Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm tired...

I went to Celebrity Fitness eX-Plaza Indonesia around 1 pm. It was tiring cos I haven’t exercised for some time. I heard rumors saying that tomorrow a lot of labors gonna have big demos along Thamrin road. Well I think I don’t have to worry since I won’t go there. And I don’t have any excuse not to go to uni tomorrow :p

Saturday, April 29, 2006

This is my BAD day!

Fuh it supposed to be my happy day! Darn.. I received postage notice prior to my boyfriend's gift package from Oz yesterday. I should have been happy about it, even though the notice delayed for one day. My mom didn't make it to take the package on the same day as soon as the notice was received, and I was kinda upset bout it. Yet my boyfriend kept asking me about his package. Even worse, blaming me for my recklessness and carelessness over his good deed. I swear I didn't mean it. I already did my best to pick it ASAP, but I just didn't make it. No worries, I've picked it this morning. I love it. It’s Rosaline Heart Pendant by Swarovski; pink clear crystal waxed cotton cord. The journey of picking this thing up wasn’t as smooth as I thought. I got traffic jam along Pondok Indah artery road, almost hit a motorbike and sort of. It was damn vexatious!! Furthermore, I was accused for demanding the necklace from my boyfriend. Uh I hate it so much since I didn’t do such thing. Well I think I made my boyfriend pissed of this afternoon, so sorry hun… This is my bad day…

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

About Self-Deception

Today I have learnt a good lesson. I had lecture about “Social-Cultural Psychology” in Ilmu Perilaku (Medical Psychology) class this morning. Besides delivering his matter, Rusdi Maslim, MD also told something called SELF-DECEPTION.

Yes, most of medical students are lying themselves. FYI, med-students have paid a very expensive tuition fee but instead of asking a lot of question to their lecturer, they just get busy themselves. Seeking for the back seat, get sleepy in class, chatting each other, no questions hence no discussion was raised. Even worse, they were happy when they passed exams without studying hard. What a shame, he said. They’ve spent a lot of money but they know nothing.

I was asking myself. Am I that kinda student? Oh no…well I admit about sleepy stuffs, chatting sometimes, and rare questioning. But at least I always try to find a front seat :p hm…I always try to be a dedicated-student u know, I’m not lying! Hm… I can do better than this for sure cos I don’t want any regrets in the future. I promised myself. I mean it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Get bored of uni! OMG!

I don't have anything to say actually, juz get bored of uni..That's why I was sleepy all day in class. Oh no, I shouldn't have done that... :( Well I have no idea about it..but it always happened to me! Anyways, today is my 8-month-anniversary with my boyfriend. Wow time went fast.. Miss u hunnn....

Monday, April 24, 2006

I am bored! Nobody’s home!!!

I came home at 2.15 pm and nobody was home. Well it was okay, I still had lots things to do. Printing my reports, checking my lil bro’s essay and sending it back by e-mail. After that, I watched tv and found no good show to watch. So I decided to take shower and ate something. Finally I got bored!! I was home alone…felt so lonely…nobody’s home…*hiks* then I went on-line again, chatting with my brother and my hunny….it wasn’t getting better though…then I typed on my blank page and found funny stuffs there. U might try if u feel bored like me for sure…

Good nitez…sleep tight…sweet dreams…

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Miss my hunny so muchh!!!

I'm back!'s been a long time since the last time I posted and removed all things I've written. well I don't really keen to write about my life here. but still, I can share something though. I still have my dream to pursue higher education overseas. hopefully I can fulfill my dream.