Sunday, December 03, 2006

Moolah, Booty, and Me

Moolah* and booty* are my new vocabularies from watching MTV Mobbed! LOL. Regarding English is my second language, I hope you can understand how excited I was when I know new casual words (read: slang) in English. *giggling*

I've just got home from mall and got nothing in my hands. My mom had strictly given me an alert in advance not to do shopping. *sob* First I thought she was kidding, but then from her eyes I realized she mean it a lot. Thus all I can do is window shopping; store-to-store. I'm interested with Oasis sunglasses and red handbag, DKNY green apple perfume, ZARA flat shoes,... and Gucci! Aha, frankly I was a bit afraid to enter the boutique since I didn't intend to buy at all. I simply wanted to take a look around. Like many high-class-branded boutiques, a personal shop assistant accompanied me to help me look for what I wanted. All I have to do is pointing out my finger to the display items, and she will bring it to me along with short explanation about the product and the price. Ah I really wish to buy and somehow I just think how fortunate Paris Hilton is to be able to buy everything she wants in a wink.

The conclusion is I need to have a lot of
moolah to be able to get booties. (Do I look like English teacher giving you guys an English lecture? Well excuse me if I do. Didn't mean to.)

Another piece of mind, I was wondering how to manage my salary if I love shopping a lot? Whoa! In this situation, what I want to buy usually pretty expensive. *gold digger wannabe* Well you have to admit high class boutiques give (almost) perfect service than flea market. I amazed when I saw (on TV) how Harrods gives service to its customers; personal shop assistant, private room with cozy couch and glasses of wine. Even sometimes I'm already happy to buy things when sale season comes, I hate to seek things in the middle of crowd. Bite me.


*moolah = $$$ (money)
*booty = exclusive merchandise

P.S: dear friends, if you reckon I'm mistaken over the definitions, please tell me. Thanks in advance!


  1. I aint sayin she a gold digger

    But she aint messin wit no broke niggas...


  2. Long time no visitting ur blog. Hey, too much shopping can kill you (hehe). Mendingan lo kerja di bidang entertainment, kali aja dapet gaji gede n bisa menuhin shopping desire lo =p

  3. um, im certainly no expert in english slangs but i do know booty is synonymous with butt.

    e.g. "dayum... check out that fine ass booty"


    "shake that booty !"

    another variation of that term is bootay with the emphasis on "tay". therefore, it would be pronounced as bootay but essentially, means the same as booty.

  4. booty has double meaning as far as its in my can be a piece of merchandise mostly illegal other can ofcourse be a person's that you are learning new words....

  5. @andrew: LOL

    @winda: hahaha ga no way it can kill me lah ;p hm jadi apa ya? artis? mo jadi paris hilton aja hahaha

    @debbie: yeap I know booty = butt but MTV says thanks for the info anyway :)

    @nothingman: thank you for sharing. but whoah, booty is an illegal merchandise? :(

  6. Yeah I rather booty=butt. Im not ready to exchange it for another meaning. I don't want to think of Beyonces Booty as merchandise unless I can purchase some of it.

  7. Yea you got it rite...

    booty can also mean a person's bums and booty call is like, umm... a rendezvous just for sex... sth like dat.

    dya know that cheesecake, aside from the usual, u know... succulent la moda-like strawberry cheesecake, can also mean a pic/movie/art that portrays women in a way that emphasises sexual attractiveness (i.e. like, artistic nude pics of women, sth like dat) :p

    OMG andrew! i was gonna write that, dammit. well, someone else said dat to me, since i told him, ey i'm not a gold digga.... "yeh but u ain't messin wit no broke niggas", hmmm...


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