Saturday, December 09, 2006

Remember the Jakarta Riots of May 1998

Disclaimer: just another piece of mind. No offence, provoking, or any other improper use of this post is justifiable. The originality of the pictures are undetermined. One thing for sure, the May 13-14, 1998 Tragedy is truly happened.

I got this e-mail from a friend. I didn't understand what they wrote since it was written in Chinese characters (and yet I've found the English translation here), but still I was quite shocked when I saw the pictures. I'm telling you in advance; it's gonna be very frightening, so if you afraid of blood and violence, DO NOT click to enlarge the image.

I just make some highlights of what they wanted to deliver within the message;

Tsunami & earthquake that happened in Indonesia are punishment from God. Why should we help them? Don't you still remember what those Indonesians did to Chinese girls on May 13-14, 1998?

Now they feel back the pain when families lost their love one... "God had shown his sign"...

I can sense the anger, hatred, and enormous negative feelings of the author which is very obvious from the message. No doubt.

Jakarta riots of May 1998. An assault in the middle of Indonesia's continuous economic collapse. Mass rapes of ethnic Chinese women and also girls. (read also: BBC News - Special Report)
A lot of fear.

I don't have much to say. I'm sure there are still a lot of various sad stories all over the world like World War II (when Nazi did mass killing of Jewish), Tian Nan Men (China), Iraq War, and many more. Jakarta riots of May 1998 is one of Indonesia's stain that will always be remembered. No matter what, the mob are uncivilized people who have no sense of humanity.

As an educated and civilized people, I'd like to share to all of you, let us together sharing love and making peace all over the world so that this kind of story will never repeat in the future. Hopefully.


  1. So... what did the German suffer after that Holocaust thing? Or, the Japanese after that Nanking and Manchukuo thingie?
    Or the Romanian after that Vlad the Impaler... the Cambodian after Khmer Rouge... and so on and so on. As a Chinese I am ashamed with that stupid email because... what's a riot got something to do with tsunami?

    Man that's fucking retarded.

  2. Well, I am so sad if I remember the tragedy in May 1998. Most of my friends are Chineses and they told me about that day. I don't know what to answer. I don't even know what i should do if I were a chinese?
    Shall I say like what's written in that article?

  3. Because I have not been in one of those situations, I can only say that most if not all people, would probably agree on this: peace is much preferable than violence.

    We all realise that any one person cannot live by him/herself. Humans are by nature social. How do we survive? By getting support from others. Yet due to one or other reasons that altruism behaviour can sometimes become blur. People start grouping to their own race, although knowing that they will certainly perhaps choose to go with the person they most dislike than to bring non-living stuff if ever forced to go to an isolated island to live for a period of time.

    I don’t blame the victim for thinking, “Why should we help them?” Since the picture of terror is still clear in their minds, not to mention the trauma. I don’t blame anyone for thinking that too, we all have reasons. But, do you remember this: “berbeda-beda tetapi tetap satu jua.” Learnt that by heart since elementary school, and probably have not yet applied it in real life.

  4. um, i was here when it happened. and uh, it was fuckin scary as all hell but it was quite an experience i'll tell ya.

    hey do me a favor and email me that pic wont ya ? coz ive enlarged it but it's way too pixelated to be viewed clearly. yea if you havent read my latest post, im a sick cunt like that.

  5. @debbie: I've forwarded the e-mail to you.

    1. hey Devi , i am come from China Mainland ,i also want to know more about that ,so could you forward the email to me .i am very sad when i know that by the Bing image search at first . Tsunami and earthquake is the punish form god ,you are right .May God curse them。

  6. hai devi, it's my first time coming into your blog,...i'd like to say,'s extremelly cool blog as you're twenty something girl. in your age, you've shown capablity of combin a fact & idea into delicious-reading words...yet i think, it's not appropriate to put "May riot" on this "Cheerfull december"...:-)

  7. Honestly I don't want remember that day, for the pain is too immense, too brutal. But it has happened and we can't blame everything on Indonesian people. So let's keep peace in our mind.

    By the way, it's been a while since I visit your blog :)

  8. hey heri, devi can blog about whatever the fuck she wants. its her blog and if she wants to blog about this issue, let her. shes kind enough to warn her readers about the picture. and for her to humbly put this article out here is very brave for her. and another thing, who the hell decided that december ought to be a cheerful month ? we all know xmas is a lame ass holiday so stfu.

