Friday, December 01, 2006

Dial-up to ADSL

I've switched my internet connection from dial-up to ADSL, because there is a great offer program from November 10 to December 31, 2006 called Formula 5. It's a product of PT.TELKOM which happens to be the largest telecommunication company in Indonesia. The program offers some benefits if you finally decide to be a subscriber; free activation fee, more quotas for limited connection, and 40% discount (Jakarta) for the first 3-month fee. I have Speedy Limited Personal with 1 GB quota. Not bad. I was having a lot of expensive charges (for ages!) due to dial-up connection. Y'know, internet is one of my essential needs in regular basis such as updating blog :D

As for the modem, I've bought Aztech DSL600 EU with 1
Ethernet port and 1 USB for IDR 485,000. I've been using this ADSL for one week and so far I only meet some problems. First, like any other ADSL provider in Indonesia, Speedy sometimes is down due to full access, busy network, or something like that (as the customer service said). It can be for hours or sometimes along the day (so-called office hours). Secondly, I couldn't sign in to instant messenger in last few days and it was detected as MSN error code 0x81000306; failed due to connection. I already tried to solve it myself by following the directions of the site and got stuck. Finally I got the answer, it was Speedy's fault. I contacted its customer service and somehow their answer pissed me off. They didn't have any idea how long it takes to solve the problem. Nevertheless, I find Speedy has faster connection than my previous dial-up and more reliable for downloading big files (excluding its down time).

The instant messenger stuffs; I really hate to use
MSN web messenger because it takes time to load my message and when the server is busy, they sign me out without my permission. Gah. Thus I seek for another attempt to be able to sign in to my messenger. Yet I find meebo, a multi protocol instant messenger which is lighter and more reliable than MSN web messenger.

However, some features from your original messenger may not be available such as voice chat or video conference. I also have downloaded Trillian, another multi protocol instant messenger in real meaning. I mean, you can sign in to your messenger account at Yahoo, MSN, AIM, IRC, and ICQ at the same time. Trillian 3.1 is a free software and can be downloaded here.

P.S: The problem solves today. I can sign in to my Windows Live Messenger. Yippie!


  1. um ADSL.. is that the same thing as DSL ? ive got cable and im thinkin the providers cbn. its doable but sometimes it lags and can be incredibly slow, and that, annoys the fuck out of me. isnt that the norm in a poorly developed country ? as you can see ive resigned myself to the fate of enduring a poor internet connection.

    better connected than not at all. blah.

  2. Welcome to um... shitty broadband world!

  3. @debbie: uhm I think it's just the same. Na-ah, don't take CBN. There are too many CBN subscribers thus make the connection a bit slow. I suggest you should choose another provider that has fewer subscribers. Yeah I've been through it, using super slow connection called dial-up. But well, you said it; better than never.

    @d: LOL

  4. yup! much better than dial up :)

  5. Hahaha another Speedy Subscriber...
    i hope your goin well with this ISP lot of people (from corporat to personal user) complain them.

    And one advice from me... 1GB is not enough for a month... better turn off some Active-X and Flash Player in your browser, use some Ad Blocks and more extreme don't load pictures :p

    but if u just used 1GB on messenger it will be more than enough

  6. well, what do you suggest then if not cbn ? im desperate here lol.

  7. @avante: LOL thanks for your advice. ;) FYI, I rare to download/upload pictures but my brother loves to download MP3. LOL. Yeah I'll try to get used with Indo crap service. Oh well, whatever.

    @debbie: hm I think you should try MyNet, LinkNet, or Uninet. The rest of the options you can see here.

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  9. aduh gue sebelum pake cbn, pernah coba linknet. aduh, pelan banget !!! mungkin arah nya yah... sebel gue sama linknet. linknet can kiss my big fat ass !

    susah ya :(

  10. Oh ya? Hm klo gtu ya cbn aja deh ya. Btw kok pake cbn? Are you moving to indo?

  11. oh um.. well my parents in indo have been usin cbn and theyve complained multiple times of its service. hehe ^^

  12. Oic. Hm the popular provider I know are cbn and centrin. Others are new, but I don't have any idea. My auntie takes uninet prepaid (dial-up) for her connection and it seems that she's cool with that.

  13. the best is using the university facility like me, LAN. haha....

  14. @septian: hell yeah, sometimes I use my campus facility for sure :)

  15. Boleh komen pake bahasa Indonesia, kan? :D
    Saya juga pakai speedy, memang after-sales service nya kurang memuaskan :(

    Tapi kalo soal messenger gak pernah ada problem. Problem di koneknya aja, suka 'disko' :)

  16. Halo Fan, boleh donk :)

    Ya emang, smua org jg pada blg speedy cuma mao nambah subscriber tp ga mao jaga kualitasnya. Utk problem login msgr, emang diakui kok ama customer servicenya, saat itu memang ada problem.

  17. I use Speedy and also cbn. But I don't understand why I need to have both, as advised by cbn -after all, Speedy is meant to connect us to Internet, etc. If I use, say, Gmail instead of cbn are there any problems that might leap up and hit me later on? Mike

  18. @mike: you are subscribed to CBN ADSL rite? Let's make this thing clear. Telkom Speedy monopolize whole internet connection on ADSL basis in Indonesia. So whatever provider you want to subscribe other than Telkom Speedy, you still HAVE TO PAY for Speedy connection as a platform I think. In short, you pay for double; not subscribe into both.

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