Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tobacco: Deadly In Any Form or Disguise

Celebrating the World No Tobacco Day 2006 in May 31, 2006, we
--concerned weblog writers-- would like to remind us all about
the danger of tobacco.

1. Reminding us all that tobacco is DEADLY IN ANY FORM.
Cigarettes, pipes, bidies, kreteks, clove cigarettes, snus,
snuff, smokeless, cigars, they are all deadly.

2. Reminding us all that tobacco in all types and names and
flavors are deadly alike. Tobacco is DEADLY IN ANY DISGUISE.
Mild, light, low tar, full flavour, fruit flavoured, chocolate
flavoured, natural, additive-free, organic cigarettes, PREPS
(Potentially Reduced-Exposure Products), harm-reduced... they
are all deadly. Those kinds of labelling doesn't show the
products are any less dangerous.

3. Demanding the Government of Republic of Indonesia to ratify
the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) as
soon as possible, for the health of future generation.
Indonesia is the only country in Asia that is still not in the

Internet, May 31, 2006

The Undersigned,

Devi Girsang

Casting Experience

I was cast this morning after exam. It was held in REHOBOT Hall at Carrefour Building 5th floor, Duta Merlin. I didn’t wear any fancy clothes; simply light green polo shirt and jeans NOR make up! *LOL* I don’t really keen on make up since my face is marked by pimples! *ugh I hate it!*

I was a bit confused to find the place (cos on the phone she just said shortly “Carrefour Building 5th floor, Duta Merlin”) yet I rang and someone told me about Rehobot Hall.

When I got into the hall, it was really –out of my expectation– quiet. There were only 5 people in charged; my casting caller (Sisca), 1 cameraman, 1 unidentified man (Gatot, probably he’s Mr. Producer), and 2 women that had same name! (Lidya) One explained me about the format of the talk show I should presented and the other one…err…unknown job list :p No one were in queuing –I mean– I thought it was like Indonesian Idol; lots of ppl and waiting for hours. That’s why I bring along a magazine and water. Well just in case…

They allowed me to practice once and then I had to present an opening of talk show (no script! Only in my own words which makes me keep repeating a word again and again *LOL*) when the camera rolled on. I was thinking once if I were a famous presenter, I wish to have my own show like Oprah but naahh that’s way too far, I don’t think I’m good a presenter anyway *grin*

Overall, that’s just it. A short one cut to take and away. My feeling? Relieved. It was just my casting experience –the first one– to be a TV presenter. I’m not expecting too high upon the result (they said they would announce it later) cos they told me about the talk show’s schedule; everyday (Monday to Sunday) at 5 pm and LIVE! In addition, the studio is located in Bekasi. HELL NO! Maybe big salary will change my mind (above IDR 300,000 per episode) but I have no idea. I won’t get through traffic jam for hours, rush Jakarta-Bekasi everyday and get exhausted during weekend for cheap salary! I’m not that kinda girl. I’m not that crazy seeking for popularity as well. I just want to have a part time job so I can raise money to buy MacBook.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Road to MD

True story of me. It really happened!


A Family member: What are u gonna be in the future?

Me: I want to be a doctor.

A Family member: Wow, that’s really good! Keep da good job.

Me: *grin*


Friend: uh I don’t have any idea what I want for my future. Maybe I’ll be expertise in classic piano. Hm I also think about taking psychology at uni. I don’t know. What about u, Dev?

Me: MD for sure! *enthusiast* I plan to take Science on high school and go to med-school afterwards. And likely I’ll take specialist as well.

Friend: U have a very great plan. I’m sure u’ll make a success in ur life.


Relatives: Do u have any idea what major to enroll the uni?

Me: Yup, med-school.

Relatives: Oh that’s good.


Friend (taking IT): U want to go for med-school??

Me: Yeah.

Friend: Argh, I’m afraid of blood. Besides it’s a long way to go. So boring! *LOL*


Friend (already stuck at med-school for 5yrs): Don’t enroll med-school! Have u already think about it? Are u sure? It costs a lot of money, time, energy, dedication, and u’re always required to be focus. Fewer holidays. Thick textbooks. Abundant knowledge that takes enormous time to learn all of them! I’m stuck here and I really hate it!

Me: *gasp* errr…I’m sure…think so… *thinking smile*

Friend: I just don’t want u to do stupid things like me.

Me: Hopefully not…


Friend (pursuing Biomed-Eng, 2 yrs younger than me): What year will u graduate?