  9. omgwtfbbq... christmas... lame ass? wait until santa kick your ass!!!11!!1one!!!111!!! lolkthxbye

  10. peolpe - when they r in groups, they will forget the lines between good and evil regardless of the religion.

  11. Wow... Dev this one surely "Hard and sensitives topic"
    I was in Jakarta at that time... waking all night long with a group of men around my neigbourhood guarding the area.
    It's so tense and so damn frightening, worst than the experience when i got robbed by some punks in Kp. Melayu.
    I'm feel sorry for all the victims and i dunno what else to say than cursed them who provocate the mass to do such thing.

  12. @heri: sorry if messing up your cheerful December. Thanks for your compliment anyways ;) Keep reading!

    @dee: hi Adi.. ah me too! Enjoy your stay. :)

    @anonymous: hmm.. is that you Deb? :p Well, to be frank, the forwarded e-mail has been spreading since last month. Dunno why.

    @merapuman: yea, you got a point.

    @avante: yeah it was bloody scary. Let's just pray none of this would happen in the future.

  13. what the hell it was! my heart goes out for those victims. let's pray nothing scary would happen again in the next future.GBU sis!

  14. @devi: nah, I'm not debbie. I'm Santa Claus. But don't tell anyone (especially debbie, I'm going to kick her ass)!

  15. Hello Devi, I glad to find this blog. It's wonderfull blog. See you

  16. Hi! I've got a new blog that you can check out: http:// I've already linked you to it so please link me. Thanks and nice working with you !

  17. My blogwalking just send me today here accidently.
    I'm still curious too why our gov still unsolve that tragedy, so that no more irresponsible issue going on.
    About the pic, I don't know about the rest, but the top one of the page, I vividly remember from one site made by a weterner who collected info about that riot. He then apologized for putting some phoney pics without any cross-check, one of them is that pic on the top.
    Just to let you know.

  18. @anonymous: oic. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Dev.. It's my first time reading ur blog and what interest me the most is the title of this blog that relates to 98's riot.. And I read the link that you posted and my heart hurts when I read it.. I know the tragedy has almost been 10yrs but the stain still remain & will never ever be forgotten by those affected..
    I believe that some people created the situation and tried to build a separation wall between those ethnics (mosleem & chinese). I am not blaming mosleem as a whole, coz it's so unfair for others.. But I can't help to hate those ppl who did that heartless actions! I do believe what goes around comes around. I can't do anything to punish them even if I do have power. We will never know who they are and who is behind them. Let them face their punishment by God's plan. I could only hope tt they experience the worst things in their life and suffer for the rest of their life! Let them be burnt by the hottest fire! Let them feel the worst feeling than what the victims feel!

  20. bad events did happen, but these pictures, and 'vivian's' account have long been proven to be fake. while we should not forget the bad things that happened, we should try to uncover the truth and not resort to circulating rumor and fabrication. it's disrespectful to those who did suffer and only provides ammunition to those who denied the attacks and rapes ever took place.

  21. Anonymous,

    I am from Malaysia CHinese.. Jakarta Mosleem should be disappear from this world forever..they are bastard..Hope tsunami will strike them again...let them all die

  22. Die indonesian

  23. quote : "MerapuMan said...
    people - when they r in groups, they will forget the lines between good and evil regardless of the religion."

    This kind of utterly stupid remark that shows the mentality of moslems that keep putting the blame on something else instead of themselves.

    By saying that the riot caused by the mob-mentality they distance themselves from the event.

    in other non-moslems country when there was a riot. there won't be a full-scale gang raped happened. It happened in an isolated case where the perpetrator are not in the midst of other.

    But what happened in may 1998 is a show of force of muslim mob who in fact practising their terror on non-muslims.

    The sheer violence that they do already show how rotten their mind is. by believing that kuffar (chinese) are less than human. that is the sole reason they could done such inhumane act towards other people (kuffar)

    I'm sick of this. Indonesian was a calm and polite nation before islam came and create this mess.

    the word amok shouldn't be given to indonesian people, it should have been given to indonesian moslems. The people who coined the term amok was to affraid to address it to the moslems.


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