're absolutely WRONG! *LOL* My experience is still the best teacher. I believe things are happened for some reasons even though it's not questionable. It may not be as beautiful as we want, but I'm sure it's the best thing we should get through at the time.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

When Love & Respect transformed to Hate & Disgrace

I just heard a truth –which was really shocking and irritating– from my uncle. He permanently lives in Medan, but he is visiting Jakarta now and maybe for the next following week. FYI, on the last post I've mentioned about my uncle's rejection over my plan to States, this uncle I'm talking about is his younger brother.

The thing is, he could have done something to help me but he didn't want it. Guess what, he was able to send his two daughters to study in US because of his mother's money!!! What a shame for so-called famous lawyer huh?

I used to love him and gave him highly respect but not anymore. I hate him and disgrace him eversince he hurt me. This is a thought for the day and every day thereafter.

Today's my auntie's bday. Habitually she always invites in the last minute of the dinner. Same place, same menu, same way of inviting; last minute call. So if the dinner held at 7 pm, u'd be told few minutes before 7. But for today, surprisingly (even though I wasn't that surprised) they called us to join the dinner. Oops, the caller wasn't my auntie nor her family but her assistant. Actually me and my mom, Keisar, uncle from Medan and other cousins had planned to go dinner at eX but sudden call was interupting and eventually all of us went to the resto at Batu Ceper.

It was unpredictable, we didn't get family's welcome warmth. My auntie wasn't there yet, only her two elder sons. One of them was giving us bitchy face and obviously looked like questioning "wtf are those guys doing here?". Hence we got back to previous plan, having dinner at eX. What a waste.

I met Fara and his boyfriend, Sent, at eX before dining. We had chit-chat for short time. Nice. She has finished her college at SF and will move to LA for uni. Best of luck!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hallyuwood vs Hollywood

Yes! Korea has been building "Hallyuwood" in Gyeonggi Province. Hallyuwood is designed to boost the ongoing "Hallyu" wave in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. It is a Hollywood-style next-generation entertainment complex, on a site measuring 990,000 square meters.

Hallyu is revised Romanization from Korean wave which refers to the popularity of South Korean popular culture in other Asian countries; it has been likened to the British Invasion, according to wikipedia. The Korean wave began with the export of Korean TV dramas such as Winter Sonata across East and Southeast Asia; the growing success of Korean drama was shortly matched in the fields of movies and popular music. The Wave is a source of pride for South Koreans.

The phenomenon does not extend to North Korean shows or movies, which have never found more than a tiny audience abroad.

Korea government predicts that Hallyuwood will be bigger and better than Hollywood. Is it true? Let's just wait and see...

Becoming an Amateur Photographer

Finally the final exams are done! However, I only got few days holiday since my summer course are about to begin on June 7. I went to my fitness center to have some exercise with my mom and my brother. I brought along my digital camera to take some funny pics and I got some! *grin* Firstly I took pics along the way to eX-Plaza Indonesia. I saw some people was sitting on the edge of circular fountain of Hotel Indonesia. Most of them brought canvas. I didn't see what they were drawing clearly cos I was just passing by but I captured some pics from the car.

I recognized them as WALHI community from their flags. I didn't have any idea what the heck they were doing there. I think the pic is quite blur cos I took it inside car.

After finishing my works out, I accompanied my mom to Sogo supermarket to find 'healthy' crackers. She wanted crackers without yeast. I don't know why. And this label attracted me so much!! So interesting!! :D

Great Taste. Devil's Food. Chocolate Cookie Cakes.
*LOL* I love the tag! Caution: this is devil's food. Don't eat it, okay?
I was wondering why they sold it at human's supermarket.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Education Expo and Memories related

I went to edlink+connex education expo at Sasana Mulyo ballroom, Le Meredien Hotel, Jakarta. I didn't come to see the expo in purpose, but to deliver my brother's stuffs to Jessy (his guardian) who apparently became one of the spokepersons in edlink+connex's talkshow. I got there around 1 pm, parked my car in basement and passed through a wrong entry (I noticed it after I got in cos it was covered by white curtain *LOL* and hence I saw another entry). I thought it was gonna be just like any other edu-expo; stands of schools and several institutions related to education. I had no idea about the talkshow, well fortunately they still had 2 available seats for me and my mom although it wasn't in the same row. From the announcement attached on the wall, I knew it began at 11 am. So I missed the discussion for about two hours rite? Not a big deal cos frankly I was fed up with all of infos about studying overseas since I realised it was not for me. I was once trying to go for university at US; already applied on-line for 2 uni (Minnesota Twin Cities and University of South Carolina) and had SAT test for sake! But my f*cking uncle (my dad's big brother) refused it for crap reasons I-don't-need-to-mention. I hate him to the bone! It was my biggest dream he had taken. Well but life goes on, it was just an old memories. (even though I still hate him anyway)

By the way, I have got some conclusions from the sharing upon the talkshow;
  1. One thing for sure, your Academic Skills and ability to communicate in English is required.
  2. Responsibility of the child is a MUST in order to continue his/her study abroad. Show and prove it to your parents that u are trustworthy and responsible. Eventually they will let u to decide which country u would prefer.
  3. Generally, youngsters having a bright future in their jobs are likely afraid to lose their opportunities when they continue their studies. In my opinion, everybody has their own option, rite? I'm sure a boss won't want to be driven by his employee ;)
  4. When there was a question about overqualified ended up in rejection, I heard a very wise answer from Chief of HRD, one of the spokeperson;
    "It's true that some companies may reject overqualified application. FYI, people who had Master degree was rare in the past. That's why when a company had to upgrade its employee's knowledge, they were given scholarships to study overseas. As time goes by, lots of graduate students have their Master degree abroad and compete to seek a job in Indonesia. Based on my experience, those who had Master degree from abroad, were having less chance to get eliminated from the first preliminary round. U know why? Cos when I opened a vacancy, they were hundreds applications came in 3 post sacks! I gave the first selection to Cleaning Service or Office Boy. I was not joking. That was the fact. Well of course when they opened the application they had to see the GPA and university he/she came from. But can u see the different? When they saw a certificate in language which they didn't understand, they classified it in special group instead of throwing it to the bin."
  5. I am getting more jealous with my brother to study abroad *LOL*

For text in Indonesian version, click here.