Me: 2010 hopefully..

Friend: Yeah, same with me!

Me: *don’t know what to say*


Lecturer on Philosophy class: Med-students like u (all members of the house) have to compete with any other med-students from all over the university in Indonesia. So be careful cos u have to compete (in order to get patients as many as possible) with senior GP (General Practitioner) like me! Ur future isn’t as good as it was in ur dreams before. U’d better have another skill to earn money.

Me: WTF??!!@#$%*& (yeah rite…OK I’ll think about enroll business for Master’s Degree *LOL*)


Friend (through MSN chat): …I’m having part-time job now as quality control, u know I take Food Science in uni. Actually I’ll have graduated by April 2008, apparently I enjoy my job and I plan to have my graduation by Dec 2008.

Me: Nice…I wish I could have part-time too…

Friend: What about u?

Me: 2008 to have Bachelor’s degree, 2010 to have MD and another 3 yrs to have my GP license…yet another 4 yrs to take specialist

Friend: *shocked* oh… it’s okay lah… med-school typical…

Me: *sigh*

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Naked on Everest: a peek on the peak?

Hey guys, I just find an interesting news from Reuters. I don't have any idea it's real or fake. If it's true, I'm wondering, "Doesn't he feel cold there? Frost bite probably?"

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - The head of the Nepal Mountaineering Association urged the government Saturday to take action against a sherpa who reportedly stripped on top of Mount Everest.

The Himalayan Times had reported Friday that the Nepali climbing guide, whose name it gave as Lakpa Tharke, stood naked for three minutes in freezing conditions on the 29,035-foot summit of the world's highest peak.

If confirmed, he would be the first person known to have stripped atop Everest, considered by Nepali Buddhists as a god.
Ang Tshering Sherpa, head of Nepal's top mountaineering body, said he could not confirm that the incident had happened.

"But if he did it, it is very shocking because Sagarmatha is the goddess mother," he said, using the mountain's Nepali name.

"The government must enforce strict ethics for climbing."

Authorities have yet to comment.

But the climb's organizers seemed happy enough with Lakpa Thaeke's strip.
"We are planning to file his extraordinary feat for the Guinness Book of World Records," the paper quoted an official of the hiking group that employs Tharke as saying.

At least 1,345 people have climbed Everest since 1953 from either the Nepali or Tibetan side.

© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Failed to watch Da Vinci Code

My brother asked me to watch Da Vinci Code at Plaza Senayan this afternoon. I preferred X-Men 3 to Da Vinci actually, cos I’ve read the book so it shouldn’t be that interesting. We were there at 3 pm, and available seats for the next show at 5 pm only for the first 3 rows. I hate that. I had ever sat on the first row when I saw The Legend of Zorro at Studio XXI – eX and it was awful! My neck went stiff (cos I sat almost on the corner and the screen was like less than 2 meters in front of me on my right side) yet I promised myself never take the first 3 rows EVER!

Eventually we failed to watch it. I was too selfish to wait until last show at 8. Moh! So we just mingled around and tried to have some pleasure by window shopping. But it didn’t work well, maybe just because I lose my mood for shopping (naahh, no money precisely! *LOL*)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Believe

This song has been inspiring me to always trust myself that anything is possible!

I heard this song when I watched Honey on HBO.

They said you wouldn't make it so far
And ever since they've said it its been hard
But never mind that night'cha had to cry
Cause you had never let it go inside
You worked real hard and you know exactly
what you want and need so believe
And you can never give up
You can reach your goals
Just talk to your soul and say

I believe I can
I believe I will
I believe i know my dreams are real
I believe I can
I believe I will
I believe I hold it soon man
That is what I do believe
[full text here]

I Believe by Yolanda Adams

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tired, Exam, Casting call

I spent last night at Sabine’s house to study in group with Anggita and Jono. Four of us were studying Clinical Pathology together until 9 pm. Jono didn’t stay for that night since his house was nearby. It was bloody tiring! I slept at 1 am and woke up at 5.20. Yet it was fun though; cos I thought if I were home I was gonna sleep and watched TV most of the time. *grin* Sometimes we were gossiping *LOL* but one of us did remind to get back to the track ^.^

It was Sabine’s mom bday! She is a great chef! Hehehe… She cooked macaroni scottel and it was sooooo YUMMY! *slurp* I ate a lot and told her I’d get fatter ASAP. *LOL*

I had lab test first at 10 am and I was really upset! I can’t do it! *sob* I forgot how to determine blood grouping related to its so-much-that-I-can’t-remember tests list. Reverse grouping, cross match mayor and minor, antigen/agglutinin test, Coomb test…ahhhhh!!!! *scream* I hate it!!! It was so convoluted!

Next round, paper test. Ugh, it had 50 numbers to be done but I was just able to complete less than 20! For the rest, I was using my feeling and hoping for my luck in guessing the answers. How pathetic! I didn’t expert in Leukemia and guess what, 14 of 50 were asking about it! -_-‘

BTW, someone rang me right before I started the exam. She asked me to join a casting for TV presenter on May 31. I did remember long time ago my cousin had talked to my mom about this and asked for some pics of mine. She told me that new local TV called Nusantara TV was about to on-air and looking for some TV presenter to host some programs. I don’t really put a high expectation for this since there are still a lot of pretty girls out there. But who knows? I’m seeking for part time job at the moment. (to buy a MacBook! *LOL*)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogging is boring?

Last week I was shocked with my net-friend’s comment when I asked him to visit my blog.

“I hate blog. Why should I read someone’s daily life? I just don’t get it why people love reality show like Big Brother? I don’t wanna know what someone’s doing all day, what he had for meal or watching him took a shower. Such a crap”

Precisely he didn’t mean my blog was boring, but explicitly he mentally said NO to reality show. I won’t argue with that cos everyone has their own interest in variety. I just want to clarify a statement which I think too judgmental. Blogging is not always about someone’s daily life. It’s true that blog is like an on-line diary. It can be your personal journal, depends on the purpose of blogging of the author. Sharing opinion about what you’re expert in or interested in. For example, Erik Tapan, MD’s blog which provides him space to share his knowledge in medical stuffs. Ari’s blog didn’t tell me what he did all day. He posted gadget or electronics stuffs most of the time cos he’s hi-tech buff! :p As well as Erika’s blog, where she shared her latest drawing which was so beautiful! So it may leads me to the conclusion that blogging is not boring! :D

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Final Exams, MacBook, and Jobs

It's Saturday, but it's not like other Saturday cos my final exams are up ahead! *hiks*

Beginning on Monday, May 22 by Parasitology and closing on Friday, June 2 by Microbiology. I'll do my best (for sure!) to get the best results in order to maintain my GPA (which was going down last two semester). But somehow I just can't stop my procrastination when it goes to study stuffs. *sigh*

Summer course (in Bahasa, we call it "Semester Padat") will be held in the mid of June to the end of July 2006. I'll be taking part of it since I want to fix my bad marks on some subjects in last semester. So there will be no summer holiday. That's okay, cos I don't push myself too hard though, I just take 2 subjects. I can still have my holiday to be precise :D

My boyfriend told me about MacBook few days ago and I was like "Oooh my, I want this thing!" The white one I want is cost US$1299. What a lot of money rite? Ughh...that's why I need to get a job or something that will give me a lot of money to buy it. I'm not obsessed with MacBook, oh NO, I'm just dying for it! *LOL*

It was really hard to find a part-time job which fits me for all. I was seeking for painless, less hard, less difficult and big salary. What kind of job it would be? ZERO. Well maybe it does exist, but needs a big invest. I don't have any money to invest... But then I think about other thing I can do to get some money; WRITING! Yes, writing! I used to write articles and short stories when I was high school, maybe I can try it again. Simply type my idea and send it to magazines. Yet another obstacles' coming through. Some magazines require specific topics which I'm not capable of. I'm not gonna try to be buffy cos trust me, it'll never make it. Eventually, life ain't easy rite? But I will never give up! NEVER! Somewhat, someway, someday, I'll get what I want. Yeah. Cos a mind is a terrible thing to waste! I believe I can, I think all of u should do the same way too. *wink*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Launching My Writings Blogs

Hello, I want to share my writings (articles, essays and short stories I ever made) into a blog. I'll link them on this blog for sure. Btw, I'm sorry I don't let u to leave comments there. But if u insist to give comments, whether it is critics or compliment, please e-mail me :)

CLICK HERE! to visit My Writings Blog.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's all about the money (again)

I watched TV this morning since I decided not to go bed again after Novi told me that there was no morning class today. (and eventually I decide not to go to campus after all, *LOL*) I rang my mom to tell her about my verdict this morning and asked whether she wanted to be picked up home from the hospital or not. Well she said no (for the pick up stuff) and told me to study at home since the final exams are about coming soon, hehehe…

Breaking news about newcomer actress/model, Lidya Pratiwi (trust me, she’s not that popular since I don’t have any idea who the hell is Lidya Pratiwi until I watched the infotainment) involved in murder case of young and talented model Naek Nonggom Hutagalung for the sake of money. I don’t get clear story about this case cos all the suspects (Lidya, her uncle, her mom and her uncle’s friend) haven’t talked much to press. I just get the headline bolds that Lidya at first just wanted Naek’s belongings. She asked Naek to go to Putri Duyung Cottage (she said that Naek fell for her) and her uncle was there acted as thief with his friend. Unfortunately Naek had figure out her plan and to shut his mouth, they had to kill him. I think it’s a common thing happened in our society. Some people kill another people to get their money and again, blame the poverty and monetary crisis. What’s so great about it? Yeah maybe she’s just an actress and guess what, she is just 19! (it proves that age doesn’t guarantee anything, it’s just a matter of bravery and stupidity)
Anyways, I saw Naek’s pic on TV, heyy he’s cute! Hmm…the thing is…this is a warning for cute and rich boys out there…watch ur step and be careful kayy, it could happen to u *grin*

Monday, May 15, 2006

Feeling unwanted

I guess I can understand why some people get addicted to drugs or alcoholic drinks or even get involved in free sex. Somewhat I think they just need more attention from their surroundings; their family or friends. Maybe some of u have been in situation where u felt unwanted, unimportant to people around u. I felt it and it was like HELL u know... feeling unwanted... abandoned... I may not be mesmerizing and I'm not trying to be. Maybe I'm an attention whore?! *gasp*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Long Weekend

Hm long weekend and got nothing to do. Well I can study for quiz tomorrow morning but I'm so damn lazy. O gosh, I'm a sluggard. I wonder if I can get a big salary someday in the future. *sigh* I visited my granny last Friday but u know, it was so boring at the hospital. All I did was just sitting next to the bed and put my head over her pillow sleepy... At home I'm just watching TV all day or chatting sometimes. Fuh... Actually this morning around 10am, Emon rang my mobile and woke me up. He asked me to hang out to Artha Gading Mall but I refused cos it was way way too far from my house. Frankly I was a bit lazy to drive since traffic jam happened everytime everywhere yet the petrol cost a lot of money to spend LOL... He promised me to call again to decide the place but up till now I don't get any contact from him. I wish I had a lot of money so I can do shopping now...huhuhu *sob*

Saturday, May 13, 2006

What Does Your Style Say About You?

Devi, your style says you're Flirty and Feminine

Hey, sweet thing. Just because you're a girly girl doesn't mean your closet is full of frills and lace. You just love accentuating your feminine side, and you know that sweet shirts, cute skirts, and pretty accessories are the way to do it.

After all, you're not afraid of things like heels and makeup just because they require a little more skill and effort. You love turning heads and showing off your flirty style, so go for it! Embracing your girlyness is what makes you so much fun. Stay sweet.

Source :

Happy Vesak Day!

Vesak Day

The festival celebrated with great ceremonial ritual by Buddhists is Vesak Day, which commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha and his entry into Nirvana.

The day starts with chanting of the sutras by saffronclad monks, while devotees visit the temples to pray and meditate and to make offerings. Acts of generosity known as dana are observed by Buddhist organizations and temples. These include the freeing of caged birds and animals, visiting and giving alms to the poor and needy, while some Buddhist youths organize mass blood donation at hospitals. The celebration concludes with a candlelit procession through the streets. Observers as well as devotees are welcome to join in the celebration at Buddhist temples.
What you plant is what you get. So plant love, happiness, hope, friendship or just a tree to make the world a happier place.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I’m mad! Dammit!

Listen to me, Mom! I asked u to drive but u refused. So why the heck u always complain about the way I drive along the way? It was traffic jam everywhere. I realize I just got my driving license last year but stop messing around when I’m driving!!!!! Darn!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get well soon, Oma...

My granny went to hospital last night because the complication of edema, dyspnea and hyperglycaemia. My grandad took her to RS. Pelni Petamburan along with Tante May and Zergio. First she was put in ECU (Emergency Care Unit) then moved to Melati room 410 at 10pm. Hopefully she will get well soon. I still remember the day she looked after me at hospital when I suffered DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever). My mom wasn't able to stay at the hospital all day cos she still had two little sons to look after at home. My granny was so patient and full of compassion to me. I really wish I could look after her at the hospital by now, just like the way she did to me. Maybe I'll visit her tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chickenpox!! Run!!!

This post dedicated to my hunny who is suffering chickenpox by now :) Hun I don't intend to make fun of u *I swear* fact it has never occured to me before, that's why I'm a bit afraid, luckily u're not around me hihihi...

Here I find some
facts about chickenpox on the internet:

Chickenpox is a common disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), which is part of the herpesvirus family. Although many people associate the word herpes with genital herpes, the herpesvirus family is made up of nearly 100 kinds of viruses, eight of which cause disease in humans. Chickenpox, which occurs most often in the late winter and early spring, is very contagious - if exposed to an infected family member, about 80% to 90% of those in a household who haven't had chickenpox will get it. Although it's more common in kids under the age of 15, anyone can get chickenpox. A person usually has only one episode of chickenpox in his or her lifetime. But the virus that causes chickenpox can lie dormant within the body and can cause a different type of skin eruption later in life called shingles, also referred to as herpes-zoster.

As written above, chickenpox is more common in children. I've once heard that chickenpox in adult is more dangerous than in children. That's why *OMG* I wish it never happened to me (cos I'm adult already? :p) So scary...*chicken run*

BT banget!!!

Huh, rese bener dah, uda dtg ke kampus pagi2 ga taunya ga ada kuliah Perilaku (it should be 7-10 am) HUHUHUHU...BETE BETE BETE...tau gtu gw ga usah masuk TOL!! Buang2 duit 4500 sia2...grrr....skrg jam kosong deh, maenan internet aja di perpus hahaha...duh males bgt belajar buat klinpat nanti...duh koq gw males bgt sih...heran... BTW, sori deh gw ga pake inggris, abis gw bisa mikir lagi klo mo nulis pake inggris...hahaha...bisa gila :P

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My re-NEW Blog Title

Evolution: Welcome to my space ~ Devi Girsang ~ and now... It's My Life!

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for the faith-departed

I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd

You're gonna hear my voice

When I shout it out loud

It's my life

It's now or never

I ain't gonna live forever

I just want to live while I'm alive

(It's my life)

My heart is like an open highway

Like Frankie said

I did it my way

I just wanna live while I'm alive

It's my life

This is for the ones who stood their ground
For Tommy and Gina who never backed down
Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake
Luck ain't even lucky
Got to make your own breaks

'Cause it's my life!

Monday, May 08, 2006


You know what guys, people will do anything for money. ANYTHING. I witnessed it. Family relationship is invalid term for accessing patrimony, heirloom, heritage or whatever it's called. What a pity huh? But it's true. It happened. It's undeniable. Just like human-being, u must know the meaning of greedy. Yes. It does exist. Why shall we bother? Some people do crimes for the sake of their life. Poverty always be the 1st excuse to do crimes. Well it must be the money right? It's all about the money... It will always be...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

First Exam of the final session...

This morning I had Pathology of Diseases exam. Of course I didn’t expect it to be so easy since the topics were about heart diseases, gastrointestinal tract and genital organ of men. Oh gosh, I wish I had studied all of them to the details. They are really interesting actually.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Simple Letter

Dearest my beloved,

Our love story is unusual,
But we’ve made it
Eight months we have been together
Even though we are separated by distance
A very long one…

I know sometimes I can’t tell you my story
But please trust me, that don’t mean I don’t want to share everything with you
Maybe I just need more time to think
To convince myself that we are meant to be together…

Could you understand?
I’m just 20… well I almost 20 to be precise…
I won’t lie to you, cos I can’t…
It’s not about how deep my love for you,
It’s not about you,
It’s not about what people say,
It’s not about us,
It’s all about me…

It’s me…
The one who still has an insatiable desire of pursuing higher education overseas,
A girl with a lot of dreams to be fulfilled,
A lover who is not mentally ready to declare “I love you so that I am ready to sacrifice my soul just for you”,
A teenager seeking for her identity…

Yes, I am wrong for being selfish…for myself
Deeply sorry for not being supportive when you need it badly
Forgive me for always thinking about ME…
I gave you nothing on last Christmas, nor your birthday
This is my apology…
I’m sorry